Exclusive First Look: 'Gossip Girl' season 4 trailer!

gossip-girl-premierThe time for teasing is over. The très magnifique Gossip Girl trailer—the one I raved about at press tour a few weeks back—is finally going viral. First stop: The Ausiello Files! Warning to all you spoilerphobes: Stop now if you don’t want to know what goes down between Blair and Serena (new f**d?) and Blair and Chuck (re*n*t*d?) in Paris.

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  • Saracen Riggins

    Blair & Chuck in those closing moments gave me chills. Those two are so amazing together… even when they’re not.

    • Jersey Jeff

      I don’t get it?

      • Isabella

        Riggins meant they’re amazing when they ARE together, and amazing when they’re NOT together.

      • Jersey Jeff

        I mean really, what are they wearing?

    • Boots are made for walking

      Does anyone know who does the cover of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Boots Are Made for Walking’ used in this promo? Got to have it.

      • Lisa

        It’s EILEEN ‘ces bottes sont faites pour marcher’ ;)

    • katie

      I know, right!
      this was an excellent trailer…
      reminds me why i watch gossip girl, haha!

    • Liz

      For real. I know that there are people out there who like the other characters but seriously can’t we have more C&B and less everyone else, specifically Serena and her man-slut of the week.

      • thia

        LMAO @Liz..so tru bout serena…i dnt know ho she gets away with thse sluttish activities!

      • Poppy

        I TOTALLY agree! I absolutely LIVE for Chuck and Blair and I can’t think of a single person who would be better for either of them! I was devestated when C didnt get to propose!!!!

    • buzz

      kinda titanic like ( EW/LdC )

    • Gael

      chuck looked AMAZING in those last shots.

      • Laura

        Chuck and Blair looked BOTH amazing in those last scenes

      • sunnydlita

        How does Ed Westwick get BETTER looking every season?

      • Taylor

        I know!! My friends used to go on about how gorgeous he was and I never saw it until I watched this trailer. Just another reason to watch season 4.

    • Kasia

      I agree!

    • lorna

      Honestly this show went downhill in s3, I don’t have the love for it that I used to. And I don’t really feel the chemistry btwn Chuck and Blair.

  • Dave

    Hate it. Lame, lame promo.

    • G


  • Nadia

    AHHH Chuck and Blair eye sexage <3

  • leslie

    OMG….the way Chuck looks at Blair in the last scene! Obviously they are meant to be together, just epic!

  • sparkle the gym bag

    smelly..oh now serena has to have a waiter and someone of color..how not shocking and predictable…blah blah blah

  • Ashley

    No one cares about this show anymore. Why’s it still running?

    • jasper

      because people do care. sorry you and your 3 friends dont.

      • Ashley

        Lol, that’s such a sad “reply”. I have way more than 3 friends, sweetheart.

      • stella

        @ashley. yay, give yourself a high-five!

      • miah

        lol, so funny and so (probably) true

    • Jenn

      i care. if you don’t, get out.

      • Jersey Jeff


    • Nic

      Ashley, if you don’t like the show don’t comment.

      I thought the promo looked good. Hopefully it will be an improvement over last year.

    • Lara

      It’s weird that you don’t care, yet you find yourself on the page for Gossip Girl and you don’t care about it so much that you had to comment!!

      • Taylor

        high five buddy.

    • uche

      did anyond force your eyes to the computer screen to watchi it?! NO! so u must be seeking attention or just plain STUPID!

    • Jeremy

      Because people like it.Don’t expect people to think like you,honey.

    • T

      Didn’t you read the article?? It says “stop now if you don’t care to know” what happens. And yet you didn’t….

  • FU GG

    I see they are still pimping CB even though they are ruining them further this season, look around on the internet for the leaked scripts that show Chuck in love with his prostitue angel savior while Blair is reduced to being jealous, and get this the hooker loves him for who he is so he says to Blair the girl who was going to sleep with his rapist uncle so he could keep his hotel. LOL This show will never do anything more than try to shock its audience, please cancel this crap ASAP.

    • Em

      I second that. I saw those script pages, too, I think for episodes 4/5. Awful stuff, just awful.

      • Sam

        No, those pages were from the first episode/probably before this scene of them together even happens. duh.

      • FU GG

        Nope Sam what I saw was from ep 3 & 4.

    • FU JS/SS

      A to the MEN!!!

    • Christine

      agree they ruined Chuck and they’re about to do the same to Blair…awesome

  • mimi

    Chuck and blair. OMG. I’m excited for season 4! and serena is sluttier than ever.

    • caitiedidit

      I think the word you’re looking for is sexually empowered, bb.

      • wasabi

        No, slutty pretty well says it.

      • Liz

        Yea I am all about sexual empowerment but jumping anything that moves is not sexually empowered it’s slutty.

  • GG4EVA

    OMG (or Oh Mon Dieu!) I’ve watched this multiple times already. SO EXCITED. Serena and Blair feeding each other in Paris! Skanking it up around Paris! Blair and Chuck eye!sex. It’s amazing you can see the chemistry from those few seconds of preview. Love them so much.

    Haters gonna hate but I for one am super excited to have my flossy bbs back on screen.

  • Holls

    If they took like an eighth of GG’s stupid filming budget and gave it to a quality show like Supernatural then maybe we’d get the classic rock back. It angers me that they feed so much cash into a show that scrapes together as few ratings as GG does. Give the money to a show that deserves it, this is clear proof that all the fancy clothes and budget can’t make a show good.

    • caitiedidit

      It’s fair enough that GG doesn’t deserve it, but neither does SPN. Especially not just for more expensive background music.

      • Em

        Then give it to The Vampire Diaries!! FFS! Seriously, GG does NOT deserve this or Paris. So SICK of this crap.

      • Bee

        i’m sure vampire diaries gets everything it wants when it’s above and beyond the highest rated show on the network

      • Em

        Wrong, Bee. Kevin said this in an interview on FANCAST: “A few more bucks and we might have seen that church burn to the ground in an 1864 flashback.” So in season one, YES, they could have used the money. Don’t assume.

    • Emily

      THANK YOU! I’ve been thinking this since they annouced gg was going to filmed in paris

    • Ashley

      A large part of the money for the Paris trip was supplied by private investors/supporters/whatever you want to call them.

    • noam

      a show only receives a portion of the budget from the network. the other money comes from advertising and merchandise. gossip girl has a larger budget than the vampire diaries because it has revenue from dvds. it has a larger budget than supernatural, because it’s on at a better day/time (thursday night is notoriously competitive) and advertisers will pay more. plus, the target demographic (teenage girls) is a more focused group than supernatural fans, so companies feel comfortable spending the money…

    • Claire

      okay honestly if you dont like the show dont comment!! yeah supernatural is an AMAZING show and i watch it just as religiously as GG, and it doesnt look like it needs any more money, and neither does vampire diaries, which i also love. People like different things and they know that tons of Americans love scandal, sex, and bitchfights, which is why gossip girl is doing a 4th season, so back off GG and let people enjoy it!

    • Taylor

      I agree with you about supernatural, but come on. GG doesn’t exactly have low ratings.

  • caitiedidit

    The Paris footage looks beautiful, but I’m sad most of it’s being wasted on Chuck angst. I also wish Blair would just get over Chuck because I’m sooo over them.

    • Emily

      I hope they never get over each other because I am so FAR from over them, LOL.

      • Jane

        Me too Emily. the day Chuck and Blair are really over each other is the day I am gonna stop watching gg.

    • liza



      All Chuck does is hurt her!

    • Jenn

      I completely agree. Gossip Girl really does not need to be the Chuck and Blair show. I love them more when they are not in a relationship together. See Season 1.

  • Alyssa

    Chuck and Blair. Chuck and Blair. Chuck and Blair. So excited!

  • Someone who’s actually been to Paris

    In the scene where Blair is standing in front of the Manet they forgot to have ten sweaty tourists crowding around obscuring the view.

  • Suzy Pepper


    • Amy

      I didn’t know how far along Georgina was supposed to be, but hey I guess we can expect the baby!

  • sparkle the gym bag

    paris is a ^%$%$#hole movies and tv want you to think otherwise but save your money and go some other eurotrash place or a real cool city like Amsterdam or country/principality/area like the Riveria or Monaco

    • Taylor

      Bitter much.

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