It's Official: NBC axes 'Outlaw'

outlawImage Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBCNBC has officially pulled the plug on Jimmy Smits’ struggling rookie procedural Outlaw. The Friday-night legal drama, which was already on a production hiatus, will be replaced by a second hour of Dateline. The final four episodes will air Saturdays at 8 pm beginning this week. Any questions?

For more on Outlaw: Why can’t Jimmy Smits catch a break in primetime?


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  • DJ

    Mr. Smit, not again!

    • Lola

      I knoooooow!!!! They cancel Cane and now this!!!

      • harry

        screw your old man and get off this website!

      • “Can’t Watch TV” from ABC

        Who keeps putting that junk on like LOVER? Are people really that hopeless?

    • west wing lover

      Maybe they could continue with President Santos on a West Wing type show. Big Jimmy fan, hate it has all gone south as of late.

      • LOCI Lover

        That’s because he hasn’t had a good enough role since Santos. smits is a fine actor and deserves better shows/ characters than he’s been playing lately. I wish they had also continued West Wing with his presidency. Hopefully, his next project will be worth of him and he won’t end up on Housewives or Grey’s.

    • Cancel Undercovers Next

      Good riddance, Outlaw – what a dumb premise for a show. And speaking of dumb premises, cancel Undercovers!!!!

      • Phadelic

        Undercovers is pretty good and is getting better every episode.

      • bootsycolumbia

        OK, Undercovers is pretty superficial, but it’s fun. It has the same vibe as Hart to Hart (from back in the 80s), and the two leads are great. Outlaw, on the other hand, was dull and unworthy of Jimmy Smits’ talents. I won’t miss it.

      • Tania

        And the lame-ass “Chuck” continues.

  • Alex

    Aaaaaand nobody will miss it.

    • Liz

      I didn’t even know this show existed until right now.

    • will

      Worst preview for a show I have ever seen.

      • McEvil One

        Sorry, that ‘honor’ goes to Lonestar

    • Sam

      Giving any show a friday night time slot is just asking for it to get canceled.

      • dropper

        Tell that to Blue Bloods, they’re doing just fine. This show failed because it wasn’t very good.

      • Casey

        Blue Bloods has Tom Selleck. Enough said.

      • sam

        I love Blue Bloods. I dvr’d Outlaw but never got around to watching it.

      • m.

        @Casey and Outlaw had Jimmy Smits.

        Outlaw was just a horrible horrible show. “Blue Bloods” is OK (there are better shows, but there a lot worse).

      • Stephanie

        Medium still appears to be doing fine since it’s been moved to Fridays a few years ago…

  • operaj

    Sad, I really liked it.. I really don’t think NBC gave it a chance- shocker

    • J

      They did considering it was DOA from the start. Should have been canceled weeks ago.

    • Michael

      They premiered it after the biggest show (and episode) they have! America’s Got Talent’s FINALE and it premiered with dismal ratings. Now, I admit that Fridays isn’t the best night for TV but NBC (and all networks) must continue trying to program Fridays. They thought this would work but it didn’t.

      They should have premiered The Event in that slot. Not saying that I really like The Event (although I watch it) but since they were pushing that show through and through it just makes sense.

      • Liz

        TGIF used to be must see TV in our household (back in the 90’s) they need to bring that kind of TV back to Friday nights. I would gladly watch it with my young daughters the way me and my family watched it 20 years ago. TV geared toward young families seems perfect for Friday nights.

      • bootsycolumbia

        I couldn’t agree with you more, Liz.

    • Kris

      How could they “not give it a chance” when it had terrible ratings that just got worse? Should they have waited until literally no one was watching?

      • TJ

        For some reason, more and more people seem to think that a network should just keep throwing money after a clearly sinking ship. See: Lone Star.

      • Lois

        The ratings were awful, and I’m not surprised. The whole premise of the show was silly. “Bad Boy” Supreme Court Justice quits to help get justice for the little people – really who thought that was a good concept? Maybe for a sitcom, but not a drama. I laughed everytime I saw a promo for the show. I don’t know about quality of the show itself, as I didn’t watch. The promos made me want to avoid it at all costs.

        I did watch Lone Star, and can say that it was bad and deserved to be cancelled.

      • thin

        Yeah, I agree. I was so turned off by the ridiculous promos for this show that I was never interested in giving it even one chance.

      • Clete

        I agree with the comment by Lois. Jimmie Smits is a fine actor, but the premise of the show was weak at best. Who would leave the supreme court to become a trail attorney.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        Seriously bad concept. Ask any attorney – getting appointed as a Supreme Court Justice is a dream job akin to being appointed Hugh Hefner (but without the sex)! It’s a lifetime gig where you do little or no work (top-grade law clerks do all the researching & will write most of the opinions; it’s an editing job at most). And as if an attorney with the “dark past” Smits’ character supposedly had would survive Senate confirmation hearings! Just too dumb to be taken seriously as a show.

      • Bebe

        The networks seem to have forgotten about Seinfeld. It, too, debuted to lousy ratings. But NBC gave it time and it seemed to develop a following, if memory serves…

      • JJ

        Everybody just LOVES to throw Seinfeld out there but what they forget is that for every Seinfeld there were about a dozen shows that crashed and burned no matter how much money and advertising they put into it. It’s the nature of TV.

  • Don

    no surprise

  • jille

    I watched the first episode but wasn’t impressed..Something was missing. now I love Detroit 187..send him over there

    • That Dude

      Detriot 187 is on its way to being cancelled

      • Meli

        Then we can transfer Mr. Smits and the entire cast of Detroit 187 to Running Wilde to see if they can pick up ratings and make the show somewhat funny. Hmm, a comedy about an ex-Supreme Court Justice and his homeboys the Detroit Homicide Squad, living in a mansion with a selfish billionaire, his screechy ex-high school sweetheart, her smartass daughter, and various wacky servants. Hilarity ensues.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        @Meli – you’ve already pitched this to the networks, haven’t you? Bet you get green lighted…..

  • Rebecca

    sad, but not surprised. just waiting for this to happen.

  • Ap


    I agree jille…Detroit 187 is a great show

    • MM

      I like Detroit 187 as well. Personally thought the last episode was the best yet. Too bad the pilot was kind of jacked up and, you know, shot in Atlanta.

      If shows like BLEEP my father says and Outsourced live longer than 187 I’ll be annoyed, because those two are terrible!

  • unworthyman

    it was liberal propaganda disguised as a show- and i cibsider myself liberal

    • LOL

      What a tool.

    • Arek

      Nobody who uses the words “liberal propaganda” is actually liberal.

      • KRibbons

        unless you are incredibly open-minded and your vision and thought process isn’t clouded by your political affliation

      • Arek

        @KRibbons: That’s funny, I thought that’s what the definition of liberal WAS :P

  • Carlos

    I never had a chance to watch this show, but watching the commercial, I don’t think I would have like this show.

  • Mark

    Had to be one of the stupidest ideas for a show ever!

  • Carlos

    I will have to watch one of the episodes on NBC DEMAND. I had never seen CHUCK before, until I saw season 3 on the Internet last month. Now, I am hooked on CHUCK. It’s a cool show with comedy and DRAMA. Those 2 goofy guys on CHUCK need to be given the ax.

  • Slezak

    He can still get work as the Conky repairman

  • Ruthie

    Just one question, which show is next?!

    • Kristen

      Either, Detroit 187 or The Whole Truth OR Running Wilde on Fox. I think Running Wilde will at least last through November, but the aforementioned two are definitely on the chopping block.

      • m.

        A lot of people are speculating that “Running Wild” won’t be back after Halloween when double episodes of “Raising Hope” are aired.

      • Eek

        Why is Good Guys still on? That’s a crap show. and so is Rubicon. How are they still running?

  • Garry

    It was a truly stupid concept for a show. No Supreme Court justice would resign to become a defense lawyer. He had far more influence on the court to free the innocent than being a defense lawyer.
    NBC should be ashamed of itself for wasting Smits & our time with such lameness!

    • TJ

      Agreed. Admittedly, something like this might have worked back in the 80’s, but not now.

    • California Lady

      @Garry & TJ – Agreed. I watched one truly awful episode and gave up. Victor Sifuentes would never have signed up for this pathetic mess.

  • Peter Vee

    It was a ludicrous premise.

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