Emmy Video: As the 'Lost' boys say goodbye, Damon Lindelof puts the blame on Carlton Cuse

For me, the Emmys meant a paid vacation to L.A. and a chance to score as much swag as I could fit into a carry-on. But for the Lost gang, it meant a last chance to say goodbye, to the show and each other. Somehow, though, when I spoke with exec producer Damon Lindelof, Terry O’Quinn, Nestor Carbonell and Jorge Garcia, they managed to hold back the tears. Maybe that’s because O’Quinn distracted himself by playing coy about his bromance with Michael Emerson and their (hush-hush, don’t-say-it-out-loud) hopes to reteam on screen; Carbonell had Peter O’Toole on the brain (let him explain); Garcia was thinking up a lovely message for the haters who dissed the finale; and Lindelof… well, he went back and re-solved “the Walt problem” all over again, then revealed that he blames partner-in-crime Carlton Cuse for… Oh, right. He can tell you himself, and does just that in the video after the jump.

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  • pop

    terry o’quinn was amazing this final season. he doesn’t need an award to know that!

    • RK

      What are you, his dad?

      • sam

        I’m not a what Ben, I’m a who

      • ticklishgypsy

        Boom! sam ftw!

    • Jason

      get over it. The show is over! New Ausiello rule: since he only ever talks about 6 shows, why don’t we force him to pick 6 shows that didn’t get canceled…?

      • Laura G.

        Lost did not get cancelled . .. what are you talking about?

      • @Laura

        It was cancelled!! Anybody in the business will tell you that. Anything under 8 season is a cancellation!! The only dfference is that LOST was respectable enough for the network to let them know 1 season in advanced. 8 million viewers is alot, but NOT ENOUGH to support the cost of the show and their actors, (which was alot for one show) which is also why the episodes decreased every season, and why the ENDING was like that.

      • @ “@Laura”

        You’re stupid. It wasn’t canceled. Look up your facts before you open up your stupid mouth.

      • Brian

        Laura G is a man.

      • JFWilder

        @Laura-they announce it 3 years ahead of stopping, not one you idiot.

      • Jane In Canuckia

        Laura you are flat out mistaken re: “one year in advance,” you seem fuzzy on the facts so maybe dial back the snotty superiority, eh?

      • boocat

        LOST was not canceled.

    • Lost got robbed

      LOST GOT ROBBED! Breaking Bad may be good and Mad Men IMO is way overrated but both the shows will be back, both will have more chances to win Lost wont and should have been given something. Mathew Fox will never be on TV again (so he says) and this might have been their last chance to give him his just due for playing Jack who was one of the best people on TV for 6 seasons.

      Breaking Bad = a show about crime and the results of crime….been done.

      Mad Men = Oh great a throw back show to when men could smoke in the office and women were not on teh same level as the men they worked for…Ok maybe it hasnt been done before but not really too creative.

      Lost = Most creative show in the history of TV. And even if you dont agree with that you can at least see that unlike the other two shows I just mentioned it is deffently the most creative of these 3 shows. Lost was special, once in a life time type show and it was its final season. It was bad enough that Josh Halloway didnt get recognized for his outstanding job in the early episodes of teh 6th season but the fact that Lost got completly snubbed is a joke. Lost got robbed

      • teresa

        Lost got robbed: I totally agree with you. I’ve watched a lot of TV in my lifetime and Lost was really special. It was different, it was creative, it made you care about the story and the people. And the music was fantastic. I loved the music. Every time I see Jack lying there, with the airplane flying overhead, I cry. When Hurly says, “Dude”, I laugh. Ben scares me and makes me laugh at the same time, Richard made me hot all over, as did Sawyer! I loved them all. I’m glad their story is still out there. I will never forget this show. To all you haters out there: It doesn’t matter what you think or say to people who love Lost. We know what we watched and how we felt. It was a special experience, only once in a lifetime.

      • Nila

        SO agree. Mad Men might possibly be the most overrated undeservedly critically acclaimed show in the history of television. It’s a bunch of hackneyed concepts wrapped up in a bit of lovely period costuming carried on the back of Jack Hamm. Blah. Lost was robbed, indeed.

  • Joe Jackson

    Lost did not win because it had one of the lamest endings in the history of TV

    • Strawberry Sparkles

      YOU had one of the lamest endings in the history of TV. Hah!

      • Skip182


      • Jetouellet

        YOU had one of the lamest comebacks in the history of comebacks.

    • Krys

      Agreed! Horrible ending.

    • me

      Not true. Lost was a story about a Hero’s Journey. If you are aware of the elements of the Hero’s Journey, then you can see how this is the blueprint of Lost.

      • vic Vinegar

        it’s the blueprint for every story

    • billypilgrimisunstuck

      It still tickles me to see people respond with such venom on their tongue when they talk about Lost. It’s almost as if they’re trying to convince themselves that the whole show (relationship) was tarnished from the beginning just so they can be the one to end the show (relationship) on their terms. It’s like Lost is the spouse that gave everything and anything for six years and the audience is the ungrateful wife who took everything in the settlement and didn’t quite understand anything because they weren’t attentive enough.

    • Dylan

      the only people who didn’t like the ending, were the people who didn’t understand it. LOST was ROBBED.

      • kgb


      • Ben

        Matthew Fox was certainly robbed, and I did feel bad for Lost as well. The finale was amazing.

      • Anno

        How in the hell could anyone understand it? The show became a mess and didn’t even bother answering many of the questions it raised. The only good seasons were the first few seasons.

      • tinkthespike

        I agree. It’s hard to like something if you don’t understand it or why it was done that way. I also agree about Foxy, totally robbed.

      • Parisa

        I understand it and still think it’s a cop-out. Lost won Emmys when the show deserved to win Emmys. The last season (i.e. the whole “sideways” plot) was masturbatory at best and made me feel silly for defending it to people til the finale. That said, I LOVED the first five seasons for which they were duly praised.

      • Parisa

        And notice how O’Quinn strategically evaded the finale question.

  • Laura

    LOST was ROBBED at the Emmys! Very sad. And they did not have the lamest ending in the history of TV… that’d be The Sopranos. If you didn’t understand the ending then you obviously didn’t pay enough attention to the series. I truly think only the die-hard fans loved the show for what it was…. the BEST body of work television has ever produced.

    • Brett

      “Lost” wasn’t robbed, so much as “Mad Men” won because Emmy voters aren’t zealous fanboys and fangirls for a cult series.

      • no, they like watching people who look like them — rich, upper middle class white people ~with problems.

      • The Truth


      • Conor

        Wouldn’t Mad Men be considered a “cult” series,considering the actual number of viewers for LOST consistantly dwarfed theirs?

      • Psac

        The viewers for ANY other show dwarg theirs. Mad Men would get cancelled on USA Network for ratings being too low. Not even close to broadcast numbers.

      • Yeah, because Lost was so darn subversive

        You mean rich, white, upper middle-class people like Jack Shephard and his daddy problems?

        Lost started out as a diverse show, but look how Mr. Eko, Michael, Walt and co. ended up… Not much development for their characters, was there? Or even Sayid, Sun and Jin, all three of whom had diddly squat to do for three years before they were killed right before the all white heroes could battle it out in the finale.

    • Tony

      You can still ‘get’ the ending, and find it craptacular. Sorry, but six seasons just to find out they all (well, mostly all) went to Heaven or whatever together? B!tch, please.

    • The Truth

      You make a show based on these large all-encompassing mysteries for 6 seasons only to rip off Titanic with your ending?? LAMEST end to a show in television history!

      • Skip182

        dude, you’re so crushing for lost it’s awesome. just admit, you want to put a ring on it. i mean you’ve commented on everything lost related tonight, so clearly you don’t hate it. i mean if you really hated it and have spent this much time commenting about it, then that’s just kinda…sad.

      • j

        Why does everyone keep saying Lost ripped off Titanic? It was an homage to Narnia, OBVIOUSLY. And it was robbed.

      • elsie

        How exactly did it rip off Titanic?

    • MCS

      I actually feel bad for Aaron Paul who had an amazing season on Breaking Bad, and DEFINITELY deserved his Emmy, and now everyone says Terry O’Quinn was robbed. Kind of takes away from his personal victory, which was an amazing performance.

      • Psac

        Terry O’Quinn was robbed.

      • Ben

        Terry O’Quinn, a winner of Emmy’s for lost in the past, was the least robbed of all Lost’s nominations, despite his brilliant performance this season.

      • Nila

        I’ll say it again: Terry OQuinn and Matthew Fox were robbed. I’m sure the Breaking Bad actors aren’t crying in their cornflakes over it.

    • Kate

      I 100% agree Laura. People who were die hard fans loved it. I don’t know what the deal was with the rest of you.

      • waldo

        I was a die hard fan, watched every episode (some two or three times) and I thought the ending was terrible. I “got it” but just didn’t like it. It will go down as one of the worst show endings in history, like it or not. The emotions we felt for the characters was going to be there no matter what the writers did at the end. They painted themselves into a corner with all the little mysteries and took the cop out easy path. It was emotional manipulation at its best and because it made you cry does not make it good.

      • Ben

        @waldo – actually, like it or not, it will go down as one of the greatest endings in the history of television. This is the consistent buzz you get from the people who matter.

  • guilty pleasure

    Nestor Carbonell was soooo robbed of an emmy nomination for his stand-alone episode for “Lost”!!!!!!

  • smells like carrots

    Nestor can’t be snubbed for an episode the producers of the show didn’t bother to submit for consideration.

    • gah

      actors submit their own eps for acting nominations. producers submit for best drama.

    • The Evil Marshall D


  • B

    Except for Terry O’Quinn, I’m glad Lost was shut out. The last season was the worst and didn’t deserve awards. However, Terry O’Quinn was masterful, and I do wish he had won.

    For the record, I loved Lost. I have been a die hard fan all the way through. But the last season was terrible – and not because they didn’t answer all the questions (which they really, really didn’t), but because of what they did to the characters. They claimed last minute it was about characters to brush past not answering the mysteries, but then they made the characters into caricatures. And that’s why I hated the last season and the last episode – not because I didn’t understand it.

    • Skip182

      i don’t think you misunderstood the finale, i think you misunderstood the entire series. to claim lost wasn’t about characters is ignoring the fact that lost produced 121 episodes, of which 120 were centered around the characters. the only episode purely about mysteries and mythology was across the sea, and people HATED that episode (and i mean everyone, not split like with the end). and to say that lost didn’t answer questions is innacurate. the only major question unanswered was about walt (which bugs me, but i’ll manage). now, if you want to aruge that the answers were lame or were delivered poorly, or that they didn’t answer enough of the minor “mysteries”, that’s a more legitimate complaint. i don’t mean any of that as an insult or an attak on you, it’s just my opinion of the series.

      • Shane

        We have had too many debaes on the finale, the simple fact is that those who thought they were watching a sci-fi show were just plain dumb.
        That was never LOST, that was the show they were constructing in their own little heads.

      • Chad

        dude, you’re so crushing for lost it’s awesome. just admit, you want to put a ring on it. i mean you’ve commented on everything lost related tonight. you have spent this much time commenting about it, then that’s just kinda…sad.

      • Shane

        dude, you’re so crushing for lost it’s awesome. just admit, you want to put a ring on it. i mean you’ve commented on everything lost related tonight – you have spent this much time commenting about it, then that’s just kinda…sad.

      • Matty

        Hey Skip182 you just revealed your other screen names lol.

      • B

        Skip, I didn’t misunderstand the finale or the series. I watched Lost all along mainly for the characters, with the mysteries second. Mostly I was along for the ride as far as all of that; I didn’t get into theorizing or trying to come up with answers. It was about the people, for me.

        I’m saying that the *Producers* came out near the end of the series claiming “it’s the characters, it’s the characters” which came across as an excuse for all those who did care primarily about the mysteries (and yes there were more unanswered than just Walt, and yes, many of the answers they did give were lame and poorly done). Yet after 4 seasons of mostly excellent character development (there were times when they really blew it in service of plot), Season 5 became heavily about plot, while Season 6 was just ridiculous. And over that later period, they turned the characters into caricatures. *This* is what upset me about it all, far more than not having specific questions answered.

    • diana

      Absolutely, B. The characters of LOST were the main draw for me, but the ending didn’t really do right by them. It turned them into comic book characters. That would be fine if LOST had been a comic book all along (as some suspected early on), but it wasn’t. These characters had pasts and depth but it all boiled down to everybody in heaven, hugging. And none of it mattered. Bleahhh!

      • B

        Yes, it was the shift nearer the end that was bad.

      • Sheldon

        It did matter! See…something it seems most don’t pick up is that the light at the Heart of the Island is the same light that engulfed the church in the final scene. It all mattered. Had Jack not saved the Island, the flashsideways would never have happened!

  • Mindy

    Ausiello! I saw Michael Emerson walk right behind Jorge Garcia. You didn’t talk to him, too?! Thanks for the vids, though.

    • Melissa

      That’s what I was wondering too. I love me some Emerson.

  • The Truth

    My faith in this awards show was restored the second I realized that Lost would not win a single Emmy. I hate to say that I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO!

    • Leah

      So what does it mean to you that Lost was nominated?

    • Leah

      And was it restored when Mad Men won? Obviously you didn’t want Lost to win, but Mad Men? Aren’t you upset that Breaking Bad didn’t win?

    • kgb

      F U !!

  • Snippy

    What a joke, no love for LOST and GLEE got mostly ignored too…LAMW!

    • Shane

      dude, you’re so crushing for lost it’s awesome. just admit, you want to put a ring on it. i mean you’ve commented on everything lost related tonight – you have spent this much time commenting about it, then that’s just kinda…sad…

  • paco from nj

    Lost gets no emmy’s??

    It’s Chinatown, Jake…

  • Sbujero

    I for one am glad Lost was snubbed at the emmys compared to S1, S6 was rubbish, and also just coz ppl didn’t like the finale it doesn’t mean they misunderstood it. The finale was lame and there was nothing deep or to understand about it. So kudos to the emmy guys for knowing the difference between outstanding and lame.

    • kgb

      Another person who did not understand the finale. Still confused and doesn’t even know it !!

  • Shane

    Lost was not robbed. The show was amazing and the finale was true to the core of the show, it was PERFECT- not for the small minded.
    However the simple fact is that the Emmy voters are focused on cable as the place for talent and groundbreaking performances and that is just the way it is, so it ws frankly stupid for people like Ken Tucker and others to think the show was going to get anything last night.

    • The Truth

      LOL I love this comment. That’s what all the Lost apologists say. Go ahead since you are smarter than everyone else, please explain then ending to Lost to all of us. LOL!

      • Desmo

        Fake Locke was bad, Jack beat him Kate shot him. Meanwhile the Island was being torn apart because Desmond pulled the power source out. Jack realizing that he must sacrifice himself to save the Island does so. He passes on the mantel of leadership to Hurley. Jack dies. In a place removed from time our castaways come together again to move on. The End.

        Is that so hard to understand?

      • boocat

        The Truth – Desmo just explained it to you. Apparently it’s too complicated for you to wrap your tiny little brain around it.

  • Sheryl

    Lost wasn’t robbed. The fact that it was nominated was validation to me. Loved the show and hoped it would win, but knew it wouldn’t. Breaking Bad was robbed. Emmy voters need to open their minds and quit voting for the same damn show every year. There is no point in watching next year if Mad Men is nominated.

  • Barb

    All the Lost haters here are always interesting. Anyone who says the show wasn’t about the characters and stayed with the show for 6 years to then complain I don’t quite understand.
    If there weren’t characters to care about then what kind of interest would there be in a show even with a ton of mysteries.
    There have been shows on recently who have thought they were “Lost” but the majority of the people watching had no characters to “love”.
    As a comment was made sometimes people just hate it because the show was coming to an end.
    The ending did show that it was about the characters – whether you believe in that type of thing or not – the ending – where there was “no time”..could of been a hudnred years in our time – they waited for each other..because these were the most important people and most important time in their lives.

    • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

      Yeah, that’s why the season promos for the final season stated ‘All your questions will be answered.’ Show was about the mysteries. Friends, Entourage, Sex & The City’ are character driven shows. See the difference. Loved Lost, and had faith until the end and it was crushed. Oh well.

      • Brendan

        Are you really that surprised that the promos exaggerated how many answers we were going to get? It’s promos, its like hating Six Flags because you hate that dancing old guy. The finale was everything I expected. Had a spiritual ending, gave a moment to most of the characters, and was more about trying to save the Island than cramming more answers (“Across the Sea” was the main, “we’re answering everything we will answer” episode). I’m not so upset about Lost losing drama, but that it didn’t win ANYTHING, ususally awards shows throw a bone to decent shows even if they don’t win the big one. They lost to AMC on writing, directing, acting, just everything, that was more disappointing to me.

  • dan

    lost s 6 was a joke; on par with heroes 1.10 – infinity

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