Sneak Peek: 'Grey's Anatomy' wedding of the year

greys-anatomy-weddingI’m going to forego the customary spoiler warnings since the cat is out of the bag: Cristina and Owen will tie the knot in the Sept. 23 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, and here’s a first second look at the nuptials. A couple of key takeaways from the above image: The bride wears red; the ceremony takes place in Mer’s living room; and there are three people in attendance I don’t recognize. What stands out to you? And are you planning to attend the big event next week? Hit the comments!

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  • Alia

    I dig the red dress. Makes sense for Cristina. And Hunt looks happy. :-)

    • Jersey Jeff

      Thanks for giving it away, not all of us knew about the wedding.

      Boy I am glad I don’t watch this bad show, or I would be upset.

      • SLB

        Then why do you care about the review?

      • Alia

        Okay, I’m aware that this is going to sound whiny, but… Why is this a reply to my comment? Couldn’t you start your own thread, or at least reply to something that has ANYTHING to do with what you’re talking about?

      • Jen

        YAY! Love Owen and Cristina! Where’s Derek?

      • Sue

        Love Owen and Cristina! WOW, they look fantastic.

      • Melissa

        It’s going to be fun watching this marriage fall apart.

      • Rois, Ireland

        I had managed to not know until I clicked on your blog and this was on the first page….thanks…NOT

      • Lauren

        Jen- your comment “Where is Derek”– wouldn’t it be great if Derek was the one marrying them?!?! haha

      • @Alia

        To answer your question about starting a new thread… replying is a tactic a lot of people use so they can get on the first page of comments. I agree; it’s rude.

      • kim

        oh PISS off, it is a SPOILER SITE you twit, i freakin hate whiners

    • Margie

      Chinese brides wear red but isn’t Sandra Korean? Do they wear red too?

      • Jersey Jeff

        I think she is American.

      • cait

        Sandra Oh is Canadian; presumably Christina Yang is of Chinese decent. Although she mentions many times she’s Jewish, so presumably this is a non-denominational ceremony.

      • Dyann

        The character is of Korean decent, but was born & raised in the U.S. Her stepfather is Jewish and she was raised with him.

      • Randi

        Or…brides wearing white is just an out-dated tradition implying virginity, so women are free to forgo it?

      • English

        Or she wanted a wedding that was completely different from her wedding plans with Dr. Burke.

      • Monica

        I know (from M*A*S*H of all things) that Korean culture associates white clothing with funerals. So that might make Christina less likely to want a white wedding dress.

      • Alia

        I think the red has more to do with Cristina herself than with any cultural group she may or may not belong to. She hated the idea of a big white wedding when she was engaged to Burke. Now that she’s with Hunt, her wedding look is much more suited to who she is and what she wants.

      • celeste m

        shes korean, she tells izzie she is when izzie asks her to speak chinese to one of her patients

      • Kelly

        In any Buddhist culture, brides avoid white because white is the colour used in death and mourning. Red is typically considered a joyful colour to wear at a wedding.

      • Lynn

        I don’t think Cristina wearing a red dress has anything to do with her being Korean/Chinese/Canadian…whatever. It has more to do with her wanting a wedding that was as different as possible from her planned wedding to Burke.

    • Tego Livi

      Sandra Oh is so good at that wide-eyed blank expression. I like her a lot, but I have to say–the groom is prettier than the bride.

      • Sue

        I think she’s gorgeous – it’s just not the most flattering photo of her – she looks very serious. They make a nice couple.

    • Carrie

      Love the red dress! It is so Cristina – her favorite color “blood red”! So excited for the wedding and the SP.

    • Lisa

      Yay, Cristina and Owen are getting married. The have been my fav couple since Owen stepped out of the ambulance in S5. They are not your traditional GA couple which has made them exciting to watch. Even married I am sure they will be lighting up the screen with their insane chemistry.

      • liz

        I agree! He’s been my favorite since he stapled his leg wound closed and ripped Cristina’s icicle out!

    • tamara

      Beautiful bride and groom! Love it! Need Sept. 23rd to get here now.

      • Dani

        Mer looks Pregnant is the dress shes wearing

      • I agree Dani

        I agree completely with Dani that Mer looks pregnant and that is a horrible dress for Mer.

        So excited for Christina and Owen though. They deserve a break!

      • dartwoman63

        But Meredith had a miscarriage on the finale last season, and I didn’t know about the wedding until I read it here.

    • chantel

      Cristina and Owen are soulmates despite all the hurdles they have had to face for the last two seasons. Nice to see them have a moment and to celebrate their love. They have the type of love that can conquer whatever is thrown at them.

      • patsy

        I look forward to watching Cristina and Owen as couple balancing life/love/ptsd. Will make for some very good tv.

    • jake

      I”M SORRY BUT THE CAT WAS NOT OUT OF THE BAG. Why bother doing your spoiler a few weeks ago, which didnt’ really do a good job anyways, if you were going to give it away anyways. You know there are fans out there who don’t want to know spoilers.

      • Char

        If you don’t want to know spoilers, I think you’re reading the wrong blog.

      • Tarathemis

        Actually, since this particular spoiler has been posted on numerous web sites in the past week… the cat was most certainly out of the bag. If you don’t want spoilers, WHY are you reading Ausiello’s column???

      • kim

        again. spoiler site. go whine somewhere else twit.

    • Kelly

      Terrific picture of Mr. & Mrs. Yang-Hunt – Grey’s SP is going to be off this planet.

    • Carlyn

      Definitely attending! Would not miss this wedding and the sp for anything!

    • Jason

      Yang’s mom, and Owens parents- thats who you aren’t recognizing.

      • Ginger

        My thoughts exactly!

  • Thom

    Now I ask you why Christina would wear white…she is anything but a virgin…LOL

    • Julie

      She could wear white because she wants to. Just like she’s wearing red because she wants to.

      Anyway, lame wedding. Cristina deserves better than Owen Hunt. A guy who wasn’t even sure if he loved Teddy a short while ago. Cristina doesn’t even look happy. It’s pretty pathetic really.

      • McGrey

        Agree! agree! 1000 times agree!

      • Ayn

        Does Christina EVER look happy? LOL!!

      • sabi

        I see a smirk on her face! sorry….I think she really is happy about the marriage thing….

      • Lisa

        I also think that Owen is not the best partner for Cristina. But dysfunctional people look for other dysfunctional people.

      • G

        Yes, I agree… I mean, they were a HOT coupl ebefore Teddy came on the scene and his whole almost choking her thing… but since then, they’re relationship has been screwy..

      • Maria

        There are some NEW photos out of the wedding, Cristina is definitely happy!

      • e2e

        So happy for them. They are perfect for each other! I can’t wait to see them as husband and wife.
        Both the bride and groom look fantastic! The guests look great too.
        Derek’s not there because he may be in jail, but where’s Alex? :S

      • jules

        Ugh…I hate them together. I would much rather see Cristina with Jackson Avery.

      • Karen

        Christina and Avery need to be together! Hunt should be with Teddy…IMO

      • barb

        I agree with you. I don’t like Owen for Christina either. He needs to get his head straight.

      • Cris

        I really love Owen, but he’s no Burke. I miss Burke. I was really disappointed when Burke didn’t show to George’s funeral, George was his guy!! I don’t miss Izzy at ALL, but I loved Burke, and Owen, though a patriot and a veteran, and super hot and rugged, he’s just no Burke. :(

    • Renee

      Agree I wanted Teddy with Owen and Avery with yang….oh well. Keep in mind there may not be any babies, she lost that ovary remember?

  • Javabooknut

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Can’t come early enough for me. I can’t wait to see this and all the other fall out from Finale!!!

    Also wondering if this was shot after Ellen Pompeo had her baby. I usually think of her at tall and lithe but she looks quite generous. Maybe it’s the dress.

    • Julie

      Ellen Pompeo had her baby almost a year ago. Of course this was shot AFTER that. *eye roll*

      • Kate

        Really? Because she looks pregnant. That is an awful dress on her and she’s popping over the top.

  • Gbaby’s Mom

    1) Derek is nowhere to be seen
    2) Is Meredith pregnant? Or is that just a really unflattering dress?

    • Janey

      Or he’s on the other side of Mer out of frame.

    • Alice

      I think it’s the dress. Ugh.

    • A

      Derek is probably still in the hospital recovering from his surgery.

    • mscisluv

      It is a REALLY unflattering dress.

    • Heather

      It looked like Mer was pregnant to me too. Her boobs look big and she seems to have a belly.

      • erf

        My thoughts exactly,Heather!

      • Maria

        It is the dress. Shonda just tweeted it.

  • alenis

    OMG!!! can’t wait!!!

    • Carla

      The wedding is going to be beautiful! So excited!

  • emma

    so don’t mean to be crass…but…all i see when i look at that pic is Mer’s dress….and the..ahem..chest region…i mean…there they are! :P

  • Vickey

    Does anyone else think Meredith looks pregnant? Maybe no miscarriage?

    • Heather

      I think she definitely looks preggers (hence the “chest region” mentioned above as well) – maybe she got pregnant again. Who knows when in time the show picks up next week?

  • maudy

    where is derek?

    • ALM

      Possibly standing behind Meredith, out of shot?

    • McGrey

      Derek is in a jail! (( He did get arrest if i’m not mistaken

      • KC

        He got shot at the end of the season.

      • mini

        he did not

  • Jo

    Is Mer pregnant??? It looks like she has a little belly!!

  • leah

    i really don’t like Owen but… ah, well.
    i just don’t get why Meredith is at his side and not Cristina’s.’
    otherwise, figures that Cristina wouldn’t go with the tradition. that’s why i love her ^^

  • Sue

    Did they invite his mother? After all, she does live in Seattle too!

    • sabi

      his mother stands right behind cristina’s left shoulder…..

      • D

        I think Christina’s parents are hidden behind her and Owen’s mom is the one with white hair.

  • GreysFan

    Is Derek performing the ceremony? Looks like it could be him on the right side of the frame.

  • Liz

    So stupid. What a joke.

  • Elena

    where is derek?

  • mel

    Cristina and Owen both look really great here !

    • Katie

      Cristina is Korean (she said so way back when that time Izzie treated the illegal Chinese immigrants and asked her to translate). She tried the whole white dress thing with Burke and look how that worked out. I don’t know that I agree with them getting married; it just seems so rushed and unnatural. But I’m betting Derek may perform the ceremony. So may it’s not exactly legal like the whole post it thing?

    • Jen

      They do look wonderful all spiffied up! Wish the best for Cristina and Owen, they will need it in Shondaland.

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