'Grey's Anatomy' scoop: Cristina and Owen will [major spoiler alert]!

greys-anatomyImage Credit: Eric McCandless/ABCWarning: I’m about to reveal a major twist in Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sept. 23 season premiere involving Cristina and Owen, so you best hit the nearest exit if you don’t want it spoiled. Everyone else, onward and downward…

As I teased earlier this month…they’re getting hitched! And I repeat: Star-crossed lovers Cristina and Owen are getting married—and series creator Shonda Rhimes is here to explain why. (BTW, for those keeping track at home, this wedding is not this wedding.)

“The theme of this season is rebirth,” declares the Grey’s boss lady. “Everybody is sort of coming out of this very dark place [following last season’s massacre]. And there was something really hopeful and beautiful about Cristina and Owen getting married.”

At the same time, Rhimes says she wanted something to symbolize that the show was undergoing a major shift in season 7. Basically, she needed a game changer. “We talked about jumping ahead in time, we talked about jumping ahead a year,” she says. “And when it came down to it, the one thing that signals the biggest change in the world is Cristina wanting to be a bride. There can be nothing more different for Cristina than Cristina wanting to be a bride.”

With the will-they-or-won’t-they tension gone, is Rhimes at all worried “Crowen” will succumb to the dreaded B-word? “It’s really hard for Cristina and Owen to be boring,” Rhimes argues. “If Mer and Der are a lighter couple, Cristina and Owen are so fraught with their darkness and their twistiness that I can’t imagine them getting boring ever.”

Thoughts? Excited to see Cristina get her happy ending (at least for the moment)? Sound off below!

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  • Sednah

    LOVING the idea! Can’t wait to see it!

    • Carrie

      I am so estatic about this news! CO wedding will make me be able to totally forget about S6! Look forward to S7!

      • Jersey Jeff

        This is old news, I have known this for months.

      • Carrie

        love owen and cristina – pumped to see their wedding and S7SP

      • Tego Livi

        I heard you already knew about this weeks ago, Jersey Jeff.

      • ythu

        This show is still on? I’d rather watch reruns of Legend of the Seeker.

      • Tony

        ythu, you probably the only one who would.

    • kai

      me too, sort of. If it does fastforward a year, hopefully these two are married already. I’m basically tired of Owen and tired of Cristina’s hopelessness. What I also hope they work on is Meredith and Derek starting a family, and Mark and Lexie somehow already together with another obstacle that comes between them that’s actually LEGIT something that we would take seriously, not like a baby. Because unexpectedly they were the only couple I could tolerate on the show, the rest were just so ‘too much’ in the screen already and it was bland, tasteless, whatever.

      • Neptune

        I have to agree as well. I always loved the show but I really wish they would go back to concentrating more on the medical drama and emergencies and less on all of the soap opera drama. With several new promising shows, GA is very close to being dropped from my DVR.

      • Vala

        I agree with you kai..I mean i really hope this season is way better and lighter..i want to see more happiness,i know it’s a medical drama and the drama is suposed to happen but please we aslo want to see a bit of joy and happy couples on the show…I also love Mark and Lexie as a couple,i hope they get back together this season(and there’s hope as Shonda Rhimes said)..Mark and Lexie have great chemistry and a very special relationship i really hope the writers don’t scerw this up..

    • liz

      YAY!!! Ever since I heard a couple was getting married on GA I wished it was them. I have loved them since the icicle incident.

    • Melissa

      Cristina and Owen are my favorite tv couple ever. Love the idea they are getting married. Love the idea that Owen will be there to help Cristina thru her trama.

      • Cindy

        They are my favorite too of all time.

    • Juliet

      Owen and Cristina will be an interesting married couple because they will have conflict, passion and have the PTSD to contend with. For me that will make for a very interesting story.

    • loveoc

      I am s till a little shocked but blissfully excited for the Wedding of Cristina and Owen! :) Bring on the PTSD and the challenges, this couple can conquer that and it will be fun watchinig.

    • BFD


    • BJohnson

      I’m excited. Oh how Mer will mess with her about it. Maybe Mer and Der will make it official too???

    • Maria

      So excited to see Cristina and Owen get married! It will just bring a new dynamic and drama to their relationship as they deal with the trauma, life and career. Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh rock dramatic scenes and I can’t wait to see more!

      • Tamara

        I so agree with you! Owen and Cristina as bride and groom will have me attached to my TV sept. 23

    • Hannah

      I don’t think Shonda knows what game changer means, she keeps throwing that around

  • lene

    Awesome. What i would really wanna see is Mcbaby though. I sooo want Meredith and Derek to have a baby! pregnant Mer would be adorable! heehee!

    • Meli

      Glad the whole Teddy thing is past, but really, who cares? I love Christina, but Grey’s is soooo boring now, and Mer/Der are exceedingly dull with no chemistry. Yawn

    • amanda

      Yes they do need to have a baby i don’t think she should of lost the last one and i think she should tell him about that and try for another baby!

  • Oslo

    RIP ill-conceived Christina/Owen/Teddy love triangle.

    • graeme

      But Kim Raver has been a fantastic addition to the show.

      • What?

        KR has been a HORRIBLE addition to the show. Every CO fan I know thinks she all but ruined the whole show last year and almost destroyed everything we loved about CO. NOT a fantastic addition…

      • BFD

        Kim Raver needs to have collagen injected in her nose because the rhinoplasty made it too pointy. She looks like she could poke an eye out with that thing

    • Kevvvvv

      Ill-conceived? Teddy was a perfect way to rev up Christina and Owen’s relationship. I’m just worried what she’ll do now that the two will be hitched. She can’t be the 3rd party forever. Hmmm… how about join Addison in LA?

      • Kelly

        I think her going off to be on PP is a great idea… but her introduction was the WORST possible way to follow up CO’s incredible season 5. It was poorly written and yes, very ill-conceived. Teddy is a horrible backstabbing, home wreaking, shrew of a woman and every CO fan I know or talk to on the internet thinks it almost destroyed everything we loved about Owen and CO in general. How was that a “perfect way to rev up” CO’s relationship. It was awful from beginning to end. I actually think it’s put CO in a hole with their fans that they need to climb out of. Owen really needs to prove himself in season 7 and make up to Cristina how horribly he treated her through that whole triangle ordeal. That said, I LOVE KMK and want to love Owen and Cristina together the same way I did before. So I hope this wedding is just the first step in how supportive and attentive Owen will be, like he was in season 5.

      • kellybelly

        Awwww. I LOVE’d Teddy and Owen together. Bummer. (Just mostly because they have terrific chemistry. They sizzle together. And Teddy really loves Owen. And has since the day they met). And you can see and feel that. Christina is so off/on. Hot/cold with Owen.
        But fine. Marry Owen and Christina off. That’ll be interesting.
        BTW, Kelly, just as there are many fans of CO, there are just as many fans of Teddy & Owen and/or the Triangle.
        AND, what isn’t ill conceived on GA??

      • Another Emma

        @kellybelly, I don’t know what the source of your information is, but if you read the reactions on youtube, on many fan sites and even to the writers’ blog on the O/C/T triangle, I can assure you that the writers’ only achievement with it has been getting the majority of O/C fans to hate Owen, and certainly not loving Teddy in the process. I mean, in S5 Cristina tried to help him with his PTSD, hugged him after he had tried to kill her, and on the same day they even made love for the first time. I am pretty sure that any man who would still feel attracted to another woman after this must be very confused (which I think was Owen’s case) or a real jerk (in this case I don’t think even Teddy would deserve him).

  • kristina

    Should be ummmmm interesting.

  • McGrey

    Someone call the ambulance

    • Ana

      LMAO. Same thoughts here. This marriage is so DOA.

    • Amanda

      LMAO, right?

  • Hilary

    Cristina & Owen are so BLAH! I agree that it’s a game changer for Cristina to WANT to be a bride, but I don’t think Owen is the right guy for her. I was still holding out for a Cristina/Jackson romance! Sad day…

    • Cady

      Agree. I don’t even understand why C & O are still together.

      • aheesha

        @hilary nd cady i totally agree with u guys y r christina nd owen still togetha its tyme for owen 2 kick rocks i want jackson nd christina to b togetha i hpe c nd o dnt o through with the wedding

    • tinnie

      Absolutly agree. I wanted Cristina/Jackson.
      They want change Cristina. But I like old Cristina. Sarcastic,funny and anti-wedding Cristina.

      • Hannah

        me too. I am used to Cristina being so independent and witty. She would not want to be married.

      • Chris

        I still have faith in the Cristina/Jackson romance!

      • Waaah;-(

        I hear you!!
        Give me sarcastic witty funny Christina. Owen doesn’t even get her!
        I don’t know why but i can never see the chemistry between the two of them, their love scenes always seem forced!!!

    • Laura

      I’ll third that

    • Lyn

      And fourth: Couldn’t agree more. Now they can be utterly mismatched AND boring. I like both characters a lot, but putting them together was ridiculous.

    • Elle

      You are so right! “Wanting to be a bride” is definitely a game changer for Cris but she has certainly chosen the wrong guy… The whole “wanting to change Cris” thing seems too forced and rushed. It doesn’t feel right. And as a Cristina fan it’s gonna be unbearable to watch the wedding.

      • Melissa

        I agree. This is not the Cristina that I have grown to love. I would love to see her with Jackson especially since I think Owen is way too old for her. Maybe Kevin McKidd just hasn’t aged as well but he looks ancient compared to Sandra Oh.

      • kellybelly

        Melissa — I think they are playing up his ‘war-weariness’. He’s a man’s man. In reality, the Actor – Kevin McKidd is 2 years YOUNGER than Sandra Oh.

    • Kim

      Can’t stand Owen and don’t know why Shonda would let Christina put up with someone so insecure and manipulative.

    • Emily

      Agree! I hope and pray that Christina will get together with Jackson – they make an awesome couple!

  • DS

    If only they would kill of meredith grey…

    • McGrey

      Hey, what do you mean?!

    • Elle

      No, why??? I love Mer.

    • Pickles

      From your lips, DS! I cannot stand Meredith! I really don’t watch the show anymore because of her. I do, however, love Cristina and Owen.

      • kellybelly

        Ha, Ha DS. I’ve always wondered why she was the star of the show.

    • DA62

      I concur. Meredith Grey is a huge, pale faced bore. A yum yum like Derek needs someone more exciting that he has real chemistry with

  • Jacob

    I remember a time when Ms. Rhimes was a serious spoiler-phobe. I actually regret her changing her tune, in cases like this…

    • Ange


  • Janet

    My thoughts exactly, there is no way Owen and Cristina will ever be boring. That is why I love this couple.

    • Jen

      TOTALLY agree – they are most passionate real couple on tv!

    • Cindy

      Definitely the most passionate. Their emotional and physical chemistry is off the charts!

  • Nora

    I am so happy for Owen, though Christina doesn’t seem like the type of girl who’d wanna get married. Congrats to Crowen!

  • kara

    will there be a post-it involved or do THEY get a REAL wedding, making MerDer the only not-really-married, married couple?

    • Janey

      No, they’ll have to stay behind the lesbians for that one. Since even common law couples like Meredith and Derek get more rights.

      • napergal

        There is no common law in the state of Washington.

  • jenna

    Oh God, please no! I love Cristina, but marriage … just NO! She is not the type that would get married. Why do they have to ruin a great character? Why do they always think marriage = happy end! It’s NOT. At least it’s not House & Cuddy. Don’t dare to ruin those character, too!

    • rebecca

      Christina was about to get married in one of the other seasons!! they didn’t get married b/c that guy said some inappropriate things and then got fired! wow, i wonder where this show would be if he hadn’t of been kicked off!!

    • Elisa

      I agree about Cristina but LOL House got ruined the day they decided to make Cuddy his love interest.

    • Lyn

      Jenna, you are SUCH a meanie for not wanting every single “odd couple” romance on television to result in a dull relationship and/or marriage. How dare you think of the nature of the character rather than your own repressed romantic yearnings?

  • Ange

    I knew it!

  • El

    I stopped watching at season 5, but if Meredith and Derek are the “lighter” couple, just how dark and twisty are Cristina and Owen?!

    • Cal


  • Michelle

    Talk About Drama, If Their Marriage Lasts, That will be a Miracle..something will come in to cause drama LOL

    • Cal

      I HOpe so.

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