'Supernatural' Scoop: Bloodsucker episode to take (indirect) aim at 'Vampire Diaries'

vampire-diaries-supernaturalImage Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW; Quantrell Colbert/The CWWorking on an upcoming Supernatural episode spoofing vampires, the CW thriller’s producers are well aware that they are sticking their necks out: How can they parody the genre without ridiculing a little show called The Vampire Diaries? For starters, you never refer to that series in your script.

“I don’t think there’s currently a [Vampire Diaries] mention in the episode,” says Supernatural EP Sera Gamble. “But part of the thing is finding a balance between, say, [showing] a poster from the actual show and having Sam and Dean really speak their minds. We don’t want to offend.”

To that end, Gamble suggests, if the Brothers Winchester end up “saying something disparaging” about a particular fang-centric franchise—like, for instance, Twilight—the target will be “slightly fictionalize[d].”

Besides, in this case, Gamble insists that mockery is the sincerest form of flattery. “I think The Vampire Diaries is a really good show,” she insists. “And I’ve seen all the Twilight movies. I’m certainly not coming at this from a place of feeling superior to them. I have great respect.”

Supe‘s sixth season kicks off Friday, Sept. 24.

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  • Summer

    Can’t wwait for that episode ! Oh and it’s the sixth season not the fifth !

  • bob

    Two horrible shows. Can’t wait!

  • bob

    I don’t know which is worse. Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, or Twilight. I’d rank them as follows:

    1) Twililght.
    2) blank
    3) blank
    4939) Supernatural
    5332) Vampire Diaries.

    • JJ

      Twilight is by far the worst. Granted its targeted for children. I saw Vampires Suck and was probably the only person who liked the movie. Supernatural and Vampire Diaries are great. Especially Supernatural, I will forever remember the manic depressive, porno, alcoholic, giant talking teddy bear!!

      • Steph

        I feel like this comment isn’t really insulting Supernatural because it’s listed as # 4939 on the bad list. That’s not actually too bad. If it is insulting Supernatural, then bite your tongue bob. Supernatural is an excellent tv show. It considers matters like free wil vs. destinity, the nature of family, and whether God really even exists. Plus, cool action, mythologies, and humor. So, there!

      • Jay

        You know what? I liked that movie too because it took the mick out of a crap franchise we know as the twilight sage.

        Love Supernatural. <3

      • Jessica

        The bipolar teddy bear is my favorite episode!!! Love both Supernatural & TVD, cant wait!!

    • Lynn

      Twilight is the WEAKEST! All those Twilight movies could have been made into one and been done with it, the movies are LACK LUSTER!

    • Casey

      You’re deluded, bob. Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries are both better than Twilight. But SPN > TVD. On a different note…how hot are the Salvatores and Winchesters? Ahh, it’s too bad they’re not on the same night anymore.

    • Janiska

      Supernatural is a great series. been watching this since season 1.

  • Ann

    Aww…mock them all you want, SPN.

  • DJ

    Stop mentioning TVD in the same breath as Twilight. Seriously. Stop it.

    This is weird because I feel like TVD is actually most like Supernatural in some ways, and it’s how I recommend it to others.

    • PMD

      Thank you DJ. I hate how Twilight has really crazed vampire fans… Just because Twilight is crap does not mean all things vampire since its debut is bad!!! TVD is an amazing show and too few people believe no thanks to sparking vampires!

      • Lauren

        I agree! Just because Twilight sucks doesn’t mean TVD does. TVD is a very well done show. Its currently my favorite drama on tv right now and I watch A LOT of television. I hate Twilight!

  • chrisjozo

    Go ahead and mock the Vampire Diaries. Most of Supernatural’s audience doesn’t watch it anyway. No one will be offended except maybe Dawn O.

    • cassopeia16


    • Michelle

      I proudly watch and love BOTH. I’m totally cool with SPN mocking the vampire craze. :)

      • spikenalabama


    • B

      It’s interesting to note that last season there was significant drop off in the audience numbers from TVD to Supernatural when they aired together. If SPN fans aren’t watching TVD, it’s less of a loss than the other way around. I have loved Supernatural, but really did not enjoy it last season. TVD definitely took top spot.

  • Lere

    Team Vampire Hunters! :p

  • Meg

    I’m not surprised Supernatural has sunk to these levels now. TVD is a much better show.

    • Alia

      Would this be the Meg the Demon? (I think you’re still bitter about the Winchesters ganking ol’ Yellow Eyes.)

    • Scott

      Haha, wait, are we watching the same shows?

    • MM

      Agreed. About mid-season, TVD passed SPN on entertainment value & now has surpassed in every other way too (writing, acting, direction, photography, laughs, thrills)
      I do watch both, btw.

      • Carrie

        You’ve got to be kidding me. VD is like a teen soap w/ vampires in it. You actually think that VD has better writing, directing and acting than SN and that VD is funnier? Wow. I think the show is only unintentionally funny.

    • Rasha

      Supernatural has always been very referencial of pop culture and other shows. So this doesn’t surprise me. It’s going to be hilarious.

      • Brian

        Exactly. Dean’s already told one vampire to “Suck it, Twilight.”
        This is nothing new.

    • Chelsea

      Well when The Vampire Diaries hits season 5 we’ll see if it’s still as shiny and fresh.

      Let’s face it, even the best shows tend to sink after a few seasons although the better ones continue to have moments of brilliance (like The End and Changing Channels). I’ve only tried one episode of the Vampire Diaries and I did genuinely think it looked pretty good so I don’t say this to take a jab at them, I just think that in five years time you might be saying the same about The Vampire Diaries and some new shiny show with a good first season. Give it some time before comparing folks.

    • MR

      Heh. I TOTALLY disagree. I don’t know which is worse on TVD: the writing or the acting. Seriously! :\

  • Alia

    I’m sure if SPN mocks TVD, it’ll be in a friendly way. I make no promises about Twilight. Seriously, what would you expect Sam’n’Dean to think of vampires who SPARKLE?

    • Lily


      • ami

        my thoughts exactly. lol

  • cookie

    The Vampire Diaires is roughly one zillion times better than Twilight.
    Elena >>>>>>>>>>>> Bella.
    And (take your pick) Stefan or Damon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Edward

    Even after the craptacular season 5, Supernatural is roughly one billion times better than Twilight.

  • Carmen

    Twi-Hards can be pissed all they ant it wont change the fact that their movies suck (not in a good way) and Supernatural Has a complete ant total right and dare i say….. pleasure of mocking crappy couple of movies.

  • LS

    Should be fun to watch. I thought SN was going to jump the shark with the Paris Hilton episode but Kripke, being the genius that he is, pulled it off. Of course, now that Gamble has taken the helm who knows. Either way, I’m in this for the long-haul.

  • Andrea

    haha I hope they make fun of Twilight..well because it is garbage =)
    <3Supernatural can't wait to see the sixth season !!

  • cassopeia16

    Seriously who cares about TVD? It’s a great show BUT I wanna see Supernatural mocking Twilight. I don’t care if Twilight fans are offended, I’m not in Team Edward or Team Jacob but part of Team Twilight sucks.

  • Jen E.

    Love it! I don’t think any VD (heh) fan will be offended. I was the biggest BTVS fan around and I still get a kick out of Buffy spoofs… no matter how big they make Angel’s forehead.

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