Exclusive 'Glee' video: Cast teases 'heartbreaking' premiere

gleeImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/FoxWhat could be better than one Glee interview from Fox’s press-tour party? Try FOUR Glee interviews from Fox’s press tour party. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in the following four-part Q&A:

* Cory Monteith discussing Rachel and Finn’s bumpy season 2 ride.
* Kevin McHale teasing the “heartbreaking” development in the season premiere.
* Jayma Mays revealing what she learned while making The Smurfs Movie and why she’s nervous about meeting new onscreen beau John Stamos.
* Jessalyn Gilsig hinting at the new connection Terri will be forming with the glee club.

All four videos are just a click away!

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  • Nicole

    Yay for more Finchel!!!

    • jen


      • Marianne

        mmmmm pastries ;)

      • Joy


      • chef

        Yeah for Finchel, Finchel is like almond filled pastry with frosting on top, according to Mr. Monteith.

    • MovieMan

      Ugh…I give this show two year max before it gets cancelled.

      • baddog

        Well, its already been approved for its 3rd season…so gues you are out of luck….go watch your Jersey Shore…

      • Angie

        Why do you waste your time reading about a show you dislike?

      • lilmissvideo

        You are honestly on glue, child. GLEE is the best show in years. BEST. SHOW. IN. YEARS.. or else it wouldnt get 19 EMMY NOMS. Come on, you are obviously not a bright person to not see what is clearly right in your face.

        GLEE FTW!

      • tonya

        tell them, Angie. I love Glee!

      • gleek100

        They’ve been signed on for another 3 years

      • Penelope

        Ha ha Baddog – “Go watch your Jersey Shore”!! Nice one!

    • ythu

      Is there NO OTHER SHOW you can post on! I could even go for one of your True Blood posts after all of this Glee garbage!

      • Heather


    • Mike

      Finn and Rachel are adorable! Can’t wait for them, they are the reason I watch the show! The represent everything that glee club is….they are the metaphor!

    • JAYNE


    • Person Who Talks

      I do rather enjoy Glee, although it is drowning in its own ego rather quickly (see: the 2nd half of Season 1). However, EW, there is such a thing as overkill. Glee, True Blood, and Twilight are the only things you guys talk about anymore.

    • Madalyn

      I fell in love with Finn and Rachel from the very first note they sung together. They are meant to be… I may be in the minority here – but I hope they last the entire show…they are that exciting and adorable. Great scoop Ausiello!!! Keep up the Finn and Rachel stuff!

      • wemma

        you’re not the minority, a lot of people love them.

      • SpyKi

        Finn is so not worthy of Rachel. as a person or a singer.

  • JC

    Wow hat pic is awesome, Jayma Mays looks unrecognizable

  • Cadence

    Oh Finnchel. The world’s tastiest pastry. I can’t wait to see this all play out!

  • Seriously

    Darn, I was hoping this show was just going to end after the season premiere. At least the chicks are hot.

    • MEA

      Me Too! It’s only redeeming feature is at least it has kids listening to music instead of rap or hip-hop.

    • Kristen

      Why would it EVEN end after the season premiere? It’s one of the biggest shows right now and will be on for at least another couple years, like it or not.

    • Seriously

      I don’t hate it, just don’t watch it and ausiello always talks about it. Rather him spend more time on One Tree Hill…..j/k

  • stefani

    Aw! I adore finchel! :D

    • Mike

      Finn and Rachel forever! So glad they are happy

  • Kheva

    Jayma and Jessalyn are so funny. i can’t wait to see what Terri has up her sleeve.

    i’ll never complain about more Finchel!

    • graeme

      I wish Jessalyn spoke in her natural voice on the show instead of that annoying squeaky voice on “Glee”.

      • kelly

        I agree and think Jayma Mays should do the same.

  • kate

    Cory, never change. You are awesome.

  • Kayden

    Where’s Lea?

  • Monty

    Someone wanna actually type the scoop? some of us cant watch video…Thanks in advance!

    • Zoe

      Ditto. I hate when information is teased on the homepage of this site and then you have to spend time watching a video instead of simply skimming text. We can’t all watch videos at work!

  • Nicky

    Yay Wemma scoop, Jayma ur so adorable!

  • Annie

    Finn and Rachel <3

  • Sam

    i wish everyone wouldn’t push Finchel so much. i’d rather sit there all season and wonder if they’re actually going to break up every time they have an issue…

    now the mystery of it is gone. i’ll tolerate them but people who don’t like them together that much are gonna gag all season long. they already are…

    • ADC

      I’m not the biggest Finn/Rachel fan, so all the hoopla is kind of turning me off to the season already. Throughout season 1, Finn treated Rachel terribly so I don’t get that rootworthy factor from them (plus Finn’s “I love you” in the season finale was lame and way too soon).

      • Mike

        I just have to laugh out loud at this comment. Let me guess, you rather her with someone that throws eggs or slushies at her? Finn loves her for her, no denying that…it was built up all season!

      • sam

        built up kind of? sure. but there’s no denying finn was pretty stupid to rachel many times. and the number of times he was terrible to her pretty much discounts their relationship for me. i can’t do it.
        he’s screwed her over and picked his reputation over her a few times (Showmance, Rhodes Not Taken, Mash Up (when he picked football over glee) Mattress, Hell-O shall i go on?) AND acted self righteous towards her when she did something pretty similar in Bad Reputation.

        and it’s too bad finn can never really list rachel’s good qualities. he has a talent for kind of complimenting her and then insulting her in the next sentence.

      • Maddie

        You are delusional Sam :) I suggest rewatching the show to help clear your mind :)

      • kat

        well, he has a whole season to make up for it. But I’d say he’s much better for her than the douche who recently had a baby with the ex-girlfriend of his best friend!

      • sd

        he’s also a high school boy…of course he’s gonna suck half the time

  • Alex

    Hopefully Puck/Rachel will be coming!

    • jay

      No thanks LMAO

    • Gemma

      I hope you’re seriously kidding..or else you’re seriously delusional. What on earth has given you the idea that Puck and Rachel is coming when the writers have already said that Finn and Rachel will not be breaking up this season?

      • ADC

        Alex didn’t say they expected Puck/Rachel to be coming right away. But, if Rachel/Finn are together all of season two, I really don’t see them sticking it out straight through season 3. I bet they both are going to have other pairings eventually.

      • LisaLo

        Truthbomb. Fake ship can’t last.

      • ja

        They’ve already said that Puck and Rachele get together in season 2. Many people asked for it so they’re doing it again. So, Alex isn’t delusional you’re just not informed.

      • LisaLo

        Can you source that? They no where said Puck and Rachel would get together in season 2. They said Puck would go after Quinn in Season 2. Get your spoilers straight, ja.

      • LisaLo

        Can you source that, Ja? Because that was never said. They said Finn and Rachel would not be breaking up in season two and that Puck wants to be with Quinn. I believe you’re sourcing spoilers for the back nine. Get your spoilers straight. Alex is still delusional. You’re misinformed.

      • jerry

        I hope we see more of her mom Idina

    • Michelle

      Dream on! Puck and quinn for the win! Do you even watch the show? Puck and Rachel don’t even like each other in anyway…you have been warned and will be disappointed!

      • lol

        oh yeah and quinn REALLY likes the guy she’s basically thought of as a lima loser all season…

        puck may have feelings for her (he def doesn’t love her. complete BS) but i really don’t think they’ll work out. They’re too horrible to each other.

    • Michael

      did they even date? I had no idea – I thought they were a joke! Also humiliating? Puck and Rachel are ewwwwwwwwww….. they would kill each other in a relationship.

    • ann

      Eeww eeww, pair Rachel with the birth father of the baby recently adopted by your birth mother! That would make them what, like relatives or something? No, just no.

      • Sal

        Yeah, let’s have Rachel and Puck get married, then her “sister” will be her husband’s daughter. It’ll be like Nip/Tuck all over again. God, I miss that show.

  • Kris

    Jessalyn is so cute. I’ve always loved Terri and I’ve always ADORED Jessalyn. I don’t think anyone was more excited then I was when I heard Terri was going to be back.

    • znachki

      I think Terri is going to be back as the choreographer for the Glee Club – after all, she was a cheerleader.

    • vanka

      I love Jessalyn Gilsig. She’s cute and funny. I just hope she doesn’t come back as the school nurse hahaha!!!!

  • WarOnTara

    YAY! Mike Chang gets a storyline!

    • ythu

      I am sure it will be him being gay, that is what this hsow is about

      • ja

        you’re an idiot

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