'House' boss on Huddy: 'I don't think we have a Sam and Diane problem'

As House counts down to its seventh season premiere this fall, burning questions loom: Is Thirteen ever coming back? Will Amber Tamblyn’s new MD be sticking around full-time? Will the Huddy experiment succeed or fail? And is this the season the show finally gets a new opening title sequence? Luckily, not only was series creator David Shore on hand at Fox’s press tour shindig last night, but he was in a very chatty mood.

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  • missy


    • Cheery


      • Melanie

        Nathan Fillion FTW! :) DRATWATS.

      • Kate

        WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?!

      • Housefan101

        I haven’t even watched the whole vid yet and just-DShore is so awesome. I’m so glad he’s the EP/Creator of my favorite show. Not just for putting Huddy together, but for it all. Best EP EVER.

      • Penelope

        Thanks, NF!!!

    • pixy

      It’s a double rainbow

    • Riley

      Did you hear that clicking sound? That’s the sound of millions of Tivo users deleting House from their playlist.

      • Soph

        @riley the only sound i can hear is me clicking record on tivo for house season 7 to record or maybe its the clock ticking down to what seems to be a very enjoyable season.

  • D

    Wake up. You totally have a Sam and Diane problem. Its called wasting an ensemble cast for the promotion of a single couple. It’s very disappointing.

    • CC

      TOTALLY agree. Such a waste.

      • ada22

        yeah,sounds like they’ll just have lots of sex scenes and House bragging like a 14 yro virgin who just “tapped” that ,it’s worse than soap opera really.

        I think they shouldn’t really listen to the shippers,they should listen to people who watch the show as a whole without taking sides and I’m pretty sure those(well,us)don’t really appreciate this .
        It’s probably the last season anyway.

      • laughteristhebestmedicine

        the sky is falling! the sky is falling!

        thanks for the warning, chicken little & friends of chicken little.

      • mandi marie

        your both completely wrong nothing about this show is a waste its an amazing series that keeps you wanting more dshore did a great job and i couldnt be more happy about huddy cause well lets just say its about damn time lol

    • Carla

      @D, you have totally misread the show. “House” is not an ensemble show. It is a detailed and single-minded examination of an intriguingly difficult character, Gregory House. Hugh Laurie is the singular star of the show, the other actors are there to help illuminate the character and motives of the central figure. Finally, in season 7, we will get a chance to see House as he explores a romantic relationship with Cuddy. This is an exciting new development, one that has been six years in the making and is bound to deliver intrigue and mystery and loads of entertainment. I can’t wait to see how House/Cuddy develops.

      • Gabriel

        I think you hit the nail on the head right here. The simple fact is that none of the other characters are necessarily permanent; this isn’t “Friends”, or even “House and Friends”, it’s “House”. We’ve watched for 7 seasons as House has tapped the idea of relationships, manipulated others’, and fumbled his way around his own life. To see the character finally in a position where he’s engaging in a serious relationship – especially with someone he works with – is, given his character, exciting to say the least. Who cares that it’s Cuddy? It’s House in a relationship! Or rather, House in a relationship with someone he works with. Let’s all stop criticizing before having even seen an episode of the new season yet, and try to reserve judgement until then.

      • Jill

        Ever since they started pushing Huddy in the second half of season 3, House has been changing from what he was when the show started. I wouldn’t mind seeing the originl House in a relationship as they showed a bit with Stacy but this character is so unpleasant and sucky that I don’t care at all about him any more.

        Briefly, the Huddy storyline has ruined the character of Greg House as well as that of Cuddy. It’s reduced Wilson to little more than a Huddy pimp and dropped Cameron entirely from the show so that she doesn’t interfere in the romance of the millenium.

        If they need to put House in a relationship, make it anyone but Cuddy. That ship is already ruined.

      • Baby

        I agree, this show is about House, not the whole ensemble. The other characters (and actors) are excellent, but it’s all about House. As for him changing since the beginning of the show, I think it’s important for characters to grow and change over the course of a long run – if they don’t, the show becomes predictable and stagnant. I think he’s changing, growning, and doing it well. It will be interesting to see how the writers handle “Huddy”. (Though I think the couple name should be “Howdy”)

      • Solh

        @ Jill, if as a result of House having a girlfriend you feel the need to belittle his character or render him worthless I think that you’re watching the show for the wrong reasons.
        House is about House, nobody else. Everybody else in the show is only the environment needed to develop House’s character. Imagine the show without Wilson, or Cuddy, or Chase, or Taub, or Foreman, or Kutner, or Thirteen, or Cameron, or even Lucas.. Exactly, there’s no show without them, because they are there to ensure there’s a life around Gregory House. Nonetheless, it’s still Gregory House’s story.
        With that being said, I wouldn’t like to see House together with Cameron, first because Cameron is Chase’s ex-wife and that would be awkward to say the least, second because Cameron is too young for House and doesn’t have the wisdom nor maturity the House character possess, third and last she’s always said she falls in love with those who are in need of help, because she feels obligated to change them and not all the time for the best, like when her first husband died or when she couldn’t make it work with Chase (which was a shame.)
        I believe Cuddy is more what House needs, his age, inteligent and with a head on her shoulders. A woman who knows what she wants and is finally surrendering to her feelings in order to explore a life together with him.
        Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the new season.

      • kandie

        Thank you

      • Alison

        @ everyone replying to Carla:

        Most people won’t read your comment unless it’s 3 lines or less. Just look at newspaper readers who skim the first paragraph of an article.

      • denise

        I agree fully with your comment! I think the House /Cuddy thing will be interesting!

      • @Carla

        Lol Carla, you keep spamming everytime there’s a no-huddy post. Mind your business, no one cares about you.

      • Soph

        @@carla “”mind you business, no one cares about you” i think carla has the right to say what she thinks. Just because you don’t like her views doesn’t mean your better than her.

    • Cheery

      Pssh, who are this “Sam” and “Diane” anyway…

      • Smiley

        Sam (Ted Danson) and Diane (Shelley Long) were on “Cheers”…

      • Jennifer A.

        I think they knew that Smiley, which would be why they gave their name as Cheery…

      • Cheery

        @Jennifer, actually, I always post under Cheery (as in happy, not because of the show), though I was indeed playing ignorant.

    • B-dub

      Hmmm . . I did’t think that the rest of the Cheers cast was a waste. I thought they were all used fairly well.

    • Jill

      Worse than a Sam/Diane problem. At least Sam and Diane made sense as a couple. House/Cuddy is the fakest relationship on TV.

      • ADC

        I think Cuddy is the worst character on the show. I don’t find her believable as a doctor, and she dresses too provocatively/trashy for me to take her seriously as a leadership figure. I think I’ll pass on this season.

    • Rose

      Totally agreed

  • Caroline

    UGH, Huddy. David Shore is such a sellout.

    • m.

      I have decided to stop watching House. It’s as simple as that.

      • Chesterton654

        Yes, please, stop watching and also commenting. Those of us who like the show and don’t care for over dramatic displays of hand-wringing, breast-beating mourning over how the show isn’t good anymore and how you can find absolutely no worth in it would really appreciate it. ;)

      • Shawn


  • kse


  • Mary

    Huddy haters are SO wasting their time! Huddy is here to stay. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it anymore. Big deal. Or not.

    • Alex

      If all anti-Huddy fans stop watching House, say goodbye to season 8. So better the writers be able to keep all fans watching for the show’s sake. Although I highly doubt they’ll be able to do it.

      • Brian

        Yes, because you know what the average number of House viewers like to see. Certainly they prefer watching House and Wilson being gay. Oh, wait, that only exists in fanfiction. My bad.

      • rationalist.

        LOL, Brian. If we’re throwing out our ‘guesses’ as to what the average viewer wants, I think they want a good story that’s well-told. If they do that they’ll keep the fans. People here commenting aren’t average viewers mostly. They have no clue how well anything is going to be told, but they’re guessing anyway that it’s all going to be ‘insert worst-case scenario here’. They have an agenda. For this they make all sorts of threats and hope they come true so they can be validated in their hatred. I hope they all fall to nothing. I still like this show very much and hope it continues on well past what everyone is predicting. From listening to David Shore talk in the above video I’ve gotta admit I’m looking forward to season seven even more.

      • Person Who Talks

        You know what I want? The showrunners to tell their story their way.

    • M

      I agree with Mary. Which is why after 6 seasons I’m finally giving up on the show. Huddy sucks and I have no interest in watching anymore.

      • icedmemories

        Thanks God! maybe haters will leave like you

      • D

        I gave up 2 years ago.

      • Carla

        @M. I wish you well in finding a new show that pleases you. I am glad that you will stop harassing those of us who still love “House.”
        @D, if you gave up watching “House” two years ago, then why are you offering snide and uninformed comments on it here? Your approach is as idiotic as your blind hatred of a great television show. Please join M and find another show to watch.

    • jlk

      lol you wouldn’t want that, the show needs a lot more people than a bunch of huddy shippers

      • sarai

        “House” also needs the Huddy shippers, of which there are a great number.

        It’s all a big game here. If you’re going to leave, leave. Don’t threaten to leave because Huddy is the end of the world as we know it. Because if that’s all you can see and how truly irrational you are, then I pity you. This show is show much more than the things spouted in the proasaic, trivial comments here. If your mind is too small to see it then why watch. Go somewhere where the entertainment edifies you and makes you happy.

    • ram71

      i just want 13 to be back as a Les…hehehe

  • daghain

    Huddy is going to be a trainwreck of epic proportions. I doubt we’ll see a season 8. I’m really disappointed in the direction this show has gone, because it was so great when it started out. Way to ruin a great series, guys.

    • icedmemories

      If you still keep watching, you’re doing a favor to them!

      Make a huge step: STOP watching. You’ll be happier and we’ll be too ;)

    • Zosia

      So you’re already convinced it will suck so much it will be cancelled, yet you haven’t see a single episode of s7? Wow. Real mature.

      • Key

        Season 4, 5 and 6 were bad enought

    • deb

      gees people, they had a passionate kiss, its been a long time coming. They can go soooo many places from here. personally I think either way they take it i’m sure it’ll be great.

    • flaminga

      Gotta say, I kind of agree. Usually when they change the status of potential relationship or add a baby to a show, it’s an indicator that a show is on its way out. I don’t like the idea of House/Cuddy, but I’ll continue watching, because I still think it’s better than just about anything else on television.

    • Riley

      Did you hear that clicking sound? That’s the sound of millions of Tivo users deleting House from their playlist..

      • gadlaw

        The only clicking sound I hear is the clock as it clicks closer and closer to the New SEASON! Woo hoo! It’s still one of my favorite shows on the air, still the most engaging, still the most interesting show with characters I care about and stories that fascinate me. Cuddy, Wilson, Chase, House, 13, Foreman – it’s all great. I can understand if it was something negative that happened – aka Laura Gilmore sleeping with her Ex Husband at the end of the next to last season – many people changed the channel on that, but here we have House now having a relationship he’s wanted – the writers will still be great, what’s the problem?

  • Alex

    Eeeeeeewwwwww. Why, David, why?!

    • Zosia

      Why? Because there isn’t a single couple on TV that would have more chemistry than Huddy?

      Last s6 was undeniably a Hilson and the ratings dropped. Big time. Clearly, this couple isn’t as popular as some delusional fans think it is.
      It’s an obvious step that in order to save the show (lowest ratings since s1!) after the Hilson catastrophe, they finally got House and Cuddy together.

      • Victoria

        Well said Zosia

      • Mikos

        Yeah, I like a lot of the relationships on the show but whenever I see fans so desperately AGAINST two characters getting together romantically I can’t help but wonder if they’re either just buying in to the Moonlighting-chestnut or just germaphobic prudes who think sex is gross and if characters dare to get together it’s the tv show pandering smut.

        It’s funny. Not funny ha ha, funny sad.

      • mr. jeans

        lol okay. huddy is turning into a catastrophe too.

      • Lisa Le

        @Zosia.You’re wrong. Since the House/Cuddy fans are getting what they want, we’ll see even lower ratings. Lower ratings = Loss of advertising dollars.
        Loss of advertising dollars = Cancellation.

  • Ana

    Huddy FTW.

    Thank you Ausiello, David Shore was chatty indeed. Love this.

  • Tina

    Well, Shore confessed he is a Huddy fan, what did you expect? I, for one, am looking forward to season 7. I think it’s going to be interesting.

  • Belle

    Great interview. Looking forward to season 7. Please all this negative naysying on this site is ridiculous, watch the interview David Shore said “The show is still the same” “House is still House” “Cuddy is still Cuddy” and I say to that – YEAH!!!! Please just watch the show, let season 7 unfold before passing all these negative and ridiculous judgements! Roll on season 7 of House, I can’t wait. (oh and ‘go Huddy’ personally I think that storyline is going to add an interesting dimension to House’s character).

    • Della

      Cuddy hasn’t been the same since mid-season 5, since the beginning of her desperately wanting a baby, and House hasn’t been the same since the beginning of Season 6 – though, for me, the House character has taken a loooong, agonising slide backward since the beginning of season 4 – so if Shore means they’ll be the same as these two characters then I don’t see how they can improve on what is now pretty much a SOAP-OPERA.

      …And to whomever said that House (the program) wasn’t an ensemble show, well you are wrong. It may be centered around the House character, coming from his POV, but you need other characters for this character to work – I mean, how could you have HUDDY without Cuddy, ffs?

      All in all, HUDDY only happened in the finale last year because the PTBs threw logic out the window and forced it on the viewer, because, when all is said and done, Cuddy, being Dean of Plainsboro, shouldn’t’ve been anywhere near the site in the finale, she should havc ebene organising her troops and making sure there was enough cover for HER hospital.

      .. and this, in my opinion, is what will kill S7 for those of us who don’t give a toss about who hooks up whom, or shags whom or wants to date.

      • k8iegirl

        Listen up, DELLA: House and Cuddy have always had a “special” relationship that has been building over the entire course of the show. If you actually feel as though “Huddy” materialized out of nowhere and was forced down our throats, you’re either blind or supremely daft.

        As an actual fan of the show, I have watched and been entertained since the pilot episode; an episode which, in and of itself, set the House/Cuddy story in motion. Now, whether or not their romantic relationship is going to last, clearly David Shore and crew care abut the characters they’ve created and I, for one, am going to continue watching. I’m sick of you people lamenting the “loss” of Cameron and how “soapy” the show has become. For real. Quit whining and acting like you know what’s best for the show. I wasn’t boohooing when Cameron was throwing herself at House, or when Stacy made an appearance. Do you know why?!?! Because it’s a show. If it was truly that big of a deal to me, I’d have quit watching it.

        Lighten up!

      • Maia

        I agree with you Della…I stopped watching the show after season 5 except for the episodes with Andre Braugher.

  • nelleh

    As much as i love Huddy! I do hope they continue with their witty repartee, it’ll be too sad if they dont.

    • Alexandria

      That’s a lot of my worry. It seems as we’ve gotten closer and closer to Huddy (which I’ve shipped since day one), Cuddy has been toned down. I liked how she was more or less the Irene Adler character in episode one–the one person who could really shut him down, say “no, you can’t do this test,” that kind of thing. Sure, Wilson is able to have some kind of control over him, but she could shut down his *work* and keep him guessing, and that’s what made her powerful. The repartee has been not nearly as sharp as it once was, and Cuddy’s been revealed to be just yet another person House is able to abuse the feelings of and walk all over. It’s like they show she’s a powerful woman, except when she flounders when he’s around. The writers need to make sure she’s not turned into a lovestruck wimp–if their dynamic changes any more than it already has, I’m not sure I’ll be shipping it anymore.

  • SamD

    Don’t change the opening sequence! I love it! It’s so classy. Grrr….

  • Katie

    Ugh no thanks!
    The sooner Huddy is over, the better!

    • Jill

      Huddy will never be over. They’ve alienated every fan base but the Huddies. They can’t afford to lose them now.

      Say goodbye to House M.D.

  • tellusataletunes

    Sam and Diane were never a problem to Cheers. Shore should have cited David and Maddy (sp?) from Moonlighting that was horrible.

  • HuddyIsJoy

    Whoot for Huddy! I’m really looking forward to seeing the two of them together this season and how they and the rest of the cast deal with it. And the title sequence will finally be updated?? HUZZAH!

    • susan

      Totally agree with everything you said.

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