Exclusive: 'Grey's Anatomy' prescribes nudity for Jesse Williams

jesse-williamsImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCMemo to Jesse Williams: Get ready for your close-up…of your chest.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s exec producer Shonda Rhimes tells me that Seattle Grace’s newest Doc McHottie will be exposing more than just his hypnotic baby blues this season.

“We felt that having a shirtless Jackson Avery would be a benefit to society,” Rhimes coos, “so we’re going to see a little bit of that early on in the season.”

Although the boss lady declines to provide the context of Williams’ seminude scene, she concedes that the time has come for Avery to get his first love story. “We were saving him because he’s so pretty—we didn’t want to fire the gun too soon,” Rhimes says of Williams, who returns this season as a full-fledged series regular. “But I am feeling that we are going to have some good romance for him down the road.”

Who would you like to see Avery paired with? And are you looking forward to seeing what he looks like out of scrubs? Hit the comments!

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  • the girl

    Well he won’t be paired with me so, that’s a bust.

    • the boy

      Or me :( — Bummer!

      • KarenS

        Avery needs to be with Lexie, I realized not too long ago that Mark is way too old for Lexie.

      • MAE

        hi can u be my friend?

    • Daniel

      So he has no shirt on. That’s not nude. >.< They give us that fat guy from NYPD blue's ass, and we can't get Jackson. Grr.

      • housemdfan

        Yeah, if no shirt were being nude new moon and eclipse would be XXX due plenty nude scenes… xD

      • BJohnson

        I know, I’ll never forgive ABC for that. LOL

    • sinicalgrl

      too funny – ditto for me honey – his loss of course:-)

    • cinrr

      If it isn’t going to be me he is paired with…then nobody! lol just show him nude!

    • mikee

      I’d like to see him experiment with his sexuality…with another man. Sensual, a little confused, tender…real. Not Will and Grace stereotype. Just a man exploring. Like so many have but won’t ever admit.

      • GeeMoney

        Um, no.

      • really

        not that many have…..

      • starreyedgirl

        Seriously! Why does every one have to experiment or be gay.

      • starreyedgirl

        @ Gee Money, Seriously! why does everyone have to experiment or be gay and confused. Experimenting and being gay on TV is sooo 2001.

      • Alex

        Bring Will and Grace back and leave Avery for a girl please…that’s just silly!

      • Morgue

        They have enough of that on the show already. I kinda want to see him with Christina now that she and Hunt broke up.

      • corinne

        no way.. he seemed to like Christina but I dont know that I like that match… Im not sure who.. maybe Lexie but shes always such a mess..

      • CandyLand

        Oh HELLLLLLL NO!

        Keep your nasty little UN-NATURAL wet dreams to yourself sicko!!!!!!!!!!1

        That beautiful specimen belongs with a WOMAN so that he and she can create more little beautiful specimen for this world to drool over WHEN THEY’RE OVER 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        YOU SICKO!

      • RocketGirl

        CandyLand, you’re an idiot.

    • Mothra

      CRISTINA! The chemistry between them is sooo awesome! Please get on that, Shonda! Let Teddy have Owen and hook Cristina up Dr. McHotness!

      • kristina

        I agree…AVery and Christina

      • Bb

        YES. I like Owen enough but man, Yang and Avery are so good together on screen already.

      • veronique

        Cristina PLEASE!!!!!

      • E

        Yes, please!

      • Meli

        Definitely Christina. Given that Meredith has absolutely NO chemistry with anyone, including Derek. And Lexie is rather dull.

      • Almendra

        Team Avery And Christina !!!!! pleasssssseeeeee

      • rallen

        me too christina ftw!!

      • Gina

        Team Cristina!

      • Cris

        I agree in a way that I would like to see him and Christina pair, however part of me does really like Hunt and her together. I am not a Teddy fan!

      • sarah

        yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh coulnd’t agree more!
        he likes her from the very beginning and i’ve never liked owen/cristina anyway…

      • Heidi

        Christina was a good fit for him but she wants men she can learn from, not alongside. She’s too ambitious in that regard.
        I’m guessing they’ll put him with Sarah Drew because they are the only two Mercy Westers left.

      • leah

        cristina and jackson, pleeeeeaaaaaase!!!! they already kissed and he was so awesome to her and they had that moment in the finale! let owen go to teddy and give cristina hottie mchoterson!

      • Morgue

        I agree. Christina and Avery would be a good pairing. XD

  • MTK

    Pair him with a guy!

    • MAC

      Yes, In the “Lily allen” way, I mean , make it FUN! :)

    • betty


    • Kazushi

      same here! WITH A BOY! pleaaase :)

      • cheryl

        EWE NOOOOO!!!!!!! He’s too pretty to be wasted on a guy

      • Kris

        That’s such an ignorant thing to say Cheryl. What? Save the pretty guys for women, gays can have the ugly dudes their lucky to get? You’re an ignorant bitch.

      • Molly

        Oh my god, the show would be that much better if it was Jackson with a guy! Lexie’s been kind of left out of the loop because she loves Alex and apparently Alex still loves Izzie, so I wouldn’t mind them, but we need some gay action! Lesbians rock, but we need guys too!

    • Trouble

      NO!! HES TOOO SEXY TO BE W A MAN!! no offense to the gay society…i have no problem w gay guys or girls, but just not jackson!

      • DJ

        whatever…if there are loads of hot women that are gat, then he should be gay too…if we lose some, then you women lose some….:)

    • Beth

      If they do that I will never watch again, and I have never said that before! Please not April, how about Teddy?

      • Nicole

        Teddy is getting paired up with the therapist everyone has to see after the shooting. Or so i’ve heard! I would cry if they wasted him on April!

      • Suzanne

        Teddy is way too old for him. Lexie may be a good choice.

      • ana


    • Jordi

      absolulte YES – America needs more gay heroes

      • Troy

        The problem is that that arc has already been played out on the show with Callie and Arizona (and, in a lesser capacity, with Joe and Walter). I don’t think they’ll go the same route again with Avery.

    • Dawn

      Pair him up with a decent girl, no guys please.Am soooooooooooo sick of shows doing the gay thing, isnt there enough of that crap in real life without ruining a good show with it.

      • Beth

        AMEN to that!!! It’s in your face everywhere now & I’m sick of it. Please don’t ruin Grey’s with more of that crap!

      • Fatima

        I’m so sick of all your horny housefrau stuff but you don’t see me bi*ching.

      • Amanda

        I totally agree! I wish they would get rid of it all together….Arizona and Callie are ruining Grey’s Anatomy for me :(

      • Jo

        Ok this is very rude and offensive. Here’s a good question: isn’t there like 10x as many heterosexuals on tv than gay ones?…You people need to get over your own prejudices and allow people to have as many role models in the media as you do.

      • Big Dave

        Homophobic much?

        For every gay love story on TV, there are hundreds of straight ones. So get over yourself.

      • Kris

        Straight people saying gays are ruining television is the exact same thing as a white person saying “blaks are ruining tv” you’re just as bad as racists you despicable pieces of trash. You all deserve to be rounded up and beaten senseless.

      • Waaah;-(

        I so agree Dawn!
        I dont need it in my face or in my grey’s

      • Natalie

        Not gonna lie, your ignorance really disgusts me. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • Leah

        Pull up your pants…your homophobia is showing. Your ignorance is only bliss for YOU dear, the rest of us find it tiresome and pathetic.

      • drella66

        Callie and Arizona are the most functional couple on the show!

      • Troy

        Gotta agree with Leah here. You people are ignorant.

        @Dave, while I strongly agree with you on the point of homophobia, your comment about the number of heterosexual couples on tv needs a bit of context. The fact is that the disparity on tv coincides with the disparity in real life. estimates put homosexuals at 5-10% of the population. The fact is that there are a lot more heterosexual couples than homosexual couples. That’s the way it is.

      • Jo

        @Troy, those estimates are not correct in how many heterosexuals and homosexuals there are in the population. you have to consider all of the people who are either in the closest for various reasons or in denial. Thats exactly why we need to show more gay people on popular shows like greys because the more we see of gay people and gay couples, the more normal it becomes. Thats what people are afraid of here, homosexuality becoming normal and making them question their heterosexual existences!

      • Abbey

        Om my goodness Dawn, Beth & Amanda – you sound really prejudiced. Callie and Arizona are an awesome couple – it is about having chemistry and they do. Now I must admit, I would like to see Jackson with a gal as well, bc then it would make it easier to imagine myself in that position :) But I assume that is how gay guys feel as well and that is why they would want him with a guy, and I can certainly understand that! They have just the same right to their raunchy imaginations as I do :)

      • Kera

        @dawn thank you!! I so agree it’s been done to death. As for everyone jumping on her about being homophobic, are you serious? You have no prob with people saying make him gay but the sec. someone says no you treat it like they killed your dog. I’m sorry but it’s not closed minded not to wanna watch to guys making out. And if you think it is then maby you’re the closed minded one!!

      • Joseph

        1) You all are very prejudice. Look deep inside yourselfs before saying you don’t want to see a man with another man, because if you are sick of seeing that, you would have left A LONG time ago when Arizona and Callie became serious. Why do you like watching women? Is there something everyone should know about? ;)

        2) I think that it’d be perfectly fine to make him a homosexual. There isn’t anything wrong with it just like there isn’t anything wrong with African Americans.

        3) You are probably too young to remember, but waaaaaaaaay back in the day, women had to fight for social injustice, and they still are, considering most women are still being under paid…so why are you judging now? You saying that you don’t want to see homosexuals is like saying everything everyone has fought for for the past two hundred or three hundred years was for not. African American rights, freedom, women’s rights, everything. Get your head on straight. This is 2010, and we’re starting a revelation. The younger generation doesn’t have a problem with homosexuals, so why do you?

      • Jo

        @Kera: If you dont like to see men making out that would mean you have a problem with them because they make you uncomfortable, if you’re trying to live in a world where you dont come face to face with homsexuals, then i’d say your close-minded. people who want him to be gay aren’t saying anything bad about him being straight, they’re open with him being either way, just wish he would be gay because we dotn have much examples of gay love stories.
        @Joseph: totally agree, you made some great points there!

      • Sarah Perry

        Ya’ll are all ridiculous and should just all shut up about it regardless of who says what. This discussion shouldn’t even be taking place… Let people say their opinions and leave it at that. Stop trying to correct everyone on anything they say! Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and or wants so get over it already! Thanks.

      • Joseph

        I will agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but when we live in a nation where we are trying to move forward and be more accepting, and you comment on how liberal the show is about allowing homosexuals to make out, expect to get some slack for it. I’m sorry that older people who watch the show are stuck in the past and can’t get over the fact that homosexuals are people, too. They are just like you and me, they don’t destroy marriages nor threaten you in any way. It just disgusts you to watch homosexuals making out. It’s those kind of people that push their beliefs on the younger generation, which in turn makes small minded people.

      • CKRUNT

        There is a gay network now. Make your own shows as gay as you want them and leave this one alone!

    • Rose

      WORD. This show needs more gay man, and I don’t want him messing up Owen/Cristina, anyway.

      • jamie

        @ Rose. The show already had George.

      • Troy

        and Joe and Walter

      • Jo

        george wasn’t gay, the actor was..there’s a difference. and Joe and Walter aren’t regulars, they’re just shoved off to the side and brought out on the very rare occasion.

      • Big Dave

        @jamie – George wasn’t gay, T.R. Knight is. Try to pay attention, because the questions only get harder.

    • Talia


    • L

      it’s true. All the hot guy’s are either ass holes or gay :(

  • ingmar

    Guess he’ll date April or Teddy

  • Deion

    A new woman in in order, there isn’t one currently existing that deserves that hotness. Well, there is, but Arizona is gay, remember?

    • dosmuchos

      My thoughts EXACTLY! Although I don’t think Arizona is worthy of him either…

  • Philip

    In my world it would be with Alex, but in the real world I’d say it will be Teddy

    • Deion

      Yes please, this.

      • Mo

        teddy looks so much older than him. i really hope they don’t do that…

      • Deion

        Not the Teddy, the Alex. Teddy will need herself a new man as well.

    • Cat

      Teddy is going to be hooked up with the new dr-shrink guy

    • didi

      With Alex? Hey, I’m not oppose to a communal shower scene. :)

    • Molly

      If he paired with Alex, I think I would die of happiness. I could see him with Lexie too… not April, but either way, yes. My requirements is that they are as hot as he is, and Alex definitely fits that bill ;)

  • german girl

    i want him to be with cristina! i think they would be great together

    • Gabby

      Same! I’m still holding out for him and Cristina.

      • Alison

        Me too!

      • hurricaneflj

        I’m hoping Cristina…i’m tired of her and Owen and we’ve seen the Chemistry she and Avery have together anyways! It’s perfect!

      • Tahisha

        Yes Gabby! With Christina!!

      • Sabrina

        He and christina have already kissed and i think they would be a great couple!! PLEASE!!!

      • Sums


      • veronique

        Me too. I thought I was the only one!

    • renee

      This is my vote too. I like her with Owen…but there was just something hot about the Avery and Christina together. They just have THAT chemistry.

      • susan

        avery is not in love with christina he only in love with her skill

      • ChelleBelle

        He doesn’t have to love her to have a hot sexy shirtless scene

      • Kathleen

        It’s a reverse role for Christina. She is usually the student in love with her teacher’s skill. She can be the teacher-Avery can be the student! He could be her match. They are hot!!

      • Juanabe

        I like him with Christina too, but I wish I could take him home for myself……OMG he is so hot.

    • Kat

      Yes – pair him with Cristina!

      • Clara

        thank god christina’s subject came out, I was positively crazy about trhe avery-christina possibility throughout the season.
        I’m tired of Owen, he’s become so blah.

    • Diane

      Me,too! Or three hundred! LOL After all that Teddy sh!t last season, Owen is not good enough for C. She deserves Avery!

      • S


      • Diana

        I agree! Cristina totally deserves him! The kiss they shared was totally hot!

      • Jaime

        Yes!!! I love the Christina angle. The chemistry they have is amazing.

      • pacificbell

        Please get a new guy for Yang. Owen and Teddy can just go off into the sunset as far as I am concerned.

      • Negrita

        yeah!! im agree Cris & Avery that will be very hot!!. Owen & Cristina sucks!!!

      • stacey

        Owen and Cristina are the best. Put Avery with Lexie.

    • Katie

      You’re crazy. Christina and Owen are pretty much made for each other. Yes, the Jackson Christina kiss was hot but that was it. Christina and Owen have been through way too much together for her to just leave him for Jackson. Plus all their scenes are way too hot to just go away.

      • JJ

        Owen spent the entire season mooning over Teddy and treating Cristina like crap. I don’t know how people still want them together?

      • Shauna

        Exactly Katie. Plus if shonda was to put them together it would have happened a long time ago. Christina and Owen are going to work on their problems and move forward in their relationship. Avery’s gonna end up with a newbie *fingers crossed*. It doesn’t matter once it’s not April ugh.

      • ADC

        I liked Owen when he first came on, but now he seriously bugs me. I wish he would have chosen Teddy so that Christina could have a new guy who isn’t so serious and troubled.

      • Elizabeth =]

        Christina and Jackson!!!!!!!! I don’t really like Christina and Owen she’s better off with jackson

    • maiv

      I agree with the Cristina pairing. I’m interested in seeing her with a guy who isn’t intense.

    • airien

      Yeah me too!! I always like him joking around w christina!!! Pls pair him w her!! It wud be something interesting since we all knew christina only goes for man like burke n hunt!

    • G

      Yes, I really thought they had good chemistry and though I LOVED Christina’s and Owen’s partnering at first, the writers turned their relationship from sexy to all dark and twisted. I think Owen and teddy are perfect for each other, honestly… he just hasn’t admitted it to himself yet.

      • Leah

        In case you haven’t noticed, dark-n-twisty is Grey’s Anatomy’s middle name. Christina is not a happy, shiny kind of girl. She’s always been a little dark and twisty. Maybe not as much as Meredith, but she’s definitely not “Glee” material. Her an Avery would be all wrong. One hot kiss does not a relationship make. And she would get tired really fast of having the cow-eyed boy doctor following her around like a worshipful puppy.

      • Another Emma

        @Leah, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Janet

        Avery is too much of a boy for Cristina, and in her own words, it is never going to happen. And again, in her own words she “needs there to be a me and Owen”

    • Sarah

      I’m agreeing with Christina. he TOTALLY has the for her!

      • Janet

        Yeah he has a “professional admiration” for her! That I am looking forward to, them becoming “work buds”. But I can see him having “sexy time” with Lexie.

    • Lisa

      Me 2! Avery & Yang!!!!

    • e

      I am tired of Teddy… wish she would die off.. I want Yang and Avery together!!!

    • Janet

      Me three — I think he and Christina have a lot of chemistry, and I’m tired of her and Owen’s combined angst with eachother.

    • Waaah;-(

      Avery & Christina have chemistry
      I am sorry but Owen & Christina have always seemed forced and slightly creepy. Besides Owen wants babies Christina doesn’t.

    • Juliet

      Jackson won’t be with Cristina in a romantic way, Jesse Williams stated in a video interview that even the “little moment” they had in S6 was not even a romantic connection it was based on his professional respect for Cristina and there relationship will be built on that. This made the most sense of all the speculation that has been stirring around. So I would love to see him with Lexie.

  • Julie

    It seriously disturbs me the way Shonda Rhimes talks. She’s 40 years old yet has the mentality of a 13 year old girl. She should worry about writing some decent material and not figuring out ways of getting the male actors on her show to take their shirts off.

    • Jel

      you do realize she was joking right? and apart from a few quick shots of eric dane, there’s been less shirtless body flaunting going on recently.

      • Julie

        Last season Derek was running around naked in the season premiere. Alex spent a whole episode shirtless holding a baby. Another episode he’s getting out of bed wearing boxers and then stepping out of the shower naked. Another episode he’s taking his shirt off and hooking up with Callie. Another episode he’s taking his shirt off to hook up with Lexie. Owen was shirtless a few times when hooking up with Cristina. Mark was shirtless: answering the door, in bed with Lexie, in bed with Teddy, getting out of the shower after hooking up with Reed. Bailey’s boyfriend took off his shirt. That’s all that seems to be important to her. Getting the men to strip and who’s going to hook up with whom. All Shonda needs now is to figure out a way for Richard to get naked. She’s probably brainstorming about that right now.

      • Jen

        she’s not joking, that’s why I can’t take this show seriously.

      • Cassie

        oh screw off julie, thats practically what the show is all about, drama, medicine and LOTS of sex JEEZ lmao if all you want is doctor stuff go watch something else and quit hating the best show ever. thanks :)

    • Drew

      Well, aren’t you captain of the Buzzkills. I bet you got around malls at Christmas shouting to little kids that Santa isn’t real. Try adding a little fun to your life. Seriously.

      • nedine

        well julie,i must say,for somebody who doesnt think greys anat is very exciting or well written,you surely do know a lot about greys…

    • Ghislaine

      Sorry to write that but this guy was hired only because of his body (blue eyes and now ches???) Quid of his talent?! In any rate, that is what I conclude the last year! Maybe to become a regular will allow him to finally prove to us that he isn’t only a pretty face and above all, that he CAN ACT, well I hope because, it’s already a pity to see in this show! :-(

      • MIssmocha

        I think he a good actor, he was great in the season finale

      • Erin

        He is NOT a very good actor. But he is around a lot of excellent actors so maybe it will rub off.

    • Shell

      Well, why do you watch it if you are so disgusted by all the nudity? If you have that much negativity, find something else to do. Seriously!!

    • ironica

      Thinking about the naked boys is a very serious thing at all the ages.

      • Leah

        Seriously. Because I’m…not 13 (lol) I can’t appreciate a hot shirtless man? Any woman who says so needs to fork over her ‘woman card’. If that’s what it means to be a grown up, I’ll stay immature, thanks. (and they need to quit commenting about a show they obviously don’t like and are clearly “too mature” (or OLD, as I like to call it)for.)

      • Another Emma

        @Leah, I’m with you on this one too. As they say “Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is an option”!

    • Henry

      I don’t know about you but when i hook up someone I don’t keep my clothes on! -_- that was so well thought how you go through your head to pick out ALL of the hook up scenes when in reality that no one hooks up with their clothes on. That is why they need to have shirts taken off and show intimacy.

    • e

      Julie~ you sure don’t seem to mind or you wouldn’t know all of these episodes!! Remember when yang stripped for burk when he was in the hospital bed?!! HAHAHAHA

  • Britney

    Lexie, PLEASE. She’s the only one I can see him with. I know others like him with Christina, but I like him best with Lexie.

    • Al

      I like the idea of him with Lexie! I like her!

    • Alyssa


    • Monica

      yeah i totally agree! lexie must be the one, cause she is just so loveable :)

    • chelsea

      I like the idea with him and lexie together but I really want Lexie and Sloan to be together in the long run!!!

      • Denise

        Yes I’m with you on that one.

      • Hiwi

        Yes definitely. Leave lexie to Sloan n pair him with Christina!!

      • lothiriel

        yeah lexie has to be with Mark, she already had Derek (first scene of her), georges, alex, mark, then alex again, we can’t add Jackson to that list O.o i want lexie to be wth mark!

    • Clara

      That seems too strange for me, Lexie and Avery together. O don’t think they are a good match. And I think Sloan and Lexie were pretty much the best pairing there is.

    • ellekim

      Not Lexie, she needs to get back with Sloan. He needs to hook up with someone new.

    • Another Emma

      I agree. I think Lexie would need someone like him, especially now.

  • Bee

    now that april’s been added to the cast too and is over her derek crush, i wonder if she’ll get together with mr. avery here

  • Dominique

    Ohh shirtless McPretty, good thinking!!
    I don’t want him anywhere near Teddy though, I’ve already watched two men going into the vortex of suck, can’t watch him go down the same path.
    If Shonda doesn’t plan on reuniting Lexie/Mark anytime soon, I’d love to see Lexie with Jackson, she needs to get away from Alex.

    • Katie

      Agreed on all counts.

    • Diana

      I totally agree! I wish Lexie and Mark would go back to each other. They were so cute! But I totally don’t want her with Alex if she can’t be with Mark.

  • Mo

    they’ll probably put lexie with him and put alex with april…and teddy with mark?

    • Renee

      I can’t see April with anyone, she is so stinking bland and boring. Should have killed her off instead of Reed, she had some chemistry with Alex. I like Lexie and Mark together. That leaves Yang or Teddy.

  • Amanda

    That’s worth an article? Really? LMAO
    Give us some real news!

  • Dora

    Can’t they ever date outside the hospital? My goodness it’s so incestuous. (I love it, but still.)

    • nicole

      now tats just messed up for it to be incest they would have to be family come on now..

    • Debi

      hummm last time i heard the meaning of incest it was sex with family members…i dont remember seeing Meredith and Lexie having sex…they are the only ones related that could be considered incest…think before you comment please

      • Shauna

        she wasn’t being literal tho so no need to get down on her abt her use of the word incest. I get what she means. They’re virtually family bcuz of how much time they spend with ech other. I had the same thought myself, get away from the hospital for once, but then it wouldn’t be GA if they did that ;D

  • m.C

    anyone unless it is with cristina

  • Thom Robinson

    Pair him with Alex!!!

    • ccnursecc

      no there is already one same sex couple on the show, which there could be another i dont care but he is too darn sexy to be with a man. He needs a woman to light his flames :)~*

      • Jay

        So one same sex couple fills their QUOTA? Wow. They can have more than one, you know.

    • Jermaine

      Little Grey I definately think Lil Grey

      • Elizabeth

        Mark and Lexie need to reunite; Avery needs a new cast member, a “female nurse” in the real world many doctors/residents tend to hook up w/ nurses ;)

      • Alyssa

        after what Mark said to Lexi a few episodes back, “You could have a husband” i swooned, so hard. lexi and mark balance each other out. i agree Avery needs a new cast member, there’s no one quite good enough or available for him, however if Addison was still in Seattle i would vote for her :)

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