'How I Met Your Mother' shocker: Season 6 kicks off with 'game-changing moment'

how-met-homeImage Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBSThe new season of How I Met Your Mother, executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas tell us, will be more like early ones, less like the most recent one. Oh, and like nothing you’ve seen before.


“We’ll be, from the first episode on, exploring a new saga for these characters,” says Bays. “There’s going to be a big game-changing moment in [that] episode.“

Game-changing as in the rewind in the series’ mythology that we’ve all heard about? Nope, says Thomas. “We’re taking a little trip forward…to get a glimpse of a huge, huge day in Ted’s life. It’s actually going to make it like a whole new story.”

“And we’re going to have actual mythology,” Bays adds with a laugh. “There’s going to be a Minotaur…a griffin. It’s crazy.”

All kidding aside, the dynamic duo are looking ahead to the show’s inevitable conclusion. “We have an idea of where [the series] will end up,” insists Bays. “We’re just going to have to ask the audience to trust us.”

Adds Thomas: “If HIMYM is a three-act play, this is kind of the beginning of the third act. [In it, there’s] going to be…a huge push that will lead us into the last big chapter.”

Thoughts? Got a fresh theory re: the identity of HIMYM’s mother? And do you think returning guest star Rachel Bilson plays a part in the premiere’s “game-changing” event? Place your bets below!

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  • E-Ross

    I’m glad to hear they have a direction, it has almost felt like they lost that a little bit, but as to the game changer, I think maybe we see Ted’s wedding?

    • MovieMan

      They say that every time. Just show us the mother already.

      • sam

        I agree, do they think the show ends with how ted meets his wife? I hope not.

      • !!!

        NO! that would mean the end of ther series :(

      • Sal

        I Don’t Want To See The Mother.. I Want This Show To Last Forever!!!! God I Hope It Still Has At Least 3 more Seasons…

    • Bob

      Last season sucked. We know it. THEY know it.

      But last year at this time, they were telling us how great the coming season would be. Well it wasn’t. Now they are trying to distance themselves from it.

      Too late.

      You’re ruined the characters (especially the now shrill Lily). And there is no humor (really too much cutesy stuff).

      Tivo Pass DELETED!

      • Scott Drew

        The show is the most brilliant show on TV even in its worst light. Even when the episodes are forced or cheesy the characters are still the most entertaining and likable characters on TV and every few episodes in the 5th season they’d make something terrific with emotional moments and it shows that maybe the directions of the show lately is a little different but the reason you fell in love with the show(the characters)is still alive. So if you don’t like the show anymore then don’t watch it and don’t attack the show on comments and messageboards. it’s just a pointless waste of time.

      • :P

        Hey BOB….. I totaly Agree. i feel like theyve ruined the characters 2, they made them all really annoying and i used to love all 5 of them. Though i do have to disagree about the whole season sucking, But a big chunk of it did. Id say 13/24 of the episodes sucked.

      • Toty

        screw you you troll i think it was awesome

      • BARNEY

        not true barney is still awesome and so is ted so f*** all yall

    • giffle

      Montanans do it in the Butte.

      • ythu

        That sounds nice

      • Greg

        Agreed. HIMYM has sucked for a while now. It was really only good for about 2 seasons, numbers 2 and 3. One thing I hate that they do is invent fake mythology. If you have to make up flash backs of things happening every time you tell a story then that takes away the pretending that we know these people. It’s alienating and makes the viewer feel like an outsider and annoying.

  • faffity

    I would love to sleep with Rachel Bilson.

    • donkey tits mahoney

      she likes down comforters and three pillows. make sure you have those or she’ll take yours.

      • Mr. Wolfe


      • mark


  • Patrick Moore

    This should be the shows last season…

    • kyra

      I agree the streched it out too long. i still have so hope though…

  • Dave

    So, he’s going to meet the mother…. or someone is going to get pregnant…. I dunno, I can’t think of anyhting that would be game changing.

    On a sadder note, does this mean that the show is nearing it’s end? I guess it can’t go on with this premise forever.

    And FIRST!!!!!1!111!11!1!

    • Dave

      Darn. Oh well… Maybe next time. I can’t even be obnoxious correctly.

      • ythu

        well at least you were obnoxious, so not a total fail.

    • E-Ross

      beat you ;-)

    • m.

      Lily will get pregnant?!

      • Lindsey

        That’s what I’m thinking. Lily will get pregnant, causing Ted to re-evaluate his life once again and decide he wants to settle down.

    • Shelly

      well marshall and lily are trying to get pregnant and maybe that’s the game changer..idk..but i would love to see robin and barney together again!!!it was so awesome when they hooked up…

  • Blair

    They need to have a set end date like Lost did so they can plan the ending properly.

    • faffity

      I would also like to sleep with Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester. A threesome with her and Rachel Bilson would be sublime.

      • kylla

        faffity’s hand…I mean “girlfriend/wife”… must have cut him off.

  • Brian

    Leading off the season with Ted’s wedding? That’s my guess.

    • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

      Yep. Blind Item revealed.

  • Davis

    Sounds like a much needed change after an incredibly lackluster season.

    • Tego Livi

      This whole series has been well, not lackluster, but definitely overrated. It’s a decent show, but nowhere near as good as it thinks it is.

  • Matt

    My guess: The premier episode will be Ted’s wedding. Then the remaining episodes will be flashbacks leading up to the wedding.

  • Kris

    Pretty much going to be the wedding with the bride in a veil so we don’t see who she is and Rachel Bilson will be the maid of honor as she is the mother’s roommate. Such a lack of originality in Hollywood!

    • The Daw

      That’s already been done though. There’s an early episode, forget which one, where you see Barney and Marshall as groomsmen (Marshall crying) as Ted is getting married. The camera is from over the bride’s shoulder, so you can’t see anything about her.

  • Baby Buster

    Wedding Blind Item?

  • Duncan Houst

    Ted gets a girl pregnant. That’d be kind of an interesting twist.

    • whiplash1972

      Oooh.. I like that. Just because Ted is telling the kids the story of how he met their “mother” doesn’t necessarily mean she’s their biological mom. Interesting…

    • Brian

      An interesting twist would be Ted getting pregnant, getting someone pregnant is soooooo boring… and irresponsible.

  • Nancy

    I love this show but I think Ted is the most pretensious and douchey character on tv. Too bad this game changing moment won’t be him dying.

    • J

      I love Ted, but this comment is hilarious.

    • Crisa

      He sure is, but I don’t know bout him dying…but as his friends say “Ted is always correcting people”

  • Deion

    Or maybe the birth of Lily and Marshall’s kid?

    • MacClane

      This show never really needed the “mystery” of who the mother was, it felt like a gimmick. I always found it odd that they did it at all, I was always really entertained by the show enough and never seemed to care about the identity. Plus, after dragging it out for 6 or more seasons, is anything going to live up to expectations?

      • doctorevil

        exactly! i always felt this way. just when i was getting over wanting to know who the motehr is and the rachel bilson fake out, she’s back again!!! ugh.

  • JAson S,

    Game changer prediction: Barney is Gay! MAybe Barney is the mother!

    • Andy

      This reminds me of the joke on Family Guy where Barney tells ted to “suit up” and he pulls out a condom.

    • Ang’ou l’Bif


  • Mia

    I’ve been a fan since the first season, and while last season was, IMO, the weakest, I can’t wait to see what Carter and Craig has in store for the fans. I trust that they will not disappoint.

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