Armchair Casting Director: 'Glee' gives Kurt another potential love interest

glee-club-castingImage Credit: PRN/PR Photos; Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Solarpix/PR PhotosGleeks are looking forward to seeing Kurt (Chris Colfer) couple up in season 2. Many assumed the new singing jock played by Chord Overstreet (Sam) would be revealed to be his new boyfriend. That was until a casting call went out late last week for the recurring role of a cute, charismatic, GAY high school junior who fronts a competing glee club. If this young gentleman — you’re welcome to imagine a young Tom Ford — is Kurt’s catch, which 18 or over actor would you like to see land the part? My suggestions:

Asher Book: He recurred as Steve last season on NBC’s Parenthood, the boy who wanted to sleep with Haddie but then ended up losing his virginity to her cousin Amber, and proved dreamy enough to get at least one adult viewer to do an age check (he’s 22). At age 6, he played the role of tiny teacup Chip in the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. He’s been the lead singer of a boy band called V Factory (their song “Love Struck”), and starred in 2009’s Fame.

• Joe Jonas: First Hot in Cleveland, soon 90210: This is the kind of guest spot that makes people sit up and notice.

• Zac Efron: He’s definitely got the abs, the ability to tug at our heartstrings (referring, of course, to 17 Again‘s courtroom scene), and a voice. Plus, reports have him actually expressing interest in appearing on the show, and wouldn’t you like to know how Kurt feels about the new facial hair?

Your turn.

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  • Natalie

    I love the idea of Asher Brook. He’s still a semi-obscure name and even though I didn’t like his character on Parenthood, you could easily see that he has acting skills…and he can sing?! Perfect!

    Plus I doubt you would be able to get Joe or Zac full time on the show.

    • Alia

      Asher Book is my pick, too. He’s a good actor and good singer (he sang in Fame), and he’s not a superstar. I’m really getting tired of the stunt casting on this show.



  • BrianDC

    I’m kind of hoping they don’t do any stunt casting with this and find another wonderful unknown like they have done with most of the kids.

    • Chris

      amen! it’s so much nicer to have unknowns taking on these roles…do another open call!!

    • nykolus

      thank you, brian. enough with the ‘names’…

    • katy

      Totally agree. Although I don’t think they gave any of the new roles to an unknown despite the open casting call.

    • G

      Agreed. Stunt casting gets on my last nerve.

    • sara

      Get an unknown, SO sick of the stunt casting.

      Ryan Murphy needs to get a grip and not believe every last bit of the hype before he ruins this show.

      Don’t have guest stars on just because they ask and you are starstruck (such as Javier Bardem). This show will turn into a big joke.

  • Carrie #2

    I adore Zac Efron but he’s all kinds of wrong for this. Plus, EW THAT GOATEE!!!! Asher Book sounds like a good choice though I don’t know anything about him.

  • Leslie

    Darren Criss!! His voice is just beautiful, as is he, and he can act with the best of them.

    • Leslie

      Plus he’s unknown so people won’t come in with preconceived notions.

    • Sarah

      Yes, yes, yes. Darren Criss would be fantastic.

    • Claudia

      Yes! Darren is so talented and adorable

    • Hannah

      YES!!! I was hoping someone would say Darren Criss! He’s supermegafoxyawesomehot, and has an amazing voice!

    • Alia

      Darren Criss is AWESOME… but he doesn’t look like a teenager.

      • Maddie

        no offense but neither do Mark or Cory (since they are almost 30). Darren has a babyface

    • katie


    • Maddie

      Yes, I have been saying that he needs to be on Glee ever since that casting contest came out. I love Darren! He’s hot, hilarious, and a charismatic actor.

    • Jenna

      Please o please cast Darren Criss. Make us fangirls happy.

    • ariel

      YES! I have been hoping and hoping that Darren Criss would get a shot at the role.

    • A

      Darren MUST be on Glee! Or Lauren Lopez. Her voice is amazing.

      • Teresa

        Hehe. Lauren Lopez could play a teen age boy for sure.

    • MajorWhoaButWhy

      THIS is brilliant! Great idea!

      • Teresa

        Darren Cris is a great choice. He played a teen already on Witches of Eastwick and he can sing.

  • darkemy

    i don’t care who they get as long as he’s good actor and singer, possibly cute, and as long as it’s not zac efron! Ugh ausiello. I thought you had better taste than that. And I would agree, someone unknown would be just fine :)

    • mmex

      Ausiello didn’t write the article. Mandi Bierly did.

      • darkemy

        sorry,my bad. Whoever wrote it, ugh seriously zac efron xD And sorry to all of his fans, but he would ruin glee big time xD

  • Lily

    Must say when I first saw the description my mind went straight away to Ryan from HSM. Lucas Grabeel would be great!

  • K

    No no and no. Hunter Parrish!!!

    • lilian

      hmmm maybe!

  • alice

    i can’t imagine joe jonas with kurt .. but i’d like to see that!

  • Tobias Funke


    • katie

      Yes! Tobias gets this role.

    • Liz

      Of course, you would have to choose between this role and the role of Frightened Inmate #2.

    • Mole

      Yeah, but I don’t think Kurt would let you get away with those jean shorts…

  • Nick

    Is it wrong that I would love to see Tim Urban from American Idol in this roll?

    • daniel

      Wouldnt have thought of him, but great choice.

      • Karl

        YES Tim urban! Plus he’s not just cute, he’s got a ripped hot bod. Definitely would have some shirtless scenes + an AI alumni acting thing going a la J Hud.

        But from these 3 I would say Zac fits the bill best, he was great in Hairspray. Please no Jonas bro, nasal doesn’t do well on TV.

  • PT

    Richard Fleeshman! No idea if he can do an American accent but that boy can sing! Check out ‘All the small things’ BBC show from a few years back…

  • lenscrafter

    Didn’t I hear that wasn’t Zac singing in the high school musical movies, and that when the show went on tour that his real “voice” was in it instead of Zac, and people were upset . . .

    • JasonInDFW

      Zac did not do his own vocals in the first HSM movie, and the tour was with the actual singer, not Zac. However, he did do his own vocals for the second and third movies.

      • MAY

        Plus Hairspray

  • Mindy

    Can any of the SYTYCD kids sing? Kent or Billy would be cute and I know they want to be on the show.

    • Julian

      Robert can sing. He actualy said his biggest goal was to be on Glee.

  • Will

    I kind of liked Glee better when it wasn’t “the Kurt Show”

    • Guest

      Oh, is that’s what’s happening?

    • LlzS

      I agree…..i think he is an interesting character but why can’t we mention other people like mercedes? wasn’t she supposed to get a boyfriend?

      • deegeezee

        wow, a girl gets a boyfriend?! that WOULD be newsworthy.

      • Pat

        Not just a girl, but the perpetually demeaned fat black diva best friend that’s in denial of her insecurities and is made to be intentionally sexually unattractive. She’s got her own societal and social battles to fight, same as Kurt and one shouldn’t be a bigger deal then the other.

      • deegeezee

        Pat, she’s already had a boyfriend on the show, AND an unrequited crush. and it’s a bigger deal because fans obviously care more. note: one was nominated for an emmy. guess which one!

    • Jeremy

      You do know exactly that this is just one of the news buzzing this season.Actually, I feel like it a “The Finn-Rachel Show” but its still ok.Kurt is just one fo the characters who should get more screen time and this is his chance.I do want more screen time for Tina,Mercedes and especially Brittany and Santana.

  • Mel

    Asher would be fantastic. He was great in Fame, and he definitely can sing. I’d love to see him on Glee, in any capacity.

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