Exclusive: 'Reaper' grad Bret Harrison invades 'V'

bret-harrisonImage Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic; Michael Courtney/ABCV‘s casting peeps are on a roll!

On the heels of news that original lizard queen Jane Badler is joining the ABC reboot as Anna’s mother comes word (exclusively!) that Reaper‘s Bret Harrison has landed a pivotal recurring role as well.

According to a V insider, Harrison will play Dr. Sidney Miller, an evolutionary biologist who may have the scoop on what caused the sky to turn red in the finale.

Harrison’s character first shows up in the season 2 premiere (slated for November) when Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) appears on his doorstep looking for answers.

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  • Missing Reaper …


    • Jersey Jeff

      “exclusively!”??? This has already been reported on TV Guide’s website.

  • Michael

    I still miss Reaper. But I guess this will have to do.

    Now if he could just guest star on CHUCK…

    • t.t

      As a nerd herd member of a rival buy more esque store
      that would be so cool

      • tvgirl48

        In my dream world, there would be a crossover where the Work Bench and the Buy More would somehow clash.

      • Michael

        Oh, man, a BuyMore/Largemart/Work Bench show down would be AMAZING. :D This needs to happen NOW.

    • Diva

      More than likely, I mean everyone else is. Love Chuck!

    • j

      I loved Reaper too….so did my husband and 9 year old. Too bad it wasn’t renewed.

  • Itaintrite

    Nice to see Bret gets some work. Great personality (on TV at least) but can’t catch a break it seems.

    RIP Reaper :(

    • Modwild

      He’s also a great person on Twitter and such. Very nice, and friendly. Kudos to him!

  • Megan

    I loved Reaper, and I like Brett Harrison, but nothing is going to make me watch this crap.

    • Shay


  • ggny

    Bret Harrison is a starting in waiting the guy has been on two Cult Favorites in The Loop and Reaper and both times both show where screwed over by their Networks…This is a good move though i could see this guest spot leading to ABC giving him development deal and pilot next year

    • ggny

      by Starting i mean Star =D

    • Anneka

      Totally agree. Hope the change in network might give him a better opportunity and higher profile. Fox and CW royally screwed him.

  • Dominique

    That’s so awesome! I wa sjust wondering the other day why he wasn’t on nay shows, and now he’s gonna be on one of the best there is.

  • tipsy

    How about some really good V news, such as that Diana will eat Tyler for breakfest in the first episode so that the rest of the season can actually be good.

    • thin

      I think more people than that need to be eaten.

      • Mia

        I like most of the cast and I think they’ll show their worth with stronger character writing. It’s only the actor playing Tyler who’s acting is unredeemable.

    • Zombie Jesus

      I have to agree that I hate Tyler as well but I’ll give him a second chance. I did for John Connor in the Terminator series and he grew on me the second season.

      Then Fox took the knife they stabbed me with during the Firefly cancellation and put it in my heart at the end of season two. Ever since then, I’ve been a zombie.

  • walter17

    well why didn’t someone tell me they moved the season 2 premiere to this year?

  • CookieP

    Yay! He’s a QT, also wondered what happened 2 him post Reaper.

  • Carrie

    I miss “Reaper”. :(

  • Scooptress

    Brett Harrison brings NOTHING to this show but a dubious teen audience that is best left to trash television on MTV.
    The dumbing down of this show has begun in earnest.

    (You know I’m right on one level, Ausie. Admit it. Once you get past his looks, there isn’t much left)

    • Christian

      Seriously? Have you never watched Reaper or Grounded for Life? Bret Harrison is a fantastic actor.

    • Dominique

      I dare ya to watch BH’s guest stint on L&O: SVU. I double dare ya! Do that, and then tell me he brings NOTHING to this show. He’s good at comedy yeah, but his drama more serious work is just as good, maybe even better.

      • Scooptress


        Double dares?

        How old are you?
        I’m not sure I trust your opinion on television.
        Do your parents know you are on this website?

      • Dominique

        @Scooptress. Really? You with your pathetic comments/insultments and then asking Ausiello for confirmation, are asking ME how old I am? Oh the irony. You must be one bitter person to trash everyone here.

      • Mercer Sage

        Dominique I totally have to agree with you. I didn’t even know that was the same guy when I saw that episode.

    • Larry

      Wow, you are a bitter person. You trash a show and actor in one statement. Obviously you’re opinion isn’t shared by most here. I think this is fantastic news for the actor and wish him the best on this show. “V” got better as the season progressed -I’m looking forward to the new season.

      • Scooptress


        YOUR = possessive
        YOU’RE = YOU ARE

        Please learn the difference so that people will learn to respect you.

  • CJ

    Glad to see Bret Harrison back on TV…just wish it was on a show that had some level, any level of appeal for me.

  • Jay

    Now if they would just hire some writers to make this show interesting…

  • Jane

    Jane Badler is back? That is too sweet! Finally the folks at V are doing something right.

    • Scooptress

      Well said, Jane.

      Finally somebody on this thread who can see through the rubbish and find the ONLY good news that was RE-reported in this article: Jane Badler.

  • VFan

    Thank you for the scoop. I have not heard of this guy, but he’s sure nice to look at. I saw a bunch of spoilers the other day, and it sounds like season 2 is really going to be good. I hope they get more than 12 episodes this season.

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