ABC cancels 'The Whole Truth'

Despite buzz that ABC was giving The Whole Truth one more week to prove itself, the network has gone and canceled the low-rated legal drama. The news was confirmed on Twitter by co-executive producer KristieAnne Reed.

“ABC gave us the word,” she tweeted. “We will only make 13 episodes of The Whole Truth.” The drama only averaged 5.3 million viewers (ranked No. 69 among all primetime shows) and a 1.5 rating/4 share among adults 18-49 (ranked No. 72).

It’s unclear how many of Truth‘s remaining unaired episodes will see the light of day; an original episode is still scheduled to air on Wednesday. ABC already announced a Plan B scenario for the timeslot that will begin Nov. 3 with In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville. The special will feature the Good Morning America anchor interviewing some of country music’s biggest stars. On Nov 10., ABC will preempt all of its Wednesday programming for the Country Music Awards.

Earlier today, ABC extended full-season orders to fellow rookies No Ordinary Family and Better With You.

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  • Lumin

    heres no reason to hate on anybody, its their choice to be this are that in their lives, and as good healthy human beings whos happy with our own lives we should lift each others up, instead of tearing them down.

    • Casey


    • ltchy

      Yeah, l’m not sure that it’s ABC giving their shows a chance so much as the audience not giving ABC a chance when they’re (almost) faster with the axe than FOX…

      • The First Real Jersey Jeff

        I guess they couldn’t handle the truth.

    • Larry David

      The only breaking news here is that it took them this long. This show was the horrible truth about TV and how America loves court drama procedurals. Anyone who watched this show and enjoyed it has no taste in art whatsoever!

      • Annette

        A weekly television show – art? You must live a very sheltered life. My husband and I enjoyed the show and thought it was much better than any of the other new ones coming out this season. Too bad it got cut.

      • Brandon

        Well it’s just lucky that us braindead masses have you around to tell us what does and does not constitute artistic taste. While you’re ascribing definitive answer to abstract concepts, can you tell me how much a smile costs? What’s a rainbow taste like? What color is love?

      • ww

        “no taste in art”? that’s quite a grand statement when speaking of network television. it’s was the best show in it’s time slot. too bad.

      • KarlHall


      • Francisco

        Get back to work on your own show, hippie!

      • Tudodig

        Wow, no taste in art whatsoever. Big words. Let me guess you’re one of those who thinks the only great movies are those with subtitles. I found this show a new way of doing the crime/court procedural. It was something new, but of course it wasn’t Masterpiece Theater so you probably feel its beneath you. What a snob!

      • THE CRITIC


      • ripple

        I really liked this show.

      • Jon

        What a shame…This was a really smart, well written and acted show that, inlike many otheres, could actually keep you guessing about the guilt or innocence of the “perps”. And really good actors as well. Sad that it didn’t get a chance or a better timeslot, or more promotion. I’m disappointed to see it go.

      • barry

        It was one of my favorite shows, so I guess I am brain dead!

    • Jack Torrance

      Asked for a comment while on a dinner date at ViVO London, Jack Nicholson shook his head and replied, “I warned”. Asked to elaborate, he refused further comment.

  • English

    I really like the premise and how it was shaping up. I guess I have a better attention span then the rest of the country.

    • Lumin

      to any one who wants to make it in any thing, just remember this : if you think it than you can do it.

      • Vicki

        Wasn’t that a Nike ad?

    • Nikki

      I was content watching it. It was better than a LOT of things out there getting the green light. But GOD forbid we try to watch something that isn’t reality for longer than 3 weeks.
      Pretty soon, I’ll just cancel everything except HBO and Showtime. sheesh

  • Clarissa

    Boo. Hopefully Maura T. can find another show. <3 her.

    • graeme

      Like EW said a couple weeks ago in their review, Tierney is way too good of an actress to be stuck in a procedural show. Now she’s free to get that really great role that I’m sure is waiting for her.

      • Tudodig

        Right, cause there’s sooo many roles out there for middle aged women who’ve just recovered from cancer.

    • SIna

      They need to fire Lauren G from Parenthood and get Maura on there. Lauren G is ruining the show. She can’t act!

      • Marie

        What are you talking about? While I like Maura, Lauren Graham is one of the reasons I watch Parenthood and it seems that the role is best suited for Lauren than Maura so it all worked out in the end that Lauren took over from Maura.

      • Ryan

        To be fair, they changed the character a lot when Graham took over. And I like her a hell of a lot on Parenthood (I just LOVE that show) but I’m sure Tierney would have been good too. Perhaps she could come on as a cousin or something, give her a nice shout out? But I hope she finds something, she’s a great actress and so likable this show just didn’t intrigue me at all.

      • MDEP

        I had watched the preview clips for Parenthood with Maura Tierney, and I have to admit, I liked the character better when she played it. I do like Lauren Graham though.

  • Kate

    Just as well. There really was no there there.

  • Lucy

    I actually liked this show. Oh well.

  • Mandy

    Ugh. I really liked that show!

  • raiza

    The actors failed to shine, I think, and no chemistry and hated MT’s hair cut.
    Hope they all find new jobs pronto!! Stay away from legal shows for a while..too many as it is!!

    • Kyle

      Um.. really you hated her haircut?
      I’m going to go with “you didn’t know she apparently is a cancer survivor and this isn’t so much a haircut as it is, getting better”… I’ll pretend u didn’t know that, that way I don’t have to call you a douche. Ok?

    • martina

      She probably hates it too, since it wasn’t exactly her decision to get it cut! Ugh.

    • Allison

      And I’m going to add that for as sucky as reason as she has this hairstyle, I actually really like it on her! Very few women can pull off such short hair, and I think she’s one of them.

      • wolfbane

        egggh… her hair is a disaster. She looks like a sad 15 year old boy.

      • Lori

        She had cancer , like she can help the short hair after chemo !

  • martina

    What a bummer, this is so BS! With all the crappy shows that made it through, TWT should’ve have a chance too. Oh well, I hope Maura Tierney gets a job soon, on a good show at least.

  • Gloria(NC)

    That’s to bad I liked the show. Sad to see it go.

    • west coast ram

      Good acting by the leads but poor writing. Too many throw away quicked witted comments that fell flat. Good concept, different spin on legal procedural show.

  • mira

    The comments on this article so far are are even more nonsensical than usual…

    Bummer about The Whole Truth, but Maura Tierney’s sure to find another home on TV.

  • Lauren

    So good. Maura deserves a better show!!

    • The First Real Jersey Jeff

      So did we Lauren, so did we.

  • morrow10

    That is too bad. I just watched my first episode last week and I really liked to show. Too bad they expect people to jump and watch, but they never tell you when the show is on or advertise the thing.

    • Bern

      It was heavily advertised. What are you smoking?

      • davey

        It actually seemed to be advertsied just as much as the next show (atleast here on Canadian T.V)but after 20 minutes of the first episode I had to turn it off. Wasn’t bad…just didn’t hook me.

      • Tami

        They barely advertised this show. Compared to No ordinary Family, Detriot-187 and My Generation this show got about a fourth of the advertising the other shows got. So what are you smoking?

    • jwf

      Get a Tv guide loser

      • Catherine

        It’s really rude to call someone a loser. It was a really good show but in a bad time slot and should have been on a different day. I hope it comes back. Please no more snooki!

      • Tv Guide Expert

        Uh…hate to break it to ya, but TV Guide went belly-up…it’s no longer published.

  • Bianca

    Well this news stinks!!! I really liked this show!!!!

  • Mr Eko

    Too bad I gave it a chance and started warming up to it.

  • Elisa H

    I loved this show. This makes me upset!

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