Exclusive: NBC and Bryan Fuller remaking 'The Munsters'

the-munsters-showImage Credit: CBS Archive/Getty ImagesConsider this an early Halloween present from me to you: Pushing Daisies mastermind Bryan Fuller is toiling away on a modern-day reboot of the creepshow classic The Munsters!

So far, NBC, with whom Fuller has an overall deal, has ordered only a pilot. But since the potential series is being described to me as “Modern Family meets True Blood,” I have a good feeling about it.

Not only that, but rumor has it no less than Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy) is eyeing a behind-the-scenes role in the project.

So, um, once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, let’s see the synonyms for “amazing” you come up with to describe the very notion of this show below.


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  • Lillie

    Too cool!

    • Bruce_F

      It would be if it was on HBO or Showtime. This project is doomed to failure by the letters N, B, and C.

      • iCarly better


        They should remake Silver Spoons or Out of This World instead

      • Brian

        Of course it’s on NBC–Universal owns the monster design rights and they’d want to put it on their home network.

      • Angel

        Not everything on HBO and SHO is that great. What’s True Blood going for another season, bring out the Mummy? I love that new redhead Jessica, but I get more excited when Vampire Diaries airs on Thursday nights.

      • Emily

        @Angel, agreed. True Blood was fun in the first season, but IMO, it’s gone downhill pretty fast. TVD, however, has so far been even more kick ass in its second season than it was in its first. And yes, Bruce, I agree the project is doomed to failure, but I doubt it’ll be a quality issue, cuz Bryan Fuller’s fantastic! I’m pretty pumped to see what he comes up with!

      • ribenren

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      • Melissa

        yes iCarly better – Out of this world should br brought back!!!

      • Carl

        You are correct sir! The peacock network has become the “Chin” network. Even their “good” shows are being killed by lack of promotion.

    • Larry David

      I don’t even need to see this and I already know that its gonna be cancelled.

      • Kvivik

        I so agree. I’m sick of remakes. :-(

      • Ncdrew

        I think this could work. Pushing Daisies was indeed amazing and The Munsters could combine Fuller’s quirky vision with both fun and nostalgia. I’ll be watching.

      • Garry

        Nine times out of ten, remakes are inferior to the originals, so I’m not eager to see it. I love “The Munsters” — the writing was much more clever than it has ever been given credit for.

      • nyangel22

        i complete agree. First of all, it will be on NBC, which hasn’t had any major hits since Friends ended its run 6 years ago. Second, its The Munsters. It only lasted 2 seasons back in the 60’s. No matter how it is reimagined, it will still be the same show at its core. Why should modern viewers tune in to something that her grandparents didn’t want to watch 45 years ago?

    • Angel


      • shanemd

        Not many people sadly. Will be shocked if the show gets a second season, but I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it.

      • TD Sims

        I did! I did! Rubicon is my fave new show this season for sure.

    • Brett

      ‘Cause Bryan Fuller had so much success with “Pushing Daisies.” And remakes of “The Munsters” have proven to be television gold. (Or does anyone remember there’s already been an attempt to remake “The Munsters”?

      • Blair

        Just please tell me that they won’t be casting Will Ferrell in it.

      • Brian

        Yep, and the remake (The Munsters Today) was fairly well received ran longer than the original. Give this one a shot. There is an entire generation that could be introduced to great characters for the first time.

      • Zaphod

        This remake is going to fail as most remakes do, but Pushing Daisies wasn’t terrible. It became doomed thanks to the writers’ strike, just like other new shows at the time.

      • Brett

        Brian, the remake went 3 seasons to the original’s 2, but only 2 more episodes than the original’s 70 episode run.

      • Tim

        dude… Friends ran for 10 seasons and number of Bad films, failed series from the 6 stars would make a network chief’s head explode… so some times a handfull of ‘wrongs’ can make a ‘right’.

      • Miffy

        The remake was not “fairly well received” – it was a critical disaster. The only reason it ran for three years was because it was made on the cheap and was first-run syndication, in afternoon and early evening timeslots. And it was a disaster in the rerun market – the reason the show was revived to begin with.

    • delma bowen

      yes really cool

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    tired of all the rehash, recrap, etc

    bad idea

    • Angel

      Here, here!

      • mark

        I believe you mean “hear, hear.”

    • Tim

      Seconded. This is a horrible idea. I can’t believe they’re letting them do this and this many people are actually on board. Is nothing sacred anymore? Half these people don’t even remember what the original Munsters was and won’t watch the recreation. Some things should be left alone. You can’t recreate that show for modern times, it belongs in the context it was in. The jokes won’t translate to a more cynical age, they’ll make it overly dark and True Blood is a horrible comparison. The Munsters was nothing like that.

      • David

        This just in, NBC Universal remaking “Casablanca” with Matt Damon as Rick, Katherine Hiegel as Illsa and Kanye West as Sam.

      • wasabi

        Didn’t NBC develop a failed Casablanca TV series years ago starring David Soul?

      • Bazinga!

        @Tim – I totally agree with you. It seems impossible they will be able to create a modern take on the original series. However, I think Bryan Fuller has such an innovative vision, he may be able to pull it off, maybe to critical aclaim, but not ratings wise. And no matter what anyone else says, I think Pushing Daisies was a fantastic show!

      • Brett

        LOL@David: “Yo, Rick, Imma let you finish, but the Blue Parrot Cafe is the best cafe in Casablanca!”

  • Emily

    Cool! I wonder who they’ll cast….

    • Shirley

      If they don’t make Brad Garrett ‘Herman’, they shouldn’t even bother…

      • jacob

        was racking my brain as to who would be a good fit for Herman and couldnt think of any on, you nailed it

      • Blair

        And Bebe Neuwirth as Lily?

      • Trillian

        Please – they could find someone with some acting talent and put him in platform shoes first!

      • Zaphod

        Brad as Herman and Bebe as Lily? OK, so I’d tune in to watch that. Who do you get as Grandpa though? Jerry Stiller?

      • @Zaphod

        Christofer Lloyd, of course.

      • Zaphod

        Lloyd? Well, now I’m definitely sold.

    • AceHurler

      And introducing Sean Hannity as Eddie

      • Stormy

        Good one!

  • JamiesFanGirl

    Oh my gosh, that sounds great! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Jen

    Kristen Bell for Marilyn plsthx?!

    • dryedmangoez

      Ah! That would be amazing! And perfect!

    • Angel

      Why her? Marilyn is supposed the be the pretty one.

      • Zaphod

        Kristen Bell isn’t pretty??

  • Steve Cates

    No one, absolutely no one can replace Fred Gwynne as Herman- his portrayal is untouchable!

    • Kevin

      Can’t you see Brad Garrett as Herman? Can you say type casting!

      • Dave

        If it’s anyone but Garrett, I’ll be floored.

  • CharleeAnn


  • Maddy

    What the hell is wrong with NBC? The Munsters is too iconic and the people at NBC need to stop smoking crack. Here’s to hoping this goes the way of their last remake, the Bionic Woman.

    • Angel

      It’s not NBC. It’s Bryan Fuller and Del Toro’s lame ideas. They’re looking for work in all the wrong places.

    • Brian

      Isn’t it possible that Fuller/Del Toro have an original spin on this idea that would add new layers to the iconic show? How about giving it a chance before writing it off?

    • Tim

      No. No it’s not. At this point they’re about half a heartbeat away from remaking Citizen Kane or the Godfather. Some things need to be left alone. We don’t need a “new spin” on everything. You want a new spin? Here’s a novel notion: Come up with an actual IDEA of your own for a change. That would take the actual type of creativity we’re desperately lacking. Stop remaking everything.

      • Blair

        Next up, Gone With The Wind starring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

      • Brian

        I’m all for new ideas, but if they can update and improve it or do something new with the story (the only two reasons for remaking something, IMO), then that’s cool too. If they fail, it doesn’t erase the old show though.

      • Brian

        Is Zac old enough to be able to grow that iconic Butler moustache?? I thought he was still desperate to get his first facial hair at all…

  • Wendy

    Holy cannoli! This could be ten kinds of win if NBC doesn’t interfere with Bryan Fuller.

    • Haterrr

      That’d be a true effing sin

      • Blair

        Relax, I was being sarcastic. Gone with the wind, the musical!

  • MKS

    You had me at “Bryan Fuller”, and then successfully blew my mind away at “Guillermo del Toro”.

    • Bob

      NO,NO,and ummmmmmm

  • dryedmangoez

    That would be very interesting! I’m confident in Bryan Fuller’s abilities. AND it would be different from any of NBC’s comedies (and really any other comedy on the air today).

    I’m actually more excited about this than I thought I would be. Haha.

  • Jay

    No. Just no.

    • Plowboy

      This is bad on so many levels. Why not just start with new episodes of Pushing Daisies.

      • Holly C

        Yeah, because so many people watched it the first time around…

  • Michelle

    I’m not sure if I’m excited or horrified.

  • Lil Cee

    OOOOOooooh! i hope its like pushing daisies but darker!

  • nikki

    so so excited!!!!!!!! :) i’m speechless

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