Exclusive: 'Cougar Town' keeping its title

cougartownImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCSo much for my Family Jules idea.

The exhaustive search for a new title for ABC’s Cougar Town—one that better reflects the show’s evolution from single-woman-on-the-prowl sitcom to dysfunctional-family comedy—has been scrapped, exec producer Bill Lawrence confirms to me exclusively.

“I’m not changing the title,” Lawrence tells me. “We never thought of a good new one, which kind of sucks. And when you look at the modern landscape of television, changing the title means changing your DVR and all this other stuff.”

Lawrence says he’s hopeful the publicity surrounding the proposed title change will “get the message out” that Cougar Town has become a different (and vastly improved) show.

“It’ll be a funny burden to have,” he shrugs. “It might be the worst titled show of all time.”

Thoughts? Do you agree that it’s too late to fix the show’s broken title? Are you comfortable telling your friends that your favorite comedy is called Cougar Town? (I am!) Sound off below!

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  • YoureFired

    why change it? it works.

    • MovieMan

      Agreed! ‘Cougar Town’ is a very good title. One of the best comedies out today.

    • HD

      It’s my favorite new show of the season. Damn the Emmy’s for snubbing them. Love the name, too. Never understood why people hated it. It works for me. And I kind of miss the premise of a cougar on the prowl, I thought there was plenty of comedy to still mine from that.

    • Tego Livi

      I figured they wouldn’t officially change it, but would start to call it “C-Town” in promos. If “The O.C.” can last 4 seasons with a stupid title like that, and “The Commish” can go 5 seasons with a title which was never once referenced on the show, “Cougar Town” probably has nothing to worry about.

      • MarcoPolo

        I don’t know that women would be happier referring to it as “C-Town”.

      • mary q contrary

        touche, MarcoPolo

      • Jim

        “The OC” wasn’t that dumb of a title – mostly because people in Orange County often do refer to it as “The OC”. (Not because we’re weird and pompous, rather, if you say you’re from ‘Santa Ana’ , people stare at you funny – it’s just easier to say I’m from the OC. People do the same in Los Angeles – they never say “I’m from Hawthorne”, rather, they say “I live in LA”…..

    • Anonymous

      I like the title. Evey time I mention it to my friends they raise their eyebrow, though.

  • Firetop

    I love this show and would watch it not matter what the title is! It always makes me smile and laugh.

    • Nicotine

      I feel the same. I did not have any expectations for this show at all. Then I watched a couple of episodes and literally LOLed. In fact, I’m going to commit a cardinal and proclaim this show is funnier than Modern Family….

      • NinaV

        Nicotine, I am the same way. I thought this show would be horrible, and just recently got sick for a few days, needed something to watch, and got hooked! I absolutely LOVE it!

        I kind of feel like changing the name now would be weird in the sense that everyone knows it as “Cougar Town”. So the name isn’t awesome, oh well.

      • m

        i agree. modern family is good – but i like cougar town better.

      • Eric

        I agree completely agree with you. Not a fan of Modern Family at all. I tried to watch it, but after sitting through 3 episodes and not laughing one time I decided to call it quits. Cougar Town, on the other hand, is constantly keeping me chuckling. Barb and her inappropriate comments FTW!

      • davey

        I really enjoy Modern Family – however I can never rewatch an episode (except for Mitchell’s Ave Maria scene with the bird). It’s never as funny. But everytime I tune into Cougar Town – repeat or not – I find myself laughing before, during and after each joke is delivered. Courtney Cox was definitely robbed of an Emmy nom this year – as was Busy Phillips :(

      • jason.

        I love Modern Family, but it’s more…I laugh at Modern Family and love the intricacies of the whole show. Cougar Town makes me laugh out loud more than any other half hour right now, including the Big Bang Theory and Community (both of which I flat-out love). It would take too long to extol the virtues of this show here. And the name is great. It got our attention right away, and since it’s Bill Lawrence, we tuned in.

      • Tom

        tripping over a dead body in the street is funnier than Modern Family… But Yes CT is a good comedy.

      • josephrileyland

        FINALLY!!! People who don’t think Modern Family is funny! Thank you for letting know I am not the ONLY one. I would rather watch a 4-hour documentary on trigonometry. Cougar Town, on the other hand, is quite funny. Yeah, it would be cool to change the name since they evolved in a direction they didn’t expect, but I think people who don’t watch it because of the name are, well, let’s face it: stupid.

      • jared4ever

        Anyone who thinks this show is funnier than Modern Family is learning impaired. Yes, you.

  • ythu

    so the news is – no news

  • Kim

    Can’t stand the show anyway, so don’t care what they call it. As long as I know to avoid it, I’m good.

    • jasper

      i can’t stand your face.

      • m


      • jared4ever

        You’re fat.

    • lucyrose

      I agree Kim. The preview was enough to turn me off. Courtney Cox looks like one of the ‘Thunderbirds’ puppets, where only her mouth and eyeballs move.The rest of her face is frozen. It’s such a shame about her face and the role she has taken on,because I like her.

  • Vivian

    It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s a great show.

  • Kraaate

    As long as Barb sticks around, there’s still a cougar element in the town. Just saying.

    • Damon

      Barb steals what little screen time she has!

    • Danny

      I agree 100%. Barb is cartoony and throws the show off and lives up to the show title.

  • Gooneress

    Better to be the worst titled show of all time than the worst show of all time. ‘Cougar Town’ definitely doesn’t reflect the quirky show this has now become, but the term ‘cougar’ is an abomination anyway; they simply shouldn’t have gone there in the first place.

    • nykolus

      exactly, gooneress! i think they kinda painted themselves into a corner with that title. but louvre the show anyway!!!

    • tvgirl48

      Agreed. Too bad they chose such an awful name, (I mean, didn’t they know they were going in the cougar-less direction they did?) but I rather have a bad title than a bad show.

  • Lance

    I don’t really see what the big deal is. Cougar Town is fine. Though, I did love Family Jules.

    • khm

      Agreed. Family Jules would be awesome, but honestly, who said there was anything wrong with the original title? I watched the show from the beginning of the season and thought it was great. Glad to see it’s getting attention!

    • tom

      I read the suggestion “Sunshine State” on an ew board a while ago — I think that’d be a great title — appropos, with lots of different levels.

    • Michael

      Family Jules is a nice pun but it ultimately would have been too conservative a name and that’s probably worse than too liberal. Besides, I kind of like Cougar Town and miss some of those old storylines; plus, they’ve got Barb who’s a cougar and the local high school are the cougars…it could still work.

      Per “Sunshine State” the new Matthew Perry show MR SUNSHINE might have been a dealbreaker for the name or something.

      • googliezoo

        I don’t really see it as being conservative when “family jewels” is a well known euphemism for male genitalia. Family Jules would actually be a very witty and a bit risqué title choice.

  • Megan

    Good, I never wanted the title to be changed anyway.

  • flutiefan

    wasn’t the high school mascot a cougar? so all their teams are the Cougars? they could easily transition that into a backdrop, maybe for a minor league team or something, so the title at least still makes some sense. Grayson’s bar could be the official watering hole of The Cougars. give Ellie a lot of eye candy, give Laurie new boys to hit on, give Bobby and Andy new man-crushes.
    just a thought.

  • Andrew

    Why change it? Because it sounds like a trashy reality show, that’s why. It is a little uncomfortable to say I watch something called “Cougar Town”. Still love the show, though.

    • davey

      why…cause you’re a manly guy? ppfft!

  • Alexis

    Michael, I totally think that your idea of ‘Family Jules” should be used. It’s a great name!

    I don’t care what they call this show, I will still watch this show.

  • Kevin

    The title was what kept me from accepting it in the beginning. But as the year continued, it got really good. It’s a TERRIBLE title, but I actually think that by the end of the season it was better than Modern Family.

    • Lance

      Agreed. Way more laugh out loud moments at the end of the season, compared to Modern Family.

      • JRose38

        Why do people keep dissing Modern Family? It’s not like there is only room for one comedy.

      • tvgirl48

        Lol, don’t you know that only one comedy can be good at a time on TV? It’s a fight to the death.

      • commentor

        I love Modern Family too. I think it’s because of all the acclaim and attention Modern Family gets, compared to underrated and under appreciated Cougar Town.

  • tomm

    I like the show’s ‘friendship rules’.

    I know many dislike it simply because it’s not a ‘friends’ reunion. Get over it, they all moved on and are over 40!

  • Irene

    English is not mt first language so, even though I know the meaning, I’m not that bothered by the title, but surely it no longer reflects the show as it developed. I love ‘Family Jules’ but maybe it could have been a bit confusing.
    I hope that people will put aside their prejudices and watch it for the wonderful show it has become! :D

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