Exclusive: 'Bones' wooing The Situation for 'Jersey Shore'-inspired episode

situation-bonesImage Credit: PRN/PR Photos; Inset: Brian Bowen Smith/FoxBones is jumping on the Jersey Shore bandwagon in a big way. Series creator Hart Hanson confirms to me exclusively that he has approached Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to guest star in an upcoming episode inspired by the MTV phenom.

“We’re trying to get The Situation to play a murder victim,” Hanson reveals. “A guido is killed and Booth and Brennan enter that world to find out what happens. We’re not sure if it’ll happen or not. Talks are ongoing.”

According to the latest casting intel, The Sitch would play fitness guru Ritchie “The V” Genero in the October episode. The search is on for an actress to costar as Ritchie’s Victoria Gotti-esque mom.

At Fox’s press tour party last night, Bones’ main manĀ David Boreanaz revealed that Brennan will “understand them because she considers [guidos] a tribe.” Added leading lady Emily Deschanel: “Brennan anthropologically studies them and knows the lingo and the behavior. [She’s] down with the whole guido stuff.”

Deschanel predicts that the episode will be packed with Jersey Shore references. Laughs the actress: “I guarantee that there will be a fist pump.”


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  • B


    • Erin

      Agree. Seems like a desperate ploy to try and attract more viewers.

      Ugh, that picture of him. I don’t think I have ever seen more toned, yet incredibly unattractive abs. And that face….

      • buzz

        I like this part of the lead : “confirms the possibility” !! could Time magazine get away with that with a real news item?

      • Bebe

        I think you can see the outline of his colon. Yuck. And as Erin said … that face. Talk about getting hit with every branch on the ugly tree.

      • deb

        Bones usually does a pretty good job on plot. Most murder victims are dead before the show even gets going. I’m interested to see what Hanson intends with this one. It’s worth a look.

      • Tina

        lol i doubt its to get more viewers bones has many viewers.. and if that was the case then whats the point the guy would be dead on the show and they never look like people when bones finds em anyways so seems kind of pointless and i agree that guy has one ugly set of abs…lol looks like hes suckin it anyways

    • Chad

      1st strike was that horrible 100th episode. 2nd strike was that just as horrible season finale. 3rd strike is this. Bye bye Bones you now have one less viewer.

      • Sam

        Ooh that’s so sad. You didn’t like two episodes so you give up. Way to fail.

      • Mike

        Actually I don’t blame Chad, shows need to go out with a bang, with this type of nonsense the show will end up bleeding viewers and get cancelled or end with some dull series finale no one will watch.

      • Kari

        Wow, talk about a non dedicated fan.
        I myself think this episode if it happens will be hilarious. I can imagine Brennan being excited about questioning guidettes and guidos. And Hodgins trying a fist pump. I myself was disappointed with the finale but it grew on me. I will love this show until the end.

      • linda

        Then don’t watch it.There about 100 or more other channels to watch.

      • cao

        @chad shut up idiot!! who cares if u quit watching!! meh!!!!! loser!!

      • Carlson

        Bones is really awesome but this season Bones isn’t as suborn as she used to be and I loved that about her.

  • Fridge

    My first reaction to reading this was “OH NO!” I love this show, why does Jersey Shore and it’s cast of misfits have to infiltrate it? Is nothing safe from their spray tanned grasp anymore? Thank goodness it’s not that troll Snooki that they’re talking to.

    • Carolyn

      I agree. Snooki is a spray tanned whore…I’d rather see “The Situation” and his weird abs on Bones than Snooki “The Slut”.

  • Beth


  • Bruce_F

    I make it a point to avoid reality television. The whole phenomenon is a blight on our culture. Please don’t infect my scripted programing with this disease.

    • Nicole

      Thank you, I couldn’t agree more. I avoid reality shows and really don’t want them to encroach on the scripted shows I love. Eff that noise.

    • elizabeth

      Well said. Thank you.

  • Gwen

    I’m so disappointed…why would a classy show like “Bones” give more credence to this bunch of no-talent fame seekers??

    • lmao

      Bones a “classy” show? LMFAO Have we been watching the same show? No, really.

      • Gwen

        Compared to “Jersey Shore”? Yes, “Bones” is classy! Is it Shakespeare? No. Would I rather watch it than the so-called reality dreck? Yes.

    • Ally

      I still watch and like Bones, but I’m pretty sure they lost their “classy” card during that episode entirely about Avatar last season. Like that movie needed more publicity.

      • Tina

        lol they publicized it because there cast member was in the movie duh.. but bones is a good show way classier then that so called reality television bs .. reality my ass.

      • Lisa London

        Tina, while true, this is a fairly naive view of the business.
        Bones advertised Avatar (and not in a very subtle way indeed) because both are produced by Fox. As simple as that.

      • murley

        fox also notoriously forces their shows to cross promote and insert advertising or gimmicks. it sucks but the shows really don’t have any choice and do the best they can. it is part of the business i just accept and move on.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I never watched the show but this just helps me continue not to watch it.

  • Long Island Guido

    The Situations is a stud. I-talians are the bomb baby. Keep eating the meatballs and pass the vino around.

    • Beverly

      Not so much with that face.

  • Long Island Guido

    Upon further review, I have to say I have better abduminals than the great Situation. These I-talian homies are the best.

    • Fletch

      You sound a bit attracted to this guy maybe a little Guido backdoor loving is what yur after.. If you can’s spell it don’t use it. These guys are about as gay as can be. In Chicago the real Italians would beat the crap out of these little girls.Bones should skip this idea. Jersey Shore is like the HIV of tv land

      • kathy

        i think ur comment is totally without taste

      • Zach

        Please god no! do not put that fuggin douche on my damn show! burn the scripts for jersery shore and slap the creator of the show. keep the shyt away from bones!!!! or ill find you!

      • Marjie

        Fletch my love and Zach–backatcha. But notice, of course, the best acting the “Sitch” will ever do is as a corpse!

  • bluenote123

    I’m increasingly embarrassed for this show. And no, I don’t mean Jersey Shore.

    • DetJane

      My thoughts exactly.

      But I’ll wait until I see it to judge.

    • lmao

      We’ve all been embarrassed by this show in more than one occasion. I’m sure you know that lol ;)

  • tiresias

    I love Bones, have watched every ep, but that’s one episode I’ll pass on! WHY cater to their egos? To encourage them?!?

  • Gata

    Trying to stay “relevant” isn’t a bad thing. Think about when they did the episode “The Man In The Wall” they used the hip-hop world to make that one work…so I guess if they want to use the JS backdrop it would probably work.

    • Mandy

      There are other reality shows they can steal a storyline from, not this hot mess of pigs.

  • Long Island Guido

    Stallone wants The Situations to star in the preaqul to Rambo. Pass the meatballs baby, your a star.

  • DripPan

    IMO, this just shows how ‘low class’ this series has become since S4.

    • Stefi

      You’re sooo right. I’m really disappointed. In the last 2 years, the only episode I really liked was the trial of the Grave Digger, but only cause it reminded me the old Bones…

      • Carlson

        Ya I really miss old Bones, stupid strength (reference to Blackout in the Blizzard) Bones used to be stubborn and independent but still close to Booth, and more emotional in some ways like in the Girl in the Fridge episode wher they asked Bones why she became an anthropologist. But I still like Bones, but not as much now.

    • Casey

      Yup. Haven’t watched anything since Season 4. I got curious last season, but this has officially squashed any lingering affection I had for this show.

      • XK

        Ditto… our house gave up after S4.

  • Skye

    Oh, dear god, really???? The ONE thing I thought was safe from Jersey Shore wretchedness!!! Why are you doing this to me Hart Hanson? :(

  • T

    Why do shows insist on getting these reality people on their show. They are not actors! I was so looking forward to Bones this season, now this news has just sucked the life out of it.

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