Exclusive 'Office' video: Cast weighs in on Steve Carell's successor

ausiello-tour-office-carellImage Credit: Trae Patton/NBCWhat do Alex Trebek, Barack Obama, and Tom Hanks have in common? They’re all being talked about as possible replacements for Steve Carell on The Office. Don’t believe me? Check out the interview I conducted last night with the cast—including hilarious new series regular Zach Woods—and see for yourself.

For more videos from Friday’s NBC bash—including interviews with Law & Order: Los Angeles‘ Skeet Ulrich, Outlaw‘s Jimmy Smits, and Burn Notice‘s Sharon Gless—head over to the Ausiello TV hub.

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  • Tom

    No one can replace Steve Carell.

    • KarenS

      Ditto, Tom. No one is right. I’m still coping with the loss of Michael Scott.

      • Brianna

        I agree! But look at it this way-now we get to see Steve in a lot more movies! Yes!!!!!

      • sallygee

        im a lucky girl ,,i found my real l-o-v-e on

        ~~~ B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d * C_o_m ~~~ ,now i enjoy an i-nterracial lifestyle!!! u may try !!!! ;)

      • Andrea

        I agree Brianna. Good point.

    • Scooptress

      Tom came through with the most obvious and dimwitted response possible.

    • mikey

      yeah i agree no one can replace steve carell. he’s the ofthe funnest

    • Liz Lemon

      I agree. No can replace Steve. Except maybe, Ricky Gervais. They can bring over David Brent to run the Scranton branch.

  • Sharlin

    Michael Scott has annoyed me since sesason 1. I welcome the change!!!!

    • Devin

      Exactly. Stopped watching after season 2. He was too stupid.

      • Javier

        You are stupid!

      • Dave

        Steve was the best actor on the show. He was never boring.

    • D’s Advocate

      So Sharlin, he’s annoyed you since season one and you still watch?

      • D

        Exactly Sharlin, if you find any other member of the cast annoying its not surprising you’d still be watching but to find the core of the show annoying and still watch, thats just stupid

      • The Truth

        The core of the show is it has every office drone stereotype in it. Everyone has their favorite or favorites and the show can survive with any one person leaving. Only exception is Jim and Pam if one leaves they both have to go.

    • The Truth

      I agree, at first he was amusing but every season he became more and more cringe worthy. Its gotten to a point were I change the channel when I know a long Michael Scott scene is coming up in a rerun. I like Steve Carrell’s acting but the character is now unwatchable. This change is good.

      • Tina

        Your wrong. His character was the best on the show. The show will not be the same without Steve.

  • Jason

    Pull the plug. It’s not funny anymore.

    • Emmett

      That’s what she said.

      • D’s Advocate

        How about Ellen Degeneres? I hear she’s available.


      • Amanda

        Well played, Emmett!

    • Scooptress

      No, Amanda. Emmett is an idiot that thinks the line doesn’t have to match the original comment.
      Emmett is a dimwit.

      You, Amanda, are guttertrash. You reward and encourage morons like Emmett even when the set-up does not match the punchline.

      You dimwits are better suited for glee (teenage homosexuals and cheerleaders singing songs) than a show like the Office that requires a basic understanding of comedy and language.

      • vic Vinegar

        douchebag says what? let me guess scootpress, you are unemployed, obese, covered in zits and bacon fat, a virgin who lives in his mothers basement and you only receive joy in making people as miserable as yourself. please kill yourself. thanks

      • Hannah

        Scooptress, did somebody wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? You poor thing.

  • Alicia

    My husband is looking forward to seeing Michael gone…he thinks Michael’s so annoying he won’t watch the show even though he enjoys all the other characters.

    I’ll miss Michael, but I think the show is strong enough to last without him. He and Holly should shack up in Nashua.

    • MEA

      What does anyone see in Steve Carell? I’m not being nasty. I just don’t get him. I don’t watch the Office, although I was a big fan of the Brit version. Every time I’ve tried to watch something with SC in it, I’ve found him so tedious, I had to stop watching.

  • ruby42

    For all of his buffoonery and stupidity and carelessness, Michael Scott has a heart of gold, a devotion and loyalty to his company and staff, and a selflessness that is rare these days. He never ceases to warm my heart with his good deeds, which often go not only unnoticed, but unrewarded. I will miss him dearly, but there is such a strong supporting cast on this show I am confident that it will remain a stellar source of both subtle comedic wit and insanely riotous humor.

  • Kyle

    I guess Oscar forgot Gary was dead

    • Jon

      He remembered pretty quick. You could just see the regret wash over his face.

    • Pat

      Aw, poor Oscar, I really felt for him! As soon as those words came out you could see that “oh crap” look. I mean really, haven’t we all done that before, put our foot in our mouth? Though most of us don’t do it on tape!

    • Johnification

      Just knowing Oscar’s sense of humor and how dark it can be, my reaction was “YIKES. Bold.”

    • Neil

      You should have spared Oscar the embarrassment and not posted this clip.

  • hayser

    What was with Ellie Kemper’s attitude toward Brian Baumgartner? I know he sneaked up on her but she didn’t even smile and then the poor guy was just left standing there awkwardly in the background.

  • Tim Lade

    Is that a miss tropicana hat behind them or what?!

  • Rye

    Dwight would never work as boss because he would instantly fire Jim and Pam.
    Dwight and Jim co-bosses might work

    • Dave

      I agree. Dwight’s character is great. But that would be very wrong if he became the boss. It would be too weird and different.

  • Jessa

    The show should just end this season, the last two have only had a handful of funny episodes. I’d rather it end on a good note, instead of because people aren’t watching anymore

    • DJ

      Ultimately, the viewers will decide. Not by message board comments, but by how many tune in to the show in S8. If enough people still watch it – they will continue. Simple as that. I see this going 9 or 10 season. Look at how awful Friends was in it’s later seasons…but people kept on watching….

  • justin

    They need to have a paper veteran who was at one point the regional manager of Wernam Hogg come in and steer the ship. David Brent my friends is the only choice.

  • Ali

    Yes. It’s time for David Brent. It’ll be a clash of cultures.

  • Hudged

    I totally agree that the Michael Scott character is silly, but it’s how his co-workers/ employees cope with him that gives the show its special dynamic. I watch the show b/c I have worked with similar personalities (hell, we all have) & find it humorous in an almost theraputic way. All the characters and their coping skills are what makes the entire show. Not just Michael Scott.

    • TT

      Very well said =)

  • Nick

    NBC should end this season (and series) with David Brent becoming the new boss.

  • jimmy

    it would be awesome if they got tobias from arrested development

    • Neil

      I don’t particularly have any idea what kind of character he would play, but I always thought Jason Bateman would fit in well with the Office’s tone.

      • Scooptress


        You get it.

      • Dave

        Jason is a good choice. He’s a great actor. I think he would do a great job being the boss. He would be very funny.

    • Scooptress

      No Jimmy. That would be horrible.

      His style could not match in the least.
      You are incapable of understanding the humor in the Office, nevermind Arrested Development.
      You should stick to reruns of Home Improvement, you babboon.

      • Hannah

        Seriously, what’s your problem? This is the second time you’ve made an unnecessarily harsh comment. You may think you are superior to the rest of us, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re sitting on your computer insulting people you’ve never met. So sad.

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