Exclusive: I have some big news...

cuddy-ausielloYou may need a hug after you read this. Or I may need one. Sources confirm to me exclusively that… I just made pretty much the most difficult decision of my life.

After nearly two and a half years, 108 Ask Ausiellos, 176 asterisk quizzes, 37 blind items, and 98 Save Chuck campaigns, I have decided to leave Entertainment Weekly to fulfill my life-long dream of opening a Smurf museum in Belgium.

Okay, the museum part is hogwash, but I am moving on from EW. The reason: I’m starting my own television site with Jay Penske’s MMC Corporation, the company behind Deadline.com, Movieline.com, HollywoodLife.com, etc.

Although I know there will probably be a lot of rumors about why I’m really making the change—mainly involving Annie Barrett pushing me out—don’t believe them. (She only tried to push me out.) The truth is, as I’m approaching my, uh, late *cough* 20s, it’s simply time for me to do something that scares the you-know-what outta me. And there’s nothing more terrifying than walking away from the best job in the world at one of the best, most iconic, pop-culture brands in the world.

Except maybe the words “Twenty-four hour ‘Til Death marathon.”

At any rate, you’re not getting rid of me just yet. I’ll be hanging around EW for a little bit longer, doling out hopefully enough scoop to see you through this transition period. So don’t think of this as a good-bye, think of it more as a spoiler alert. Actually, that being the case, maybe I should have put SPOILER ALERT at the beginning of this story instead of the end.

My bad.

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  • K

    Good luck!

    • nodnarb

      Thank god I’ll never have to read the word “hitcom” ever again.

      • Dave

        Yes! I f***ing hate that word!

      • Dexx

        You never had to. You chose to read his articles.

      • nodnarb

        They were unavoidable. Every pointless post was plastered all over EW’s front… it couldn’t be any more obvious that he had some contract term requiring them to do so. Apparently, they’ve discovered that diva demands aren’t profitable.

    • Aarn Farmer

      Love your column! Best of luck to you.

      • Real Jersey Jeff

        Well since you have not had any scoop since TV Guide, this will be no loss. I am glad Annie Barrett made the effort, she is great!.

      • The First Jersey Jeff

        I’ll miss your scoops Mike, and am looking forward to your new venture. One suggestion for the new site. NICKNAME Registration.

      • Real Jersey Jeff

        I agree Mike some guy keeps taking mine.

      • Jersey Jeff

        I also agree, I have important things to say, and I want all the credit for my loving Mike.

      • The First Jersey Jeff

        See what I mean, I love Mike more then all the other Jeffs in Jersey.

    • Larry David

      Whatever! Never liked you anyway. During interviews, you kinda came off as a bad person who thinks he knows it all but really doesn’t.

      • CJ

        so are you the pot or the kettle…so hard to tell with you spewing venom in most of your posts.

      • Miffy

        Amen. So glad I’ll never have to look at that ugly face and potato body again, as well as read the gossipy narcissism.

        EW’s credibility just went up a few notches.

      • lmb73

        What the heck is a potato body?

      • mary q contrary

        Aw, Larry, go be a troll on the new site. I’ll see you there. I for one, love this man, no where he’s working, and will follow him dutifully. Not gonna say I’m not a little disappointed, though. I’ve been reading EW since I was in middle school in the mid to late 90’s, and Ausiello has only improved the publication since he arrived.

      • nodnarb

        ::rolls eyes::
        Michael Ausiello represents everything that’s gone wrong with Entertainment Weekly including the sudden shift in focus to celebrity worship, the abandonment of any pretense to actual journalism, and the pageview grab by amassing an army of Twitter followers. We can only hope that JCagle quickly follows him.

    • loBe

      You’re such a drama queen sometimes, but I love you cause you love LisaE as much as I do!
      I’ll follow you everywhere Aussie =)

    • tcmitssr

      The Crofton Tattler always has openings when things hit bottom.

    • bbrady

      You Rock Michael…good luck, can’t wait to see the new site!!

  • Jenny

    You keep bringing the scoop, I’ll follow you anywhere. ;) Good luck!

    • Zara

      I concur! :D

    • rj631


    • melanie

      exactly. + your interviews with Lisa E are EPIC, and i NEED MORE OF THEM!!

      • Gangy

        Congratulations on the big move! I started reading you on TV Guide & followed you here. Now, I guess I’ll be checking out your new site. Congratulations again :)

      • tvgirl48

        I also followed Ausiello over from TVGuide to EW, so I’ll keep on tagging along for scoop!

    • Tuesday

      I’ll follow you as well, Especially since Cuddy is kissing you in this picture

    • Liz

      Oh Aus, I followed you from TVGuide a million years ago, now I’m old and set in my ways. I’ll miss you but I’m not moving over to a new site (you won’t miss me but hey, we can dream eh?)

  • Matt


    • Nicotine


      • paulXD


      • MajorTom

        Evidently you, since you took the time to read and respond…

    • Real Jersey Jeff


  • Yolanda

    I hoped that this would actually be news of some substance. Foolish me.

    • KoleBigEars

      Every time you take a breath you, personally, pollute the earth. Please stop breathing.

      • oceangal23

        Wow..Unhappy much?

    • Miffy

      My god – why are you ready this column for substance?

  • Kiddo

    LMAO at the pic. Good luck, Ausie :)

    • Cheery

      I like the picture choice too. :D

      But hey, Aus, you better get that sitdown interview with HUGH AND LISA before you go!!!

      Also, bad move, man.

  • Erin

    Starz is recasting Andy Whitfield and now THIS?? Ausiello, I don’t think I can take more bad news!

    • ann

      yes, I concur.

    • Tim

      Mike, are you replacing Andy on Spartacus?

  • Jerri

    Best of luck Ausiello! :-)

  • Laura

    What Jenny said! Good luck with your new project, you’ll have us there with you!

  • sandil

    aawww, i shall miss you, but hey, you’ll be on TV so i will get to see you *yay!!!!*

  • AusieFan


  • katherine

    But good luck anyway…

  • chris

    :( this sucks.

  • I

    ’98 Save Chuck Campaigns’
    Hahaha. Oh, Ausiello. How I’ll miss you. Good luck.

  • Remy

    Consider my heart broken. Best of luck Ausiello! I’ll follow you wherever.

    • Shay

      I agree!

    • Mels

      Little late to the news, but following Ausiello from TV Guide started my addiction to EW. I can’t believe it’s been more than 2 years.
      I will follow you too! Good luck!

  • Tara

    That’s a bummer. You’ll be missed.

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