'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' renewed for 10th and final season

vincent-donofrioImage Credit: Miranda Penn Turin/USATHIS JUST IN: USA Network has renewed Law & Order: Criminal Intent for a 10th and final season with original star Vincent D’Onofrio back in the driver’s seat as Detective Goren.

“Only time will tell if this is a fond farewell or a renaissance for Detective Robert Goren,” teased exec producer Dick Wolf, “but everyone is ecstatic about going back to work on a show that’s a passion for all of us.”

The eight-episode farewell season kicks off in 2011.

Thoughts? Which CI vet would you like to see Goren partnered with? Hit the comments!

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  • Will S

    Only eight episodes? This is depressing. Next they’re gonna cancel SVU at the end of the season :\

    • Paula F

      I agree! CI is a great show with interesting stories. Tho I have been a fan through all of the changes, I am glad that D’Onofrio is back. I wish they would bring back Vance and Sheridan along with Kathryn. Original cast was the best.

      • katie

        I couldn’t agree w/u more about the original cast being the best, what a great way 2 end it by bringing them all back!

    • Terri

      I can only hope they cancel SVU.

      • Mr. So And So

        I can only hope you finally get a life instead of watching shows you hope get canceled

      • Jak

        Who says Terri watches the show? There are plenty of shows I don’t watch that I wish would be canceled.

      • Coco

        I used to really love SVU, but I kind of hope it either gets canceled or they find new principal characters Stabler and Benson are played out.

      • JR

        Why Jak? The other 200 channels not enough for you that you wish something canceled because YOU don’t watch it?

    • Bernice

      I don’t even understand the 8 episodes thing. What is the point???

      • Dav

        The point is to give the writers an opportunity to write a final farewell for the character and give us all closure.

      • maryb889

        Are you serious? Eight eps is better than the zero I thought we were going to get. I’m so very happy that LO:CI is getting closure. And words cannot express how utterly thrilled I am that Vincent D’Onofrio is coming back. I just wish Kathryn Erbe were coming back, too…

      • mainely

        It’s called closure !

  • tracy bluth

    Yes! I love, love, LOVE Jeff Goldblum, but I stopped watching when Goren and Eames left. Plus, both characters were given such abrupt send- offs.

    • BLT

      Goren & Eames were the only reasons I watched L&O CI. I’m so happy Vincent is returning. I thought it was so wrong of the network to drop the main attractions, so to speak. Yay!

      • PHD

        finally righting a very big wrong…I hope the ratings encourage them to keep it on the network even in a limited role.

      • Iris

        You said it BLT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • stardestroyer

      Same for me. Loved Vincent as Det. Goren and stopped watching once he was gone.

      This is justice for one of the great L&O detectives!

      • phoebe kahler

        same here, Loved Goren and Ames but
        I did give Jeff a chance with a few shows, loved him in other stuff. I can”t imagine another partner for Goren than Kate

    • JCP

      Stopped watching when Ames and Goren left the show……..
      thrilled that Vincent D is back but will still miss Kathryn Erbe

    • Beverly Hill

      I too quit watching when they left. That is like taking the jelly off of a jelly and peanut sandwich. Some characters just can’t be replaced

  • Kit

    OMG yes!! I’m ecstatic that they’re bringing back Goren. It was a JOKE the way they wrote out Goren & Eames. I hope they do the character justice. This show was once wonderful, and with the right writing, it could go out in a blaze of glory.

    • MiaS


      • Blair

        Totally despise Vincent D’Onofrio, love Jeff Goldblum. VD always performs like he’s a tortured Marlon Brando. YUCK

    • Lorie

      I totally agree! I stopped watching when Goren & Eames left. I’m now back on the CI wagon.

      • B.J.

        Do you know when the first episode is with the return of VD? I will watch all the episodes with him. Only hope KE comes back also

    • Bonnie Olson

      I just hope they get more than these eight episodes. D’Onofrio has been my favorite actor since his incredible performance in “Men in Black”. Too bad about Goldblum, but CI wasn’t a good fit for him.

  • Sanka

    just 8 …WTF

    • Terri


    • maryb889

      Better than 0…

  • MiaS

    AND they need to bring back Kathryn Erbe to make it perfect. Suddenly, my day is a little brighter.

    • SusanA

      Yes, I was hoping she would have stayed as chief. Unhappy when she was shoved out the door.

    • maryb889

      That would be PERFECT!

    • Michael Brown

      Let’s start a chant: Kathryn, Kathryn, Kathryn!!! The good news is: she’s so good, we know she’ll end up in another dramatic role.

  • Leithen

    This will be interesting in terms of plotting, given what happened the last time we saw the character.

  • katie


    • Jane Stahre

      I agree. Eames all the way.

    • Ames

      Goren needs Eames’ practicality to make his style work.

    • Ally


  • MAS

    Hooray! They have to do a better job putting this show to rest than then did with L&O – that was criminal!

  • Will S

    I would personally love to see more Logan…but idk if that’ll happen.

    And I was reading that USA refused to renew CI without VDO in it.

    Also read that Wolf has made a pilot commitment with VDO in it, so who knows what’ll happen.

    • tnsmoke

      Vincent was a movie star, great character actor before he signed on to do this show, and the part was written with him in mind. USA always only made a handful of new episodes when they started first runs instead of NBC running them 1st. I had to drop all my cable channels, so hope NBC will run the new VD ones, too.

      • Eva

        You can probably watch all of the LO:CI on the CTV network in Canada (we ♥ LO:CI in Canada)

      • Andrea

        If you have Netflix LO:CI is on there.

  • Danny

    It’s unlikely that NBC will cancel “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (which opens a 12th season tomorrow with a two-hour episode). It remains NBC’s highest-rated scripted hour, and both Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni have expressed interest in returning. NBC will likely pay to get them back, most likely for another two-year contract meaning “SVU” will air through a 14th season.

    • judy

      miss goren and eames the played so well off each othe the fist episode with goldblum in which he said was that as good for you as me i thought i would throw up come on not once was there ever talk like that with goen and eames not eveything is about sex watch all of the old ones on usa or bravoj

    • Will S

      Honestly, I don’t see this happening though. Both Meloni and Hargitay get 295K an episode, and they want more money. After Hugh Laurie, they’re the highest paid actors for 1 hour drama. Unless they can settle for what they have now, or go lower, i doubt this will stay on for another year.

      • MCS

        $395K actually. But I think it’s a worthy investment, which the network will keep up.

      • RyRyNYC

        Unless NBC finds a show this year in the TOP 20, they cannot afford to dump SVU. If they were smart they would cut down the episodes order, and not use Mariska and Chris in every episode. Focus on the other detectives in the precinct.

      • Will S

        No, they both get 295k each an episode. Hugh Laurie gets 300K+ an episode.

        I don’t think they should cut down on the episode count. Instead, do what you said RyRy, and utilize the other cast members more. They have talented actors in the show that they should utilize. Not just that, but L&O has survived in the past with its revolving cast, I don’t think Wolf should be afraid to chuck either Meloni or Hargitay out, despite my love for them. He’s always said the show is about the crime/cases, not the characters itself.

      • Kristen

        According to a Variety article from 09, Meloni and Hargitay both get just below 400k, when they reupped.

      • Will S

        TV Guide released the info on actors and how much they get paid like a month ago.

    • Mike

      The problem is, the show is close to being creatively bankrupt. Benson and Stabler keep having the same personal issues over and over again. I come across a rerun from the first several years and I’m drawn in once again, but I try and watch a new episode (or one from the last couple of years) and I can’t make it through to the end.

  • DL

    They absolutely have to bring back Kathryn Erbe. It isn’t a proper send-off without her.

    • Louise

      I totally agree that Kathryn Erbe simply MUST return as Goren’s (D’Onofrio of course) partner. She is the only authentic portrayal of a woman detective out of all the other detective shows. The other women always wear tight tee shirts and low-cut blouses…it ruins the seriousness.

    • LDSK

      I absolutly agree!!! I read on another site that she is still in negotiations to come back. It’s not a done deal but at least they are trying.

    • Beverly Hill

      So true. Those two are what held the show together and that is why I quit watching because they were gone

  • AK

    EAMES! Bring back EAMES! Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!!!

  • Fido

    Why-o-why-o-why didn’t they renew this earlier, before Jeff had moved onto other things. Not a happy bunny. :(

    • Dav

      Jeff chose to leave. He didn’t want to do the show any more. It has nothing to do with how long it took to renew.

      • julie

        actually, he said a huge part of his reason for leaving was the show’s uncertainty. he wasn’t gauranteed he would have a job so he moved on.

    • robert dunkum


  • te

    OK, so I’m the only one whose favorites were Chris Noth and Alicia Witt? So be it. I hope, though, that this means the return of Eams.

    • Lyn

      Chris Noth partnered with ANYone made me stop and watch . . . still, Goran & Eames felt like the heart of the show.

    • tracymmo

      I liked Chris Noth but also Jeremy Sisto. The mothership was the only L&O not running on fumes.

    • Jen


    • Jon

      I loved the Alicia Witt character!

    • Viking

      Noth and Annabella Sciorra were great! I always had a small crush on Sciorra and she is a good actress and has been in many tv shows and movies. Sexy woman! and i enjoyed the alternate episodes of goren and eames then noth and sciorra.

    • Me

      Chris Noth CANNOT act. He will be Mr. Big forever.

      • Bertine

        You do know he started at L&O, right? Waaaay before he ever played Mr. Big…

  • scott


    • Helen

      I’m so sorry to read that Jeff Goldblum is not starring in the next series. I do love him in this role.


      • robert dunkum


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