Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Glee,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Castle,' 'Burn Notice,' 'HIMYM,' and more!

ask-ausielloImage Credit: Carin Baer/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/CBS; Giovanni Rufino/The CW; Glenn Watson/USA NetworkGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Any Glee scoop? —Ines
I’m hearing a major character (a series regular!) will find himself/herself in a literal life-and-death situation in this season’s third episode. In possibly related news (I say possibly because I honest-to-goodness don’t know), Chris Colfer’s Emmy-nominated TV dad Mike O’Malley tells us that episode 3 will be “another emotional, emotional episode” for father and son. The actor goes on to hint that the show will revisit the complicated dynamic between Burt and Kurt’s crush, Finn. “The last time I was on the show, [Burt] threw Finn out of the house. There [may] be some resolution there. One of the things I think is really important in life and for human beings is to forgive and be able to rise up from our mistakes. I’m hoping that Finn and Burt are able to cross that chasm.”

Question: I seem to recall you said that Chord Overstreet (a.k.a. Glee‘s newest stud) wouldn’t turn out to be Kurt’s new boyfriend. Jane Lynch tells it differently. —Ashley
Actually, Jane Lynch tells it exactly the same way I did. Snap.

Question: Will Glee ever cast Rachel’s “two gay dads”? Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are my top picks! —Kim L
Series creator Ryan Murphy sounds doubtful. Though “people always ask me to do that…I don’t know that we ever will.” Maybe he’ll go with Lea Michele’s idea. Says the boss, she suggested “we see them in season 3, like a shot of Elton John cheering her on in an audience. I haven’t decided how I’m going to do that.”

Question: Got any Grey’s Anatomy scoop concerning the Alex/Lexie/Mark triangle? —Maura
Yep—said triangle no longer exists! “At the end of the season Alex was asking for Izzie,” Shonda Rhimes reminds me. “It’s really hard to feel like there’s a love triangle going on if the man Lexie loves is clearly asking for another woman. And she’s very clear on that by the time the [season premiere] is over.”

Question: Some news about the future of Josh Holloway in television? —Olivia
Funny story: Shortly after I posted my story linking Holloway to NBC’s Rockford Files remake, Doc Jensen emails me and says he had a conversation with JH about Rockford back in April when NBC started casting the pilot. Doc J mentioned to him that after watching the “Sawyer & Miles” cop show in the sideways world, he thought Holloway would make a perfect Jim Rockford. Holloway’s response? “I thought so, too! And I was like, no way, don’t even go there… because I love The Rockford Files. And I thought Ken [Leung] would be great for [Rockford’s sidekick]. I would have loved that show. But I wanted to give movies a shot, so I never even pursued it.” But that was April. This is August. Fingers crossed Holloway is having a change of heart.

Question: Is it too early to get any plot-related Big Love scoop? —Rachael
Ausiello: It’s sure not. Ex-president Gregory Itzin tells us that his senator character and newly elected Bill “will butt heads. [Since] he’s come out as a polygamist, he’s taking a lot of political heat, and I become the spearhead for that, because I am the Speaker of the House.” But before the conclusion of the 24 baddie’s arc—he’s in at least five of the season’s 10 episodes—”I extend an olive branch, and he does too. But,” he adds, “I don’t know how long that will last.”

Question: Some Gossip Girl scoop regarding Rufus and Lily, please. They’re my favorite couple, and we’ve heard nothing about them. —Sly
A certain rat Bass-tard is going to come between them early in the season—relax, I’m not talking romantically. While Lily is more than willing to forgive Chuck for what happened with Jenny, Rufus is having a harder time moving past it. And just when he finally starts to come around, Eric lets him in on a little secret (hint: It pertains to an ugly incident from the pilot). Cue World War III.

Question: I fell in love with Dan and Vanessa last season on Gossip Girl. Needless to say, Dan’s out-of-nowhere “signs” about Serena in the finale threw me for a loop. Please say Dan and Vanessa aren’t over for good as a couple. —Sarah
I’m guessing it’s not over, since they move in together in episode 3!

Question: Got anything on Brothers & Sisters? —Tim
Producers are looking for a “celebrity name” to play Gilles Marini’s gorgeous (natch) sixtysomething TV mom, who comes to town and makes quite an impression on the Walker family. Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Question: What happened to Duck on Mad Men? —Karen
I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll find out in this Sunday’s episode. Meanwhile, Rich Sommer (Harry) says he’s optimistic that current contract talks between series creator Matthew Weiner and Lionsgate will yield a positive outcome. “I think the show is him,” he says. “Could a show called Mad Men exist without Matt Weiner? It wouldn’t be the Mad Men that we know and care about. Hopefully everything will get worked out soon, and I will get the phone call saying so.”

Question: I will be cutting my Smurf doll in half unless I receive some good How I Met Your Mother scoop. Your move, Ausiello. —Matt
Back away from the doll! [Beat] Take another step back. [Beat] You’re still too close. [Beat] Okay, that’s good. Marshall and Lily waste no time starting Project Concepción. “We’re going to pick up right where season 5 left off—it’s night 1 of them trying to have a baby,” previews exec producer Craig Thomas. “I’m not saying it’s going to be pornographic, but we are going to dig right into Attempt No. 1. We’re going to join them at the very beginning of that journey.” In other HIMYM news…wedding scoop!

Question: I’m in desperate need of some Weeds scoop, especially regarding Andy! —Kristen
Someone’s about to get gang-spanked, and that someone is Andy.

Question: Please tell me some good 30 Rock scoop! —Cindy
Would you settle for good-ish? A casting call has gone out for an African-American male in the 30s-60s age range to play Rutherford Rice, the distinguished, well-spoken host of Right On, a fictitious talk show focusing on African-American issues. Is it racist of me to assume this probably involves Tracy? Probably.

Question: Are you going to make a list of the new shows we should watch, and the ones that we should miss? I have no idea how to set my DVR! —Amanda
Ausiello: Help has arrived…

Watch: Lone Star (Fox), Undercovers (NBC), The Event (NBC), No Ordinary Family (ABC), Raising Hope (Fox), Mike & Molly (CBS), Better With You (ABC), Hawaii 5-0 (CBS), and Nikita (The CW).

Miss: $#*! My Dad Says (CBS) and Hellcats (The CW).

If a new show you’re curious about isn’t listed above, it means either I’m on the fence (e.g., CBS’ The Defenders) or I haven’t watched the pilot yet (e.g., Outlaw).

Question: I’m sure you’re sick of Castle/Beckett-related questions, but it has to be asked: Is there any good news on the horizon for them? —Darla
There is good news: Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe confirms that they will hook up—eventually. “There will come a time in the series when [a relationship] will be worth exploring,” he says. “But I don’t think the characters are ready to go to that level now. We still have a lot of storytelling—a lot of near misses—left to explore and play with. In many ways, Beckett is still a mystery to Castle. She has other things going on in her life that she’s very cautious about exposing to him because she feels that he’s not ready. I think the fun of the series is watching them do that dance. And the dance can continue evolving to the point where they can be in a relationship. I just don’t think they’re ready for that right now.” That’s sorta good news, right?!

Question: Got any Castle scoop for us? —Jennifer
There’s a somewhat significant death in the second episode. I’m also hearing something about Castle revealing his REAL name.

Question: Thanks for the scoop about Monet Mazur (Gina) returning in Castle‘s fifth episode. Can you tell us anything else about the episode? What brings her back? —Heather
Per Marlowe, “Castle has to attend a charity event that Gina’s throwing that’s honoring her. Of course, Martha’s take on it is that it’s very narcissistic, but we find out later on that she’s doing it for all the noble reasons. The theme of the episode is the things we do for love.”

Question: Many fans of The Office are concerned that Pam dated Timothy Olyphant’s character post-Roy and pre-Jim. Is this the case? Is Jim just finding out about it now? —Matt
Yes to all of the above! According to executive producer Paul Lieberstein, Pam dated Olyphant while Jim was with Karen. “Everyone in the office makes a big deal of it, and we get into Jim’s jealousy a little bit,” he says. “It bothers him a little.”

Question: You tell us that Erica Durance is playing Isis on Smallville and you don’t elaborate? WTH? —Steve
Do you still not understand how this works? Ausiello TV is where the seed gets planted, and Ask Ausiello is where we watch the flower grow. Put another way, Ausiello TV is the foreplay to Ask Ausiello’s full-on shag. So whaddaya say we get down to business? “It’s an inhabitation story,” explains exec producer Brian Peterson of the Lois-Isis connection. “Lois is actually going to be possessed by the spirit of Isis.” Was it good for you, Steve? BTW, quick clarification: Smallville‘s Isis isn’t the DC Comics character Isis. It’s the Egyptian goddess Isis with a nod to the DC Isis. Understand? Good, now explain it to me.

Question: Anything on Chloe’s return yet on Smallville? —Maria26
Allison Mack will appear in the premiere and then return “in the middle of the season in a very impactful way in Clark’s life,” reveals Peterson. “It’s a great wrap-up to her character, and it also dovetails into the Chloe/Oliver relationship.”

Question: I have loved this season of Burn Notice so far, and I’m totally digging the addition of Coby Bell. But last week’s episode has me wondering: Now that (SPOILER ALERT!) Jesse knows that Michael burned him, what will become of Mr. Bell? —Kristina
He’ll be back for the second half of the season, don’t you worry. In the meantime, Jesse makes a choice in this week’s finale that will affect Michael in a major way. In possibly related news, the cliff-hanger finds Michael in the most perilous situation we’ve ever seen him in. And this dude’s been in some seriously perilous situations.

Question: The last two Ask Ausiellos haven’t had any scoop on the best series at this moment: The Good Wife! —Ingmar
Good thing we spoke to Alan Cumming over the weekend at the Creative Arts Emmys or else it would’ve been three in a row. Look for Eli to get “more heavily involved in Peter’s campaign,” he teases about his character’s story line this fall. “He gets meaner and ruthlesser.” Regarding his recent upgrade to series regular, Cumming says the biggest difference is “I get paid more. And I sort of have an idea of where my character is going now. [Before] I had no idea what was going to happen. The next week I could’ve been a murderer.”

Question: What are the chances Chuck will get a back-nine order? I’m freaking out over here! —Eric
I assumed exec producers Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz would be too. But they’re not. As Schwartz points out, “We never started a season with more than 13 episodes. Like last year, we will hope for the best, plan for the worst, and be ready to have an incredible final episode 13 if need be with a contingency plan to keep the season going.” Adds Fedak: “Episode 13 no matter what will be epic.”

That’s a wrap! Important advisory: It’s Emmy time! Follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello for instantaneous scoop throughout the weekend (beginning with EW’s exclusive bash Friday night and continuing through the last after-party Sunday night). Also, stick close to my blog (the one you’re reading now) for breaking news and exclusive video interviews. Thanks for playing! Go Kyle and Connie! (Additional reporting by Nicholas White and Vlada Gelman)

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  • Randy

    Episode 13 of CHUCK better be epic because there is little to no chance of a back 9.

    • Joe

      I love Chuck but have never been fond of what the showrunners consider as EPIC.

      • Jersey Jeff

        I have no comment, but I would like to wish everyone a wonderfull day.

      • Zap Rowsdower

        What I wanna know is, why hasn’t covered the story about David Yost, the blue ranger on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, coming out of the homo closet.

    • topoopon

      Why not? They’ll need it to fill the timeslot “The Event” holds when it gets prematurely cancelled. I have no faith in the series. You can’t make people watch a show when you can’t even tell them what it’s about.

      • Avery

        Inception. We had little idea what that was about and it made a LOT of money.

      • @Avery

        There is a BIG difference between taking a chance by sitting through a 3 hour movie and taking a chance and following a show religiously, than having the network cancel it before getting any type of answer or resolution

      • Kris

        I beg to differ. The 2nd trailer told me basically everything I needed to know about the movie before seeing it. I had no interest in it when the first WTF trailer was released.

      • Petunia

        Dude watch the full length trailer on and you may change your mind – looks pretty awesome. I’m intrigued.

      • CE

        I have seen the whole pilot of The Event. It’s quite good. Watch it! (trying a shorter version of my post to see if it actually displays)

    • Ben

      Or, if you read things the way I do, there is little to no chance that Chuck WON’T be picked up for a back 9.

    • Tim (@rural_juror)

      Given the state of NBC the last few years, I wouldn’t say it’s down for the count.

    • pent

      how could you say that?!?! chuck’s such a captivating show and it just always seems to pull through
      and I remember the president of nbc saying earlier this month tht she was very confident with the way chuck’s going

      • CK

        Count me as one of those who thinks Chuck not only deserves another 9 episodes … it will get them.

    • jeffrey Ceragno

      Being a Smallville fan, it would be great if the show followed the lead of 24 or The X-Files….wait a few years….then, DO THE SMALLVILLE MOVIE…………

  • Brittany

    Great news on Burn Notice! Count me as one of those who also loves Coby Bell. And this finale just looks like it’s going to be all kinds of awesome.

    And I think we freak out every year over Chuck getting a back nine order. Just like we freak out every year over Chuck getting renewed. But so far it’s always been the little show that could, so here’s hoping!

    • Dee

      ITA with what you said about Chuck. Fans should enjoy the ride and if it comes down to it, we fight for the show we love (again). All we can do is keep spreading the ‘nerd’ and try to get people to start watching the show.

  • Ron

    For Gilles Marini’s mother..go big or go home..Sophia Loren, but he’s supposed to be french, so Catherine Deneuve.

    • Robert

      How about Sophie Marceau?? She could be old enough & she’s definitely HOT !!!

      • Robert

        OOPS – Never mind – she’s only 45 !!

      • AuntieD

        @Robert, never mind the actress’ actual age. If she’s a real actress, she could still play the part.

  • Lilly

    No Parenthood scoop. Super lame.

  • Marion

    Isn’t Undercovers on NBC?

  • Alex

    Pretty sure Undercovers is on NBC, not ABC?

    • Garry

      No I am sure it is ABC, get your facts straight.

      • henry

        nope, it’s definitely on NBC

      • Cel

        Since NBC has a video preview of Undercovers on their website, I’m pretty sure it’s an NBC show.

  • Larissa

    The Office question, who is Timothy Olyphant’s character?

    • bobble

      Timothy Olyphant’s character is Mr. Yummy.

      • susan

        good one.

      • California Lady

        Ditto that…

  • Kel

    Bobby Rivers would be great for that 30 Rock role!

    • steph

      Bobby Rivers was a good friend of mine at Marquette University back in the late 70’s – early 80’s. He was hilarious even then and it is so great to hear that he is still around and doing well.

  • Carol

    OMG, I can’t wait for Castle!

    • tahina

      Me too!! Love Castle and Becket ‘s dance, hope it will not take 6 seasons to see them finally together! Eventhough its all worth waiting!

  • Jenny

    Well, I knew Hellcats looked horrible, but thanks for confirming it’s total trash and to not waste my time.

    • Jersey Jeff

      I am holding out hope, since the guys look super cute.

    • Kris

      If you thought it looked horrible why would you watch the Pilot? In that case it would be YOUR fault your time is wasted and no one else.

      • Karl

        I’d watch anything for hot guys.

  • Natalie

    How about 70 something? Sophia Loren would be PERFECT as Marini’s mom in Brothers and Sisters!

    • Natalie

      OK nevermind…I was envisioning the Sophia Loren BEFORE all the awful plastic surgery. Yikes!

  • Che

    Glee is getting a lot of attention and I really hope that doesn’t affect the surprise factor that I want to see, with all the spoilers I would know exactly what would happen. So I hope Ryan Murphy give us some interesting twist this season (that we won’t read in a spoiler article)

  • Nan

    I sooooo knew that eventually there would be a dose of severe drama on GLEE regarding a life/death situation. I always thought they should do like a car crash with one of them involved (no B&S mass pile-up tho) or someone being diagnosed w/ cancer. Powerful stuff for GLEE i know, but admit it….these actors, especially Lea and the Schuester and even Cory could nail some dramatic, heart-breaking performances. And Kurt, too!! Maybe Kurt will become suicidal?? Just thinking…..

    • Che

      Oh my! A car accident in Glee!! It would be very interesting… And contradictory since it’s suppose to be a comedy series.. look at the Emmy nominations the category is comedy series and actors

      • Nan

        No doubt Che. And i like that it is solely a comedy and i suppose there haven’t been many comedies (if any) in the past that have had such drama, but the scoop does say it will be a life/death situation. I dunno…

      • meowser

        How about this? Finn is in the car accident, and Burt, Curt and Finn’s mom rush to the hospital…and Curt confesses to Burt about his obsession with Finn and his real reasons for getting Burt together with Finn’s mom – so that he and Finn would be living in the same house and sharing a room. So then Burt understands why Finn exploded the way he did, and while Finn still has to realize that his use of the f-word was horrible and unacceptable, they can all move on and learn from the experience.

        I’m thinking about this show too much…

      • Nan

        Um, meowser?…..I think your idea is spot on! And also, welcome to the club of “thinking about this show too much.” Be proud! haha : ) Great idea I like it : )

      • ghanmia

        Kind of love it meowser, although I was so upset with the Finn character-assasination that happened during that scene I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive Kurt’s dad. He used to be a favorite, but you don’t rip a child from his home so you can shack up with his mother, then throw him out of the only home he has left without giving him a breath to explain that he’s being stalked and sexually harassed by your own son. Grr. Again, also thinking about the show too much.

      • KCatty

        I’m wondering if maybe Kurt gets beaten up badly for being gay… or perhaps Finn gets beaten up for defending him.

        Either scenario opens the door for a resolution of the the tension between Finn and Kurt’s dad.

    • KB

      They mentioned Kurt going to church with Mercedes so I’m thinking something will def happen to Kurt’s dad. I’m thinking Burt has a heart attack and then its touch and go and Kurt will feel guilty because he will think all the drama with Kurt/Finn caused stress and made Burt have a heart attack. I do not see Glee doing some kind of dramatic car accident or anything like that

      • Britt

        These were my thoughts as well.

      • Liza

        “I’m hearing a major character (a series regular!) will find himself/herself in a literal life-and-death situation in this season’s third episode.” Kurt’s dad isn’t a series regular.

      • Britt

        Actually Liza, as of the second season, he is.

  • SnazzyO

    Thanks for the tidbits on Chlark. All the previous spoilers have been so Chlollie-centric that I was concerned she had completely dropped off Clark’s radar.

  • Laura


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