Scott Patterson on 'Gilmore Girls' reunion movie: 'It probably will happen'

ausiello-tour-graham-patterson-altImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/The WBJust as the buzz surrounding a Gilmore Girls reunion project starts dying down, something happens to reawaken the beast. In this case, it’s the interview I conducted last night with the show’s former leading man Scott Patterson. While our conversation was initially focused on his role in NBC’s new serial thriller The Event, it quickly shifted into Gilmore territory. In my defense, I did have the world’s perfect segue: Patterson’s Event son-in-law is none other than ex-Parenthood star Jason Ritter, whose May-December romance with Patterson’s ex-Gilmore love Lauren Graham was one of the high points of the show’s stellar first season…

For more videos from Friday’s NBC bash—including interviews with Law & Order: Los Angeles‘ Skeet Ulrich, Outlaw‘s Jimmy Smits, and Burn Notice‘s Sharon Gless—head over to the Ausiello TV hub.

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  • Maria

    I’ll believe it when I see it. And then I’d have to watch it ten times over to really believe it happened lol.

    • bella24

      Agreed, LOL!

      • lucy

        Right there with you on that. I’d pay full price 10 times over to watch it too!

  • Betsy


  • Angie

    Noo! Enough with the teasing! This girl can hope for only so long.

  • Diva

    I wouldn’t mind if this happens. I would see it.

  • Gerard

    Lauren Graham will never agree to do a Gilmore Girls movie and she was the best of that show so without her, what’s the point?

    • Jaymii

      Why wouldn’t she?

    • shannon

      she actually said she would.

  • Fatma

    Oh my god, I bet it’s that movie that Jared talked about for not so long ago! His gonna do Gilmore Girls again!

    • sallyg

      im a lucky girl ,,i found my real l-o-v-e on

      ~~~ B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d * C_o_m ~~~ ,now i enjoy an i-nterracial lifestyle!!! u may try !!!! ;)

  • Fran

    I feel we need a movie .. Wrap things up a bit

  • samantha

    why won’t lauren do it?

    • Kylie

      She’s made it clear in many interviews that she wants to move on from GG and is not interested in doing a movie. Plus, there’s really no need for a movie.

      • Stormy

        Yes there is need for a movie. Lorelai needs to marry Luke and Rory needs to get back with Jess.

      • Liz

        Ditto! We NEVER had our Luke & Lorelai reunion (I mean a REAL one, not two seconds! That was pittyful).
        And Rory needs to get back with DEAN (not Jess, even less Logan). He really loved her.

      • tvgirl48

        Since Lauren Graham’s career has SKYROCKETED since Gilmore Girls…what could just one movie hurt where she stars? And I hate to reopen this years-old can of worms, but Dean cheated on his wife! How could Rory ever trust a guy who would sleep with another woman while he was married? I agree about Logan though, he seemed like the type to cheat and become some disgraced alcoholic businessman. Years later, I still feel strongly about this…darn you Gilmore Girls!

      • Kylie

        Because it’s not what LG wants to do. What actor or actress would want to keep playing the same character over and over again? Part of being an actor is getting to explore different roles and that’s what she wants to do. Get over it.

      • Eric

        I don’t really think there’s a need. It’s up to the fans whether or not Luke and Lorelai get back together. And Lauren Graham wanted Lorelai with Christopher, so there’s that.

        And Rory was a teen when she dated Jess and Dean. She doesn’t need to end up with either of them. She has a lot of dating ahead of her.

      • Kat

        hmmm maybe we’re hearing different things. i heard that Lauren WANTED to do a movie so that she could close that chapter. i heard that she didn’t think the series ended well. anyways no one will never know how alexis and lauren feel about it until we get video proof like this one but i agree with what scott said- they really owe it to the fans. the series finale was not good. it’s wasn’t bad but it did not give the fans the closure that they needed. it’s not like we are asking them to continue the series, we are just asking them to make one movie so that the fans can feel as though rory and lorelai are on their way and headed towards the right things in life. or else, what was the point of watching the show if we cant at least have that.

        i think the basis for a good movie are there. since the series finale hinted to lorelai and luke getting back on track the movie can center around them having a wedding and of course rory will have to come back to be the maid of honor at her mom’s wedding and of course jess will be there to support his uncle and rory and jess will dance and then the fans can feel as though lorelai is set and rory is set. i say jess because he is overwhelmingly the fan favorite.

      • liz

        Am I the only one the doesn’t want Luke and Loreli back together?

      • Katelyn

        There is a definet need for a GG movie. We don’t know what happens with Luke and Lorelai. Do they stay together and get married or do they break up for the 3rd time? We have no clue how Rory does with her new job either. These things can only leave you pondering for so long until you go crazy thinking about it.

  • Sarah

    Whaaat ? Why wouldn’t Lauren do it ? Maybe I’m wrong but I always thought the buzz was that she and Alexis were into it, and wanted it ?

    • JB

      Really? It’s obvious they both are not into it. Well, Lauren isn’t. I don’t follow Alexis but she might be into it now since she hasn’t nothing else going on in her career.

      • Chelsea

        Alexis was sick of being in front of the camera.

      • Ally

        If she was sick of being in front of the camera she wouldn’t have done Post-Grad, The Good Guy and The Conspirator right after GG ended.

  • Sarah

    Huh, after watching it – it just seems like more of the same “oh it’d be nice if it happened”. I was hoping for something more definite. :\

  • Paula

    Please do a moviee!! I would watch it like 10 times!! I love GG

  • Pat

    I would like to see a Gilmore Girls movie, but I am just happy to have Scott on weekly television again. Plus The Event sounds to be picking up great buzz. But Scott is the real reason I will be watching.

    • ALM

      I’m with you, Pat. “The Event” is the only new show I’m definitely adding to my list. Great cast, but Mr. Patterson makes it must-see…

  • Louis

    “May-December”? Isn’t that a little insulting to Lauren? Maybe May-September at the most!

    • mary q contrary

      agreed. I mean, I get that it’s a common expression, but Lauren Graham really only looks a little older than Jason Ritter. 10 years at the most.

    • Lola

      THANK YOU! I just about choked when I read that. It made Lauren sound about 70. She is in no way the “December” part of her life. Kinda surprised since Ausiello portrays himself as such a fan and wannabe BFF of hers. But then again I think he’s a punk as a “journalist” (note the quotemarks) so why should I be surprised?

    • Katie

      Yes, and definitely not May-Ming dynasty.

      • Alexis

        Nice reference to Paris-Asher Flemming.

  • ADC

    If there’s a movie, Rory has to end up with Jess (It can be implied for all I care; it just needs to happen). I couldn’t stand Logan, and Dean was kind of a tool (but I love JP on Supernatural).

    • JayK

      Team Jess!

    • Katie

      100% WORD to this. Loved Jess.

    • Emma

      Definitely Team Dean! He was her great love.

      • Rachel

        I’d prefer logan. I didn’t like that she refused at the end

      • Alex

        Rory outgrew Dean. He’s smalltown. She’s wanted a life that’s more than that.

      • rogan4ever

        Team Logan too. I agree Rory outgrew Dean, he’s decent first boyfriend, but that’s all he’ll ever be. Jess can’t really be with her because with the Luke/Lorelai relationship they’d be cousins. Logan gave up his old ways for her. He finally grew up in Season 7, proving to be the best match for Rory. They were alike in many ways. Even Amy Sherman-Pallidino (creator of GG)said that Rory and Logan would eventually find their way back to each other. Before Lauren and Alexis said NO to a Season 8 of GG, they signed Matt Czuchry back on (and no other guys for Rory), so you know they’d have to find a way back to each other. Matt said the same thing, along with Alexis.

    • Brenda Barrett

      Jess is really to good for Rory — I can’t be the only one who always hated that fickle pickle. But, I would like to see Lorelai and Luke tie the knot! And I miss Emily, too!

      • Brenda Barrett


      • Mo

        I agree that Jess got to be too good for Rory. I think they were okay together when they *were together, but later on, he deserved better than what she became. I didn’t mind Rory in the first and second seasons, but by the end of season 3, my hatred had flowered. She became such a selfish brat.

    • Kat

      agreed. jess and rory will always be the choice for me. but i doubt milo ventimiglia would do the movie :-/

  • JayK

    Obviously, I’d go see a GG movie, but I can live without it. I’m totally happy with the way it ended. Veronica Mars on the other hand….

    • Brenda Barrett

      Yes, I really miss VM!! Kristen is getting too old, though…

      • JayK

        It’s only been three years since it ended. And I don’t care how old the characters appear, I just need to know that Logan and Veronica end up together!

      • Brenda Barrett


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