Exclusive: 'Big Bang Theory' promotes Melissa Rauch to series regular

Talk about a genius move: The Big Bang Theory has quietly promoted the hilarious and very much in-demand Melissa Rauch — a.k.a. Howard’s main squeeze Bernadette — to a series regular.

Although Rauch’s deal doesn’t call for her to appear in every episode (and may or may not continue past this season), the upgrade is a nice vote of confidence for the actress — particularly since Bernadette was only meant to be around for an episode or two.

It also gives producers the security of knowing Rauch — who played Hoyt’s scarily devoted girlfriend in season 3 of True Blood — won’t get poached by another show.

I wholeheartedly approve!

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  • mew

    thats awsome!! i really like her and finally penny gets a girl friend on the show

    • Larry David

      Fine with me as long as they don’t promote the unfunny Blossom (Sheldon’s girlfriend) to full-time. That girl is ruining the show for EVERYONE. She is not funny, does not know how to act, and is no match for Sheldon. Bringing her on was the worst decision the show has made. Sheldon can’t and will not have a girl who is a friend. Kick her out NOW!!!

      • Jay


      • tcmitssr

        Like the real Larry David, IMHO, his faux foil, is as non-funny and as personally arrogant as his idol.

      • Cathy in San Diego

        Larry, can you please tell everyone which shows you don’t watch, so that we can go on those sections and not have to see your comments? I feel sorry for the people in your life, because you’re absolutely negative, they must not get a word in edgewise. And no matter what YOU think, you don’t speak for everyone.

      • Margie

        I love Sheldon’s, “girlfriend!” It’s so awesome that she’s so smart in real life!

      • tTo Cathy in San Diego

        You don’t honestly think Larry David has people in his life, do you? He wouldn’t be this starved for attention if he did.

      • Gopal

        Epic fail. “Blossom” is doing fine. LD’s opinion is just like everyone else’s: singular and insignificant. Worthy only of being ignored.

      • PGP

        Larry D. to each there own…I love the Amy character and hope that they do promote her. Honestly, if you don’t think that she is funny go back and watch the first date episode! IMO this show is on top of its game and one of two most funny shows on television tied with Modern Family!

      • Larry David

        Again, an impostor. Please ignore this gentleman, thank you.

      • Trigger Happy

        Does anybody else think that Larry David has a posting style all too similar to the sad dude that spammed every topic with a post about the glory of that syndicated failure, Legend of the Seeker? He’s just sad that his reason for living is gone. :(

      • goffy

        even if this guy is fake and an imposter, i still agree with him. do not like sheldon’s squeeze. One sheldon is enough!

        though i might be the only person in the world that doesnt like sheldon and prefers it when the episode focus’s on penny and sheldon….

    • Kris

      I love Bernadette. I actually didn’t realize that was her on True Blood too. I loved Summer! Totally different role. Guess that’s why they call it acting, she is goooooood. I love her doubly now that I know it is the same girl.

      • jezoebel

        I kept thinking why she looked so familiar. Sweet girlfriend on BBT, scary girlfriend on True Blood.

      • Nicotine

        I love her doubly too because she’s got huge knockers. Who’s with me?

      • Captain Sweatpants

        I’m with you Nicotine!

      • Elast-o-waist

        You got that right Nicotine! That’s one majestic rack!

    • Jarrod

      Ah, one wish granted. When she comes back for the next season of True Blood all will be right with the world and my wishes complete.

      • Scoots

        She is amazing. Good move Big to the Bang. I will be seriously peeved though if she doesn’t come back to True Blood.

  • Jim

    Isn’t this old news?

    • Lalaland

      Yeah. It’s not “EXCLUSIVE” when everyone knows it already.

    • Elizabeth

      I noticed her name on the opening credits this week – but didn’t really think anything of it.

  • Becky

    Yes, but what about the conspiracy plot between her character and Maxine Fortenberry on True Blood? Will it be a one-woman show now?

  • Liz

    Pssssh is this going to be like when they made Leslie Winkle a regular and we never saw her again?

    • martina

      My point exactly.

    • steph

      aw I actually kind of miss Leslie Winkle.

    • R.

      I know! Leslie was great.

    • Pan

      I really miss Leslie Winkle! She was so great! She should come back and win a Nobel Prize or something. Of all the nemesis Sheldon has had Leslie Winkle is my favorite.

  • B.

    That’s good! The show needs more of a M/F balance IMO.

    Has Penny’s last name even been revealed yet?

    • Scott

      With the news from a few days ago that Keith Carradine has been cast as Penny’s father, their family surname could be finally known in the next few episodes.

  • Rob

    Best news I’ve heard all day. I love her. I hope to hell that she will still do True Blood. If not, it is the worst news I’ve heard all day.

    • Snsetblaze

      It might be possible b/c even as a regular she may not be in every episode or have a big part in every one. Her role isn’t that big on True Blood so its possible that it can be worked around.

      • Jay

        I hope you’re right. So glad we are going to get more of her – keep her coming – but would really hate for her not to be on True Blood.

  • JamiesFanGirl

    Better decision that the one they announced yesterday…*cough, cough*

    Oh, that cold is going to get the best of me, yet! ;)

  • Allison

    YAY!!!!!!! I love her.

  • MC

    Great move. Much prefer her character to the Amy character that is sucking the life out of the rest of the show.

  • Jon88

    It would be gauche to say “Break a leg,” right?

  • Sarah

    I’m so thrilled to hear that! She’s such a great addition to the show…Made my day!

  • Anth

    Is it really an exclusive when she was listed in the main credits during last week’s episode?

    • daniel c w

      And the week before!
      This news is 2 episodes late

    • Andrew

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Chappel

    Great news. Melissa Rauch is adorable and her character is a perfect fit for the show.

  • Mandy

    Awesome. She is a perfect fit.

  • kathy

    Ah, but they made Sara Gilbert a series regular and after about 3 episodes she disappeared .. so either don’t get your hopes up or be happy depending upon your point of view.

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