'House' Exclusive: Thirteen will be MIA for 'a while'

house-olivia-wildeImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FoxDon’t count on seeing much of Thirteen on House this season.

According to series creator David Shore, Olivia Wilde—who took a leave of absence this fall to shoot a starring role in the big-budget sci-fi Western Cowboys and Aliens—will be gone for more than just a handful of episodes.

“It’s going to be a while unfortunately,” sighs series creator David Shore. “We love her but it is going to be a while. It’s going to be this season, but well into this season.”

The news comes as Wilde’s movie career is heating up big-time. The actress has four films in the pipeline (Cowboys and Aliens included), and recently signed a deal to join Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in the body-swapping comedy The Change Up.

Shore says Wilde’s Change Up shooting schedule won’t further delay her return to Princeton Plainsboro. “She called us up and said she wanted to do [The Change Up],” he explains. “And it just so happened that what we had worked out storyline-wise allowed her a couple of extra episodes [off]. So that movie just filled in the gap. There were no further adjustments to her schedule as a result of that.”

Bottom line: Enjoy Thirteen’s appearance in tonight’s House premiere, because it’s the last one you’ll be getting for a while.


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  • FH14

    And the Thirteen-haters rejoice.

    Personally I’ll miss her, but what do I know?

    • Melora

      Didn’t hate. I did not like the character being shoved down my throat.

      • Keir

        Same here. I really liked her in S4, but quickly grew sick of the sight of her.

      • Jennifer

        I actually prefered her to CTB at the beginning, but then ‘HOUSE’ somehow became ‘THIRTEEN’ every week, and I eventually stopped watching, because I got sick of her being the focus of just about every episode. Maybe I’ll start watching again while she’s gone. Probably not, though.

      • PHD

        not that big a deal really…

    • Kris

      I love her. She’s my biggest reason to watch House. Guess I’ll be skipping this season. Can’t say I’m sad her career is heating up though.

      • Chi

        Agreed. I adore Thirteen and I probably won’t be watching much of House after her leave.

    • sadini

      I’ll miss her too. I just don’t get where all the hate’s coming from. Personally, I find Cameron way more annoying.

      • cameron hater

        Exactly I really like Thirteen and I can barley watch episodes with cameron in them. I hate her. I abhor her. I was hoping they would kill her off.

      • maria

        i love 13!! and cant wait 4 her 2 come back!! i dispised cameron!! she is a nasty no good holier than thou idiot who wasnt good enough or pretty enough for chase!! i wish theyd killed her off!! i cant wait 4 13 2 come back tho!!

  • Huddy

    I love Olivia! I’ll miss Thirteen! :( Really really excited to see House tonight!

    • Bruce_F

      I also really like 13. I’m okay with the absence though because I’m looking forward to seeing Amber Tamblyn join the cast.

      • Viv

        I wish I could live in a world where Olivia Wilde and Amber Tamblyn were on my tv at the same time.

  • mspartypants

    I might be in the minority but i really like 13 and i’ll miss her.

    • Brittani

      same same, plus OW rocks.

  • djesus1

    No!!!!!! Olivia we’ll miss you!

  • Melora

    Good! Hated HOUSE when all the shows revolved around her and it became The 13th Hour.

    If she is so focused on doing films, she should JUST QUIT!

    • ebowers

      So should you just QUIT House if you don’t like it.
      Why don’t you try Dancing With The Stars or how about HIMYM with the old Cameron try those alternatives

      • Melora

        You need to work on your reading comprehension dear. I did NOT say I hated HOUSE. I said I hated HOUSE when 13 was the focus of every show.

        Hopefully when you get older you will not misread what people post.

  • Jake

    She’s my favourite on the team next to House himself, but too bad.

  • oli

    I’m gonna miss her :(

  • claireB

    :( At least she’ll be back. love Olivia <3

  • Jackie

    Not gonna miss her….loved Cameron. She was way better.

    • sandycheeks


    • Sally


    • maria

      me too! i’m waiting for cameron again ):

      • Scarlett

        loved Cameron too but I don’t think she’s coming back

    • kelly

      pshh. cameron was lame. thirteen’s amazing:)

  • El

    Thank God, finally. Best of luck Olivia!

  • sandycheeks

    to bad, i actually enjoyed 13 last season. oh well, she’ll be back.

  • norhu

    Congratulations Olivia! But you need to be back. I love you.

  • Aliasnews

    will Cythia Watros be back?

  • Charlie

    13 was fine when we got stories about her in small doses like in early season 4. The latter part of season 4 and pretty much all of season 5 made her simply unbearable.

  • ADC

    Thirteen bugged me for awhile, especially her relationship with Foreman. Now, I fear House has even bigger problems and the absence of her character won’t really help or hurt the show. I’m happy for OW though, it sounds like she is going to be very busy for the forseeable future.

    • BackInBlack

      Oh I see – you’re a racist. I guess if she’d had a relationship with a white guy that would have been fine with you?

      • Mel

        if foreman were white he’d be even more boring.

      • Alyssa

        Woah woah woah. Just because someone didn’t like Foreman’s relationship with 13 doesn’t mean he/she is racist. I hated that relationship because I felt that 13 was beneath Foreman, who is my favorite character. I feel like Foreman’s character has suffered a lot in these past couple seasons. Hopefully with the character reduction, Omar will get better material.

      • Katy

        Ahaha, you dummy! Instead of IMMEDIATELY playing the race card and going on the attack, why don’t you ask WHY they didn’t like the relationship? I didn’t like it either and I’m IN a biracial relationship! I’m so sick of people playing the race card. It cheapens EVERY argument. So I’m not allowed to dislike any aspect of any black person or I’m a racist? Geez. PS: Stop talking so loud in the movie theater!!

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