'Glee' exclusive: Cheyenne Jackson is the new [spoiler alert]!

cheyenne-jackson-130 Rock’s Cheyenne Jackson is joining the cast of Glee in a major recurring role, sources confirm to me exclusively. What role would that be? Keep reading for the scoop!

Jackson—who was a hoot and a half in Broadway’s Xanadu—will succeed Idina Menzel as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline.

Jackson has been on a bit of a roll as of late. In addition to 30 Rock, he also landed a guest stint on the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And now he’s on the hottest TV show on the planet.

It’s worth noting that although Menzel is being replaced as VA’s leader, she’s still Rachel’s biological mom. In other words, expect her to make an appearance or two in season 2.

Thoughts? Psyched Ryan Murphy handed another stage all-star a plum part on Glee? And are you thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking how funny it would be if he turned out to be one of Rachel’s two gay dads. Just sayin’.


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  • Mairead

    Does “Yay” cover it?

    • one_flew_over

      I LOVE Cheyenne Jackson. I first fell in love with him after seeing Xanadu, then Damn Yankee’s, then Finian’s Rainbow and 30 Rock. DAMN can he ever sing!!

    • Bebe

      Is Idina Menzel related to that girl who plays Rachel on the show? They look eerily similar. Just sayin’…

      • just me

        it’s the nose. lol

      • Beautiful

        Its the jawbone. lol

  • Robin

    I liked him on 30 Rock! This could be cool.

    • BL

      Want him to stay on 30 Rock, too!!!!!!

  • Kaitlin

    As long as Jon Groff comes back I will be happy.

    • Drizzle

      hear, hear!

    • Carol

      I heard that Jon Groff is coming back! At least for one episode anyway.

  • mareen

    This is gonna be great!!
    As long as Idina comes back for 1 or 2 episodes I am going to be a happy woman.

    • Drew

      I won’t be satisfied until I see a Menzel-Chenowith showdown of some sort. It’s not allowed to be on a Wicked song, and it could even be like Kristin Chenowith v. Lea Michele, or Lea v. Chris Colfer, in that they don’t have to be singing together, just have it mixed. But it needs to happen. For the happiness of Wicked adorers everywhere, it needs to happen.

      • Nick

        Won’t happen they hate each other, Ausiello did a blind item a while back about how one of their contracts even specified that they wouldn’t work together

      • Lauren

        Drew just said that they could do it ala Maybe this time. Seriously needs to happen. They don’t even have to see each other for it. I think they’re being a bit selfish, they must know how much Wicked fans want them to do a duet.

      • Lena

        I still think it could and should happen!! As for the hating each other part there’s a certain Emmy 2010 picture that would suggest otherwise!

      • just me

        who hates each other?

  • M

    Enough stunt casting already. This show is quickly turning into another Will & Grace.

    • Nicole

      I don’t think this qualifies as stunt casting – as great as he is, a LOT of people have never heard of him. He’s a great actor and singer – sounds perfect for coaching Vocal Adrenaline. So excited about this!! I was in the minority I know, but I absolutely hated Idina Menzel as Rachel’s mom. Even though they’re twins, I was not feeling it.

      • maiv

        Yeah, when I first saw the headline, I was expecting a woman…

      • sm

        guess i’m in the minority too, and them singing poker face as the moment they’ve been waiting their whole lives for? vomit.

      • Jamie

        I completely agree. Idina really didn’t do it for me. I’m glad she won’t be on much. And to be honest, I didn’t really love Groff either. He acted well, I guess, but the whole thing was just bleh to me.

      • Nicole

        @sm – for real. That was horrid.

      • Drew

        @ Nicole – I wouldn’t have had a problem with it if they’d brought her on the show as Rachel’s mom. But I HATE it when shows bring in a character under the guise of a new student at school, or a rival coach, or a friend of a friend, and then that person randomly turns out to be in a previous relationship with another character. It’s stupid.

      • Will

        The second half of the season just brought some really dumb story lines. I’m probably in the minority who think that the Lady Gaga episode was just bad. I feel like if they didn’t sing every episode, most people would see how vapid the story lines really are. And I’m actually a fan of the show. I’ll even watch it next season, hoping it will get better.

      • Glenda the Good Witch

        The Lady Gaga ep and, specifically, Poker Face duet, was TERRIBLE. Entire episode felt out of place and sloppy. Why didn’t the show just have Rachel or her mom “stalk” the other from afar, while singing a much better Gaga song–“Paparazzi”? They could’ve also tied-in another stalker plot with Terri and Will or Kurt and Finn. Ugh.

      • Jac

        Yeah I really was not a fan at all of the entire second half of the season. For me, it was like they lost the plot and focused on guest stars and forcing the story around specific artists rather than choosing songs that “fit” the plot. I will definitely be watching next season, but even some of the season two buzz has me a little worried.

      • Will

        @Jac, what you said is exactly spot on with what I think.

      • Elizabeth

        Getting Broadway actors does not equal to stunt casting on Glee – bringing on Javier Bardem is.

    • Gonzalo

      Stunt casting? Huh? Do you know what stunt casting means?

      • jasper

        M is too stupid to know what stunt casting really means.

      • Belle

        This is definitely not “stunt casting” Before 30Rock, Cheyenne Jackson was known in the theater community. 30Rock made his more mainstream but he has been around for a while. Plus he can sing! Now if John Travolta was cast which happens to coincide with a movie of his opening the next day from the Fox Studios that would definitely be STUNT CASTING

    • bb

      He isn’t famous enough to be considered a stunt cast!

      • Doug

        It’s still stunt casting if they are all big boradway people for this show’s audience, but I agree comparing to Will and Grace is a stretch

    • PC


    • Kris

      He’s not a celebrity. Stunt casting suggests they casted him for the purpose of getting people to watch. I doubt that was the case since lots of people have never even heard of him.

    • Bill

      Stunt casting?!? Unless you’re familiar with Broadway, you won’t know who Cheyenne Jackson, Idina Menzel, etc. are. It’s not stunt casting, it’s putting talented performers into deserving roles.

  • p

    I just died of happiness.

  • Shannon

    I liked the Idina story. Sad to see it end.

  • karen

    I am seriously beside myself over this! He can act, he can MOST definitely sing, and he’s sooooo much fun to look at!

  • restyleatlanta

    I seriously think there’s Glee overload. Some things should surprises. It’s like every little bit of news to come out of Glee is told. I think that really hurt the second half of the season.

    So by the time the episode comes on, we basically knew the songs, the storyline, who’s new on the episode, etc. I just think there’s a fine balance, and Glee and the media aren’t thinking about that at all.

    • joseph

      Couldn’t agree more

    • pinkp

      I agree, were going to know so much about the “new” season there won’t be any point in watching. STOP with all the updates, I for one want to be surprised.

      • Tarc


  • n

    Didn’t Lea mention them trying to get him early in s1. So not really stunt casting.

    • Andrea

      Yes, he was actually supposed to play the choreographer that New Directions got from Vocal Adrenaline but got really sick right before the shoot so they had to replace him. I prefer a recurring role where he will definitely be singing much better!

  • CharleeAnn

    What the what?!?!?! YAY! Sooooo excited. Loved him since “All Shook Up” on Broadway. yay yay yay.

  • Allan

    I love the idea that he could be one of the gay dads. I suggest Hugh Jackman as the other.

    • R

      I vote John Barrowman!!

      • R

        Edit…actually since Rachel’s picture of her dad’s were interracial, and I think if they stick with that, it should be John Barrowman & Jesse L Martin.

  • Addie

    I saw him in All Shook Up on Broadway and fell in love with him…’excited’ doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel right now.

  • Jen

    Aren’t he and Jon Groff an item in real life? Interesting…

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Jon Groff is (or was) dating Gavin Creel, who replaced him in ‘Hair’ when it moved to Broadway.

      • Nicole

        Cheyenne Jackson has had the same partner for years – someone not in the business as far as I know, at least not anyone in front of a camera.

      • Karina

        Wait………what??????!!!!!!!!!! Jon Groff is gay????????????

      • Big Dave

        Um, Karina? Are you kidding? How could you not know that Jonathan Groff is gay? It’s not even one of those “open secret” things – he’s completely out, and always has been.

    • Maggie

      Cheyenne’s partner is in the medical field I think, they’ve been together for 10 years at least. This makes my day!! LOVE Cheyenne!

  • jenn

    oh my,, amazing!!

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