Fall 2010 ratings: 'Glee' wins big, 'The Biggest Loser' attracts smaller audience

glee-season-2Image Credit: Adam Rose/FoxSo much for a sophomore slump: Glee was a hit with teens and adults on Tuesday, which, together with the debuts of Raising Hope and Running Wilde, helped Fox to win the night in the key demographics. The dramedy scored its second-highest rated telecast ever among adults 18-49 (5.5 rating/16 share) and its highest-rate telecast ever among adults 18-34 (6.4/20). The episode attracted 12.2 million viewers.

The debut of Hope, which averaged 3.1/8 in the key demo, was up 24 percent from the first half hour of last season’s hour-long So You Think You Can Dance premiere and averaged 7.45 million viewers. It was Fox’s highest-rated new half-hour comedy premiere in three years (since the sorely missed Back to You on Sept. 19, 2007). Wilde, meanwhile, averaged 2.5/7 among adults 18-49 and averaged 5.86 million viewers.

CBS won the night in viewers (16.06 million), thanks to the return of NCIS (18.9 million) and a two-hour NCIS:LA (14.6 million). On ABC, the results show of Dancing with the Stars at 9 p.m. won its time slot in viewers (18.2 million), but the behemoth audience who tuned into see David Hasselhoff go bye-bye didn’t stick around for the premiere of Detroit 1-8-7: The drama dropped to 9.7 million but the drama still came in second place at 10 p.m.

And it was a tough night for NBC. The return of The Biggest Loser was down 24 percent among adults 18-49 (2.9/8) versus last season and had its lowest-rated premiere ever in the demo. It averaged 7.1 million viewers. Parenthood at 10 averaged 5.85 million. Overall, NBC only averaged 6.7 million viewers for the night and came in fourth place among adults 18-49.


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  • Rion

    Raising Hope was awful. Hopefully its ratings drop significantly next week.

    • LOL

      Fox is a cesspool. There is no reason to watch any of their programming.

      • fox

        Hey now! Fox is home to a lot of groundbreaking dramas. House, Bones, and Fringe are all successful shows that other shows have gone on to emulate. I also really enjoyed Lone Star which seem to add the networks existing theme of showcasing anti heroes. Cess pool? I think not.

      • Mike

        Fox has the best shows on TV. GLEE, House, Bones. I also thought Raising Hope was funny, Running WIlde was awful though.

    • glenn

      Detroit 1-8-7 was awesome, I didn’t see that ending coming at all. I’ll be tuning in again next week.

      • LOL

        Detroit 187 was better than I expected. The ending was fantastic.

      • julie

        i hope it continues to do well. the money and jobs it brought to the city is much needed…

      • Alex

        Glee was good, Detroit was good, I am from outside of Detroit….I really like the lead guy.

      • wooster182

        Detroit was great. Really hope it sticks around. It has so much potential.

    • Pablo

      hahah well i guess you don’t know what it’s like for single parents now do you?? i need a little comedy in my life to get away from the stress of my kids every once in a while, and this is the perfect show for it. SO SUCK IT

    • Rachel

      You must be old. I thought it was fall-out-of-my-chair-laughing hilarious. So did most of the 20 something people I discussed it with this morning. The old “laughtrack with no 4th wall” sitcoms are gone/not funny. Get used to it.

      • Matt

        And you’re clearly young, because apparently you wouldn’t know a good comedy if it came up and hit on you.

      • Mike

        I’m 41 and loved Raising Hope.

      • Alice

        I’m nineteen and I hated “Raising Hope,” but each to his own.

      • Jan

        You must be stupid. I’m older and didn’t watch any of this garbage. I was at a rehearsal for a play I’m in. Get a life and get out of the house!

    • Trinity

      I liked Raising Hope. The cast is perfect and it was LOL funny.

    • Booger9

      Rion, your mama is awful. And you’re wrong about Raising Hope. It was great. You have no sense of humor and you should stop being fat immediately.

    • JonG

      Raising Hope was a fantastic show, well written, Married With Children, Roseanne, Modern Family and Always Sunny In Philadelphia all rolled into one. Great show if you like at least one of the above mentioned shows, phenomenally well-written.

  • Another Opinion

    I thought Raising Hope was funny and Running Wilde was terrible.

    • Rion

      You have bad taste. Raising Hope was designed for hicks and hillbillies without brain cells. Guess that’s why you liked it!

      • DDB

        Way to overgeneralize. Newsflash, people have opinions that differ from yours.

      • Brenna

        Not everyone has to agree with you… why be so mean? When people say stuff like that to someone they’ve never met it makes them look pathetic and bored with life.

      • Pablo

        hey its pablo again… U SUCK TOO!

      • trashytvlover

        Rion-wtf? who peed in your cereal? prolly your mother since you obviously still live at home in the basement. How is it if someone disagrees with you they have bad taste, and yet on your very first post you “hope” for failure of a show, sounds like the bad taste is all your, sweetie

      • Mike

        Sorry we can’t be as high brow as you …

      • Beverly Hillbilly

        how would you know what a hillbilly or hick thiinks like unless you are one and are embarrased about it. Oh, and your name is ghetto…

      • anonymous

        You’re a troll. Contrary to what you believe, this doesn’t absolve you of being responsible for your words, so let me clue you in: You suck.

    • costello

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • llevinso

      I agree “Another Opinion,” I really liked Raising Hope. Running Wilde was pretty blah but I like it’s leads so I’m hoping it picks up next week.

    • HarrietMck

      I second that. Raising Hope was hilarious (Martha Plimpton is awesome) and Running Wilde was really, really, excruciatingly bad.

  • Preston

    Maybe because Glee had such a strong season last year, the momentum is shifting to them this time. I think that people are back to watching scripted comedies and dramas after an overreliance on reality shows on some of those time slots for 5 to 10 years. That’s why Biggest Loser suffered. Dancing did well, but that’s about it; the majority was scripted series that performed well on Tuesday. NBC doesn’t really perform well on Tuesday; it’s their weakest ratings night.

  • GMan

    Actually, I enjoyed Raising Hope. Glee, on the other hand, is simply insufferable. I just don’t see the appeal.

    • Rion

      You like shows where people vomit on babies? Wow. I hope you don’t have kids.

      • Nathan

        Raising Hope exists to fill the void left when My Name is Earl got axed, another terrible show btw.

      • GMan

        Clearly the comedy and heart displayed in Raising Hope aren’t to your taste …. stick with Glee, the Vampire Diaries and Twilight. They are “designed” for teenyboppers. LOL

      • Still Funny

        The vomit on the baby was hilarious and the mom doing it as well was epic. I laughed hard while my wife was disgusted. Does it make me immature, of course it does. Still, if all the shows were the same, then that would be boring too.

      • Moule

        Obviously folks, Rion believes television shows should offer us paragons of behavior on which to model our lives. I hope he doesn’t watch Mad Men as much as I do.

      • trashytvlover

        It was funny, and real, I got a little quesy first time I changed a diaper, it made me LOL, and the heart behind it was well done, Raising Hope FTW!

      • Cira

        Wow, Gman. I can’t believe you put Glee in the same category as crap like Twilight and the Vampire Diaries. You’ve obvously never watched it. Glee is all comedy and heart.

      • Beverly Hillbilly

        really? it wasn’t real vomit. You need to get another appointment with your psychiatrist. I thought you were getting help with discerning reality from fantasy.

      • JonG

        Rion, you like shows where adultery is the norm, people lie about pregnancy and persuade young people to destroy the lives of adults?

    • Pablo

      WOW ok just make fun of everything i care about in my life.

  • ST

    People need to watch Parenthood. That show is incredible. Please NBC-don’t cancel it!!

    • sr


    • Wonderboy

      I agree completely! the best network dramady out there!

  • Rodney

    Raising Hope was hilarious. I would like to see it grow. I like spending time with these people. It’s also kinf of like having My Name is Earl on the air again. The mix of quirk and heart was fun.

  • CiCi217

    Raising Hope was very funny. Glee same basic show week after week after ……. Its premise won’t last. The Biggest Loser really laid an egg last night running around to all these different cities. Stick to the Ranch people. Now why does ANYONE watch DWTS????

    • Kate

      lol, Glee won’t last. Clever writing, great acting, amazing singing, Emmy wins, yeah its bound for the crapper

      • Diva


      • Josh

        Clever writing? Great acting? You’re joking, right? Take Jane Lynch out of the show, and no, the acting is not great. Of course the singing is amazing. It’s called auto-tune. Take that away, and the show’s gone. Note it received the most Emmy noms, and lost big time. Glee is a fad. Oversatuation is the name of the game with Fox.

  • Anonymous

    I tried watching some of these shows, but really nothing can compare to my excitement for Fringe at the moment. So I would kinda be biased if I gave any opinions

    • davey

      Yeah for Fringe! :)

    • toonaspie

      and I’d be biased with you…
      …Fringe is awesome! 8)

  • Rachel

    I stuck through Raising Hope. It had a few laughs, don’t don’t if I’ll continue with it. I’ll have to watch next week, but Running Wilde was UGH. I tuned to something else after the first few minutes and I love Keri.

    • trashytvlover

      I agree, was pleasantly surprised by Hope and sadly, the show I was most excited for (running wilde) was just silly, big disappointment :(

  • alex

    Loved Raising Hope. Running Wilde not so much.

  • LM

    NCIS had a great premiere. How come there is absolutely nothing about it on this website?

    • Erin

      I agree. It was surprisingly good and I thought was a way better opener than Glee’s effort. However I’m glad Glee is kicking some ass and albeit still fantastic ratings, NCIS received ratings nowhere near the 20 mill mark like they often achieved last year. Last season was subpar and the finale was average. I feared that after their great season (ratings-wise) last year TPTB would continue one with the stuff that made it not so great. I really hope my fears go unfounded.

  • Jonathan

    Love Glee — weak premiere.
    Raising Hope – C+ – I have faith it will get better
    Wilde – C- – but will likely get worse, Rnett is delightful as ever, however

    • Alex

      No singing for shue or puck…..not a slam dunk. I did like the two new people….did not like the NEW WORK song, never liked that song. B+ IMO.

  • Dav

    I actually felt physical pain when watching the commercials for running Wilde. Trying sooooooooooooo hard to be funny. Does Will Arnet ever play another type of character? Couldn’t pay me to tune in to that show.

    • LC

      I thought it was just me but Will Arnett plays the same character in everythying. He’s even terrible as a gay executive on 30 Rock. Keri Russell is such a boring actress.

  • Sherry In The Lou

    Glee, i love you but lukewarm season premier – looking forward to next week’s Britney episode!
    Loved Cloris Leachman on Raising Hope – she and Martha Plimpton are the show. Other actors were not memorable.

    Running Wilde – Will Arnet, you are so funny as this guy, but you need better writing and lose the gay nanny/secretary guy – the driver was funny.

  • Sheri

    I laughed sooo hard at Raising Hope.. I think it is a great new comedy. The next show with Will Arnett was also funny. Keep up the good work… Also Glee was terrific as usual.

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