First Look: Taylor Momsen returns to 'Gossip Girl'

tim-gunn-with-taylor-momsenImage Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWTaylor Momsen returns to Gossip Girl on Oct. 25, and if the above photo with special guest star Tim Gunn is any indication, she’s thrilled to be back! In the episode, Blair allows wannabe fashion designer Jenny to temporarily gain entry to the island of Manhattan to meet with Gunn (playing himself) about a job opportunity. I’m going to go out on a limb and say their onscreen encounter probably went better than their offscreen one.

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  • Katie

    Oh god no. I was hoping she left forever cant stand this chick at all.

    • Larry David

      I think Ausiello has mistaken us for people who give a crap about ‘Gossip Girl’. The ratings for that show is dropping faster than an apple who fell from a tree.

      • Lisa

        Obviousl you didnt read earlier when ausiello said GGs ratings were super great last night. Go away.

      • ribenren

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      • onlymystory

        The ratings have actually been great this season.
        Hint…Jenny isn’t there! We all hate Jenny! Keep her off!

    • Lois Stinks!

      I thought she wes off the show too. But for some reason, she’s still in the group shot at the end of their commercials. She’s there but Eric isn’t?

      • Justin

        Because Eric isn’t a “regular” on the show, she is. That’s why she’s in the promo shots.

    • sandy

      please no… i don’t like Taylor… and jenny is a useless character! noone misses the 16 year old whore….

      • wino

        her attitude ON and OFF screen is extremly off-putting. where are her parents? they need to teach this trashy wench how to behave like a normal person. i dont care about her wannabe cool style, its her lack of work ethic and snobbery that makes me want to punch her face.

    • santana

      I know right? Does anyone miss her?? I mean even the characters on the show don’t miss her, much less the fans!

      • viddingwithkyle

        I miss her so there’s goes your theory.

      • april-ann

        Totally agree! Why is she even on? Off-putting and offensive is putting it mildly. She’s just nasty. As for her parents, they are probably very embarrassed to have a daughter with a personality so mean and ugly.

      • murley

        i totally miss jenny! momsen is a very talented actress, attitude aside, and jenny is bottled drama.

      • stef

        I miss Jenny too! The show is not the same without her. Doesn’t have that drama Jenny’s character brought. I def miss Taylor on GG!

    • lorna

      honestly, i hate serena, and was hoping for jenn/nate. love taylor and jenny. i only watched a little last season cause i got bored. maybe ill have to watch again.

  • rebecca

    and she still looks creepy!

    • The First Jersey Jeff

      Shie is a little too young for Tim (and a little to female)

  • stasha822

    She looks like she’s sucking on a lemon. Such a pleasant girl. ;p Does she really have to come back? I was really enjoy a Jenny-free Gossip Girl.

    • stasha822

      Oops…enjoying a Jenny-free Gossip Girl. :D

      • april-ann

        Oh, no! I was really enjoying GG without her, too, but will stop watching the second she reappears onscreen. UGH to Taylor Momsen and to Jenny.

      • celeste

        shes so annoying and trashy…
        and she looks like a raccoon…

    • Valley Girl

      What a sour face she’s sporting – ugh, indeed!

    • Under the sun

      That’s cause tim gunn was such a bitch to her (though he probably wouldnt have if she dressend in any other colour than black).

  • Reba

    Oh Tim Gunn get away from her!

  • Annie

    Have not missed Jenny at all!

  • Eric

    Welcome back Little J. I miss the high school drama you bring, and also it’s nice to have a bad girl back.

    Sadly this gives Tim Gumm more of an opportunity to slam a teenager in the attempt to sell more copies of his etiquette book.

    • liz

      I think Blair is the original bad girl on GG and I’m hoping that Little J will be the first causualty of the great Chuck vs. Blair war of 2010.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        I agree. Don’t miss her at all, make her go and never return!!

    • viddingwithkyle

      I agree Eric. What a pathetic man.

  • Kelly

    That is one of the most forced smiles I’ve ever seen on Tim’s face. Can’t say I blame him. Why oh why must Taylor/Jenny return?!?! GG is better without either of them.

  • Ingrid

    It’s about time J came back… show was getting to be a snore without her…

  • Bruce_F

    Oh come on, Ausiello. This is certainly not scoop and it’s obviously not exclusive news or even an exclusive image.

    This entire post is just an excuse to bag on Taylor Momsen. Retract your claws, will ya?

    • Hannah

      Where does it say scoop?

      • Bruce_F

        It’s in the title of the blog. You know, where it says…

        “The Ausiello Files – Exclusive TV News and Scoop”

    • The First Jersey Jeff

      He has already packed his bags and is passing off publicity photos as scoop.

  • SA

    I was hoping she would stay gone. GG has been much more tolerable without her!

  • XOXO

    yes she looks THRILLED indeed!! what a trainweck!

    • Kimberly

      Aww, you’re talking about yourself? So mean to yourself, lameo!

  • saint of E. 69th st

    Taylor rocks love Pretty Reckless and jenny…you haters can just die a little more….

    • santana

      Love The Pretty Reckless, hate Jenny. Can’t Jenny just stay in Hudson, and then Taylor can just concentrate on her music?

      • martina


  • Bee

    ew. still not over the jenny overload during the 2nd half of season 3. thank God it’s only one episode. but atleast she looks better here than the disaster that was her makeup and hair last year.

    • Kate

      Why cant they take Jenny back ot her natural look and attitude or does Taylor now write and direct fo the show!?

  • pop

    i LOVE tim gunn. poor guy having to pose with that sour girl

  • EmmaLeeLove

    awww, she looks so happy to be with him!

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