'Bones' Exclusive First Look: Brennan comes face-to-face with Booth's new girlfriend!

bones-winnick-davidImage Credit: Adam Taylor/FoxBones fans expecting a knock-down, drag-out catfight this season between Booth’s new girlfriend (played by Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick) and soul mate Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are out of luck.

“We are not playing a jealous triangle,” insists executive producer Stephen Nathan. “I can tell you that categorically. This isn’t high school. It won’t be two women fighting over the same man. There’s no outward tension.”

Regardless, Winnick—whose war-correspondent character met Booth during his tour of duty in Afghanistan—was warned to brace for a backlash when she debuts in the Sept. 23 premiere. “We told her, ‘You’re going to be resoundingly hated [at first],'” says Nathan, “‘but then you’ll be loved.'”

Thoughts? Are you already hating on Winnick? Or are you taking a wait-and-see approach? Sound off below!

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  • Abby

    “Soul make”?

    • sudsey

      I hate this show, why can’t there be more House information. Hous is the only show worth watching

      • From Mom’s Basement

        Terrible haircut there, Emily.

      • Liz

        I hate House. A lot.

      • Howie

        Cause House is horrible, that’s why. If house is the only show worth watching then why read stories about other shows?

      • Marina Mary

        WOW…thank goodness for individual opinion. I’m so over House, but still love Bones. I can’t wait for the new episodes and still enjoy watching the old ones OVER and OVER again!

      • Katie

        Ummm no bones is the best show in the world house stinks PU i hate house go BONES!!!!!!!!!

      • whut?

        house is stupid.

      • Photochick

        Love, love, love Bones. House gets on my nerves. Not liking the new do for Emily’s character. Makes her look older and frankly a bit of a b*&$#. As for the new woman, forget it. Not liking it at all. I haven’t like any of the other women Booth has been with. I melt every time I see those eyes!

      • leanne cumming

        Well actually, I love all the bones episodes and house, i think they are both fantastic, but then, everyone is entitled to their own opinions

      • Rick Parker

        Hey Sudsy, I have to agree a lot with Liz, Howie, Katie and the rest. You need to join the 21st Century.
        I like winnick……….a lot!

      • Renee

        Are we grown ups fighting over which show is better. Unbelieveable.. I came on this page to add my input for Booth’s new girl. I think it should be Sarah Michelle Gellar… So there! Now who’s going to hate that.. Keep it to youself.

      • Photochick

        No fighting here. Just stating my preference. I don’t refuse anyone from liking what ever show they want.

      • Tena

        Yep, you can’t beat those strange illnesses that are miraculously cured by the end of the show.

      • Loli

        I’m from Argentina and i love House and Bones, you have to be proud of all your tv shows!!!!

        sorry for my english :S

      • Anya

        If you hate bones please stop posting on this site. This is regarding people who watch and love Bones not some doctor show where think would you really want him working on you, Just shut up!!

      • brenda

        I’m sorry, but I already hate Booths new girlfriend . I know, I know, but still…

      • AL

        Renee, I totally agree! It should be Sarah Michelle Gellar! Loved them together on “Buffy”…in fact I’ve been having “Buffy” marathons every day for the past few days….anyways, already hate the new girl. Booth/Brennen forever! Also, I agree with the people who say that Sudsey shouldn’t be commenting on this if they don’t like “Bones”. “Bones” is one of the best TV shows EVER!

      • mary ann

        my husband and i live this show we cant wait tel it comes back on it far more bettre than any sitcom. can,t wait maryann

      • Lore

        House is much better than Bones. Bones actors are pretty bad.

      • Beverly

        House was not any good after second season when they started looking for more proteges to replace the three they had. Which were the best!

      • Heather

        are you kidding! house sucks! I use to watch it hoping just once he would show an ounce of humanity, but after the 2nd season, nothing, I gave up. to each his own I guess.

      • Ashley

        I like House AND Bones, they each scratch different itches.

      • ashley

        Because this show is awesome. I like house too but Bones more

      • Blue

        Than why did you even bother to read this and comment if you hate this show?

      • SUSAN

        Question is ..if you hate BONES.and love HOUSE..Why are here…??

      • jaded

        Bones sucks! Go House!!!

      • jjj

        I hate House what a boring POS,druggie.

      • Tamia

        House stinks, I’m with the rest that say if you don’t like Bones, go somewhere else! She is awesome!!!(No new girls)

      • lvn4wrd

        house is for nERdz who didnt make it to med skOOl

      • jennrae

        We are all grown ups (although not everyone is acting like it) so we are entitled to our own opinions. No one is making you like Bones, but how anyone thought House was relevant to the conversation is unfathomable. I’m positive that, were Bones fans trashing House under a Cuddy article, House fans would be up in arms. Grow up already, and that applies to everyone on the internet. It seems like anonymity turns people into @ssh*les.

      • Bryan Herd

        House is the same old thing week in and week out. Getting tired of the unshaven old grumpy doctor. Time to get rid of him.

      • steve

        this is the best show ever

      • luke

        house is terrible compared to this show

      • demi

        love both shows! but House > Bones! But whatevs they’re both awesome, i’m cool with Booth’s new girl just like as I was cool with Lucas. Booth and Bones are canon, just like House and Cuddy are :D

      • Allie

        I LOVE LOVE Bones.I think it should be different. beside i have always be leaved in order for bones to realize that she like him she needs a bit of a wake up call first. How ever this doesn’t mean i won’t be shouting at the tv soon cuz i will be BIG time.but only threw frustration.

      • alisonfaith297

        i seriously disagree with you.. house is getter from bad to worst after he got over his vicodin problem. it just is not worth watching anymore. its all about addiction really. the last season finale to me was a disappointment. its not even worth watching to find out if house and cuddy get together. and if you hate the show, why do you even bother reading the spoilers???

      • Judi

        NO!!!!! Bones and Booth NEED together!!!!!

      • lea

        haha i love the show house alot but bones i have to say beats it because house is a total ass

      • Jamey

        I hate House but though I have loved Bones, the 100th epi did me in and all this is not looking better. I will DVR it this year and hope for the best!! Great actors – just lousy writing.

      • Katie

        I love bones it is the best show every so get over house so i would move on to bones if i were you

      • D

        Bones got dull a long time ago.

      • Sam

        i’m a fan of both bones and house (more bones), but i think now that house and cuddy are together, the show will fall apart.

      • ariana

        bones is awsome what are you talking about hate it ? house is awsome to

    • Shiny

      Yes, Soul Make. The Maker of Your Soul, or as they French say “Le Gautier De Mon Alme.” It’s very romantic.

      • Max

        THAT didn’t mean anything…
        Don’t quote the French, you’re just embarrassing yourself…

      • Tori

        Don’t listen, I thought it was awesome.

      • Kay

        Its soul MATE!!

      • Urbie

        What the hell does that mean. I don’t even think those words exist in french or english…

      • Viv

        I think you may have meant…
        Which would translate to creator of my soul….

      • Viv

        oops.. typo…

        I think you may have meant…

        **“Le créateur de mon âme.”**

        Which would translate to creator of my soul…

      • Cheryl D

        oooops! typo? YA THINK?
        (Viv – You’re one of the truly kind people left in the world.)

        Between the ignorant, angered, and desperate, it’s had to choose who was funniest!!

      • HarveyTheComputer

        I’m french and Soul is Âme, not Alme. But I think they fixed it on the text, because now it’s soul mate.

      • Clauu

        Soul Mate is “Âme Soeur” In French!! Not that weird thing you write x) But it’s really good to try!! French is a difficult language…

    • Aimee

      Im excited to see….might hate her might like her..Really just love the show…they can do no wrong!!!!

      • Suzan Boothe

        I agree give them a chance the show is great

      • JB

        She’s stunning and Emily looks like a frump in this pic.

      • Cheryl D

        Other than the interaction, relationship, and comradery between Brennan and Booth, I also enjoy the Crime-Of-The-Week on Bones. I’ve had five years to develop this bond with “Bones” and probably share this assessment with millions. These are not the best of times in anybody’s neighborhood. We need and will stick with an escape that…
        …we can count on,
        …makes us laugh,
        …gives us weekly story for escape from our personal cares, and
        …consists of the regular cast that we learned to respect, trust, and love.

        These are bad times, Mr.Nathan, when the regular rules DO NOT apply. I guarantee you, if this little tryst gets too serious and/or goes on for TOO long, the devoted and dedicated will drop like flies!

      • ZoeAnne

        I looooove bones and right now no I dont hate the new girl yet but bones and booth are meant to be together and so help me they better get together eventually :) so we shall see how the new girl plays out but she can never take bones place and yes i do agree that she should prob try a different hair style.

    • Cynthia

      Am I the only one who wants to see Booth and Brennan get together? Hello…the thought that they may end up together keeps me tuning in week after week. The new girl, she is pretty and all but Booth likes brains too.

      • Dav

        This new girl may be really smart too, you don’t know.

      • idontknow

        I think Bones won’t be able to continue once they get together, its alot like the X-Files in that its mostly about the tension between the two main characters, ad the X-Files was ruined as soon as they got together, so I imagine that it’ll be the same for Bones, just saying thats why dont wat them together

      • nanouminai

        Of course we wanna see them together, but aren’t you afraid that this would mean the end of the show ? The tension and the expectation make the show what it is. Without it, it would slowly die, like many other shows that went that path…

      • alisonfaith297

        we all want to see them together but right now brennan is in denial and does not want to accept the fact that she is in love with bones. so i gues the writers are making her try to feel jealous enough that she realizes that she is meant to be with him. not used to emily new haircut.

    • Jersey Jeff

      I agree with everyone that this show is a waste of David’s talent, that Daschenelhound family can’t act.

      • calistoga

        @Jersey Jeff – (New) Jersey is getting a bad rep lately, and you’re not helping.
        Am a big fan of David Boreanaz AND sisters Emily and Zooey. They are, as most anybody knows, well trained, very good, and highly actors.
        You, Jersey Jeff, have obviously had your feet in the sand, your head under the sun, and your brains in salt water, for too long!

      • Casey

        Whatever.. David’s the one who can’t act.. please! LMAO

      • anon

        I agree with Casey – you’ve got it the wrong way around!

      • alisonfaith297

        this is about the show not about the actors so if you want to say it something bad about someone else’s talent that you don’t know how to appreciate then write it in your blog not here. this is about the SHOW!!!! and i really have to disagree with u about the deschanel’s acting. both david and emily are great actors so is emily’s sister zooey.

      • lo

        without David there would be no Bones. he’s the star.

    • nahomi

      con todo el deseo de ver estos capitulos …creo que me pondre celosa…jajaja

      • Jersey Jeff

        no kidding

    • Bryanna

      Right now… I hate her. But at the same time, a reason why i watch the show is becuase I LOVE the tension between booth and brennan. I think that tension will still be there, even with a gf.

      • bonesfan

        Yeah. With each gf or bf there still was tension and the bf or gf looked like a 3ed wheel. Booth and Bones are the best together.

    • georgina Russell

      i will wait and see

    • opal

      I don’t know bout the rest of you but if bones isn’t going to be with booth then there is no reason that man has to stay off the market

    • Lillie

      love the do i dare say i love you or stay quiet thing between brennan and booth already dont like the new girl friend but we will see how things work out im going to watch regardless

    • steffi

      what happend to emily. just, i don’t know, not good…
      but love this show so much. can not wait to see everything in Germany… so excited

  • GeekGirl13

    Wait and see.

    • Jersey Jeff

      How long do we have to wait?

  • Suz

    Why hate her? Booth and Brennan will eventually be together, and I’d rather they wait than do what so many other shows have done with getting them together and breaking them up. Over and over.

    I actually enjoy the way its going. So I welcome her!

    • Randy

      CHUCK has been able to put them together and keep them together. I think other shows could do it too.

      • Natalie

        “Chuck” definitely took the “put them together, then break them up” approach. Things are changing, of course, but don’t forget the past!

      • HarveyTheComputer

        the only show where a couple got together and stayed together is The Office. (if you don’t take all these families sitcom, obviously)

    • Katie

      I know thats how me and my family feels there going to be together sooner or later.

      • Jersey Jeff

        my family won’t speak to me. it’s nice.

    • deanna

      i think the suspense of them not getting together is part of the pull that the show has for people cause you know the caring and chemistry is there. if they got together right now the show would be over but if they wait till their rating are going down they can use it for a last show of season finally and they just might have a new hit on there hands in the new season let . LET THE CHEMISTRY BOIL!!!!!

      • bert

        I agree 100%–

      • Lou

        I agree with the thought it’s the tention between them, if they get together then yes it’s over. But, I do love the show hate the new girlfriend. I’m not sure I’ll keep watching the new shows. I’ll stick with the reruns…….

    • Sue1

      I enjoy the way the show is going too. There is no reason to hate the character, she will only add to the richness of Brennen and Booth.

      • Sweetie Pie

        I like the “mystery” in the relationship with Booth and Brennan.I do however, hope that they finally get serious, and not wait so long. This woman will just bring more drama to the show. Do ot worry. When it is time, someone will get rid of her. By the way, I like bones and House. Is that okay?

    • bethanymae

      Agreed! I’ll probably be a little bitter towards her, but as a character and actress, I’ll be okay. The way I see it, she’ll eventually become a catalyst for Booth and Brennan–here’s to change, to evolution, right?

    • Jess

      As a rule, partners can’t be romantically involved so for them to be together means the basis of the show would be done so really they can’t get together until the end of the show… just saying.

    • NZ

      Me Too :)

  • Randy

    She is pretty. I like her better than his so-called “soul make.”

  • Lori

    I think it’s ridiculous how they’re stretching out the Brennan Booth ship. It’s gotten beyond the point of me caring. I hope the cases they work on this season are good, otherwise no reason to watch.

    • Amber

      Honestly, I think that’s what HH & Co., are trying to do. That way you guys won’t care about B/B getting together. However, all shippers should have saw this coming a mile away. All shows that have UST all run the same way. They drag it out and sometimes they don’t even get together.

  • Jack

    I’m already love the girl. Also things has to be little spicey.

  • timelord

    whats wrong with bones’ hair? good god

    • Jen

      HAHAH i know rite!!??….we need the old hair back!!

    • Ambee

      That really stole the focus of the photo for me. I do not like her hair in the photo. Oh well… we all get bad hair cuts! (Or maybe it’s intentional?)

    • Mary

      Horrible hair do, Brennan looks like a very old GRANDMA next to the HOTTIE Hannah. GO BOOTH!

      • sudsey


      • Casey

        The GF looks like a cheap playboy “actress”.. Go Booth! LMAO

      • HarveyTheComputer

        lol I kinda have this haicut… I guess that everybody’s been lying to be by saying that it’s “great”. Oh well, at least I like it.

    • Liz

      I know! It’s totally mom hair. I expect her to whip out a passel of soccer brats next.

      • Emily B.

        Oh gosh, That’s the FIRST thing I said!

      • The Other Anne

        Hell, I thought she was pregnant because of the fat face of the haircut and the baggy shirt. So she’s not just hiding a bump by forcing us to stare at the hideous hair?

    • UGH

      She’s auditioning for a role in a retro Superman movie as Lois Lane.

    • Cee Cee

      Uh oh. Looks like Brennan pulled a Felicity.

      • melanie

        i hate the do, but they need to do sth different to show a year has gone by. im sure she’ll fix up the hair after a few eppies

  • Toni

    I absolutely Do Not hate her! I’m hoping that Booth is very happy with her and that she is Very happy with him and I hope it just EATS away at Brennan. She could have had him and she let him go! (Of course I do want them together eventually!)

    • bb

      She told him no because she was too afraid she would hurt him. She loves him too much and sacrificed her own happiness.

      • Sue1

        Thank You.

      • ZoeAnne

        yes but she also did it selfishly if you love someone enough to let them go and they love you then you have true love and should be together if that person you are letting go wants to go than you have done the right thing by letting them go. brennen let booth go and then pushed and pushed him away after he kept coming back that is being selfish she did not want to take the chance of letting down her walls. I love her and booth just saying i was very disappointed in her that episode.

  • Hula Hoop

    They should have gotten Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Booth’s love interest. Who wouldn’t want to see Buffy and Angel together again?

    • Alia

      Heh. Now THAT would have been interesting. And no less cheesy than the whole Zoey-as-Brennan’s-cousin, “you two could be sisters” thing they did last season.

      • Renee

        that would be awesome.. the writers producers and casting directors should have def thought of that… cuz that would be EPIC! =D

    • jmmjtt

      As awesome as that would’ve been, I would think all fan support would’ve gone towards SMG and Booth instead of ppl wanting to see Bones and Booth together ever again. I would be one of them:)

      • bored now

        Except there are about millions of people who watched Bones and never watched Buffy or Angel. Trust me, more people would want Booth and Brennan over Booth and a random character played by SMG.

    • Marina Mary

      Another WOW…GREAT idea…too late!

    • Jemma

      Or NOT! SMG cannot act. It would have been horrible to see them together again because they are two very different characters. Also the Buffy/Angel relationship was awful and awkward and should not be repeated EVER on any show again.
      This is so frustrating to read because people just think of how actors look and don’t think about their acting abilities, or even the hiring process. They don’t just LOOK for someone and beg them to do a show. For specific cameo’s yes, they do do that. When creating a new character it’s a giant auditioning process so they wont regret their choice of having that actor work with them for months or years. You never know, SMG could have auditioned but failed. Or maybe she’s in another project. Or she didn’t want to be on the show because she knew being on there with David would be cheesy.
      Seriously! Think before you write >.<

      • Cee Cee


    • Fay

      OMG! That would have beeen amazing:D They totally should have done that (Y)

    • Terri

      Haha! I was totally thinking the same thing!

    • sobad

      Yes I agree with you SMG as his new girlfriend., that would have a trip., huh., but kinda know that won’t happen. Hmmm I so do not like this new girl., I now was just getting use to seeing him with Bones ( I know I have issues., I’m still living in denial.,I’m a old B/A fan) and now they want to add a new girlfriend.

    • suzique

      lol … that would be good watching , anyone know the casting directors mobile number, i think you should give um a call …

    • Amber

      Um, I don’t.

    • smg gross

      Sarah Michelle Gellar is grotesque. Not only is she hard on the eyes, she can’t act for squat either. Booth is manly and oozing sex appeal and deserves a fine woman with class, inside and out. SMG will never be that girl.

    • Deb

      Quite a lot of people would NOT like to see a Buffy and Angel reunion. Besides…never gonna happen so you might as well move one like the rest of the world.

    • Dominique

      Not me. I so preferred him with Cordelia towards the end of Angel and Buffy with Spike. Much better matches.

      • SueN

        Agreed! They were Ok as “first loves’, but not as time went on.

  • Marisa

    She looks like the Swiss version of Angela.

  • Menzi

    Katheryn is gorgeous! Brennan looks frumpy and the new hair?

    • ann

      I love her hair!! I thought she looked like she is pregnant.

      • abbey

        I love the hair too! thought i was the only one reading all of the comments!

    • Lisa

      ummm, do any of ye guys think that the actors are real people who do not want to be made self conscious in front of millions of people on international television because of a stupid haircut? i like it though, its kinda like mine…. Food for thought.

  • housemdfan

    Well, she just seems like one of those filler girlfriends… it would be cool than she actually would become a real character after the inpeding broke-up, instead of just dissapearing for no reason…

  • secretholder13

    David Boreanaz is probably Boning her.

    • EW.com

      @secretholder and others – This post is about Bones characters, not the actors. Keep on topic or comment will be reported and removed.

      • I can be EW.com too!

        Because no one goes off topic on these boards.. ever!

      • Nicole

        Bet if the article was about tiger those kinds of comments would be okay… But because it’s David and he’s sooooo good looking, the fact that he is a cheater is pooh hush hush that’s his private business… Whatever

      • calistoga

        It’s obvious some people, like secretholder13, do not have the intelligence or wherewithall to discuss on-topic, so they have to prove their lack of education with a few thoughts from the shallow waters of their mind.

  • Jane

    Booth’s new girl is stunning, I am rooting for them, about time he got some loving!

    • laureen

      Me too! Booth and Hannah, I already like them together! They’re both gorgeous, as David and Katheryn are extremely attractive people.

    • Cee Cee

      You’re right. He has been holding out for B for quite a while. He deserves a little lovin’. And Ms. Winnick is smokin’ hot.

  • Sarah

    I’m going to wait and see, I really hope people don’t jump on the hating bandwagon before she’s even been on screen!

    I think it could be good for Booth and Brennan eventually, and it’d be nice to see Booth happier for once rather than puppy-eyed staring at Brennan for another season. It’d be good for her to have a moment of dawning realisation when she realises what she gave up.

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