Exclusive: 'Grey's' boss on this week's 'huge' twist and Cristina's big comeback!

greys-anatomyImage Credit: ABCThe memory of last season’s bloodbath looms large over this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. With a camera crew invading Seattle Grace to shoot a documentary about the hospital’s recovery efforts, the entire episode is shot from the POV of the filmmakers, giving the hour a very voyeuristic vibe.

“You actually feel like you’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at our characters’ lives,” suggests series creator Shonda Rhimes. “You see our characters in a very different way, because we’re approaching them in a very different way.”

Rhimes has long toyed with the notion of doing a docu-style installment, but it was coexecutive producer Stacy McKee — this week’s scribe — who figured out how best to execute it. “Stacy was obsessed with [ABC’s summer docuseries] Boston Med,” notes Rhimes. “So she came in one day after watching an episode and said, ‘I think I have it! I figured out how we can do our own version of that.’ And we used the shooting as our jumping-off point.”

However, by ensuring that this season’s story lines also move forward, Rhimes & Co. avoided getting the episode tagged as a mere gimmick. Case in point: It’s during the hour that Alex figures out “what kind of surgeon he really wants to be,” reveals Rhimes. “It seems [pediatrics] is his thing.”

Other highlights:

• Mandy Moore reprises her role of patient-turned-mercenary from the finale. “Her character is one of the Seattle Grace 13,” notes Rhimes of the Lost-esque nickname she gave the survivors. “She was forced to sort of be a doctor, too, so it felt important to me to bring her back and close that chapter.”

• Through the use of confessionals, we discover how truly unhinged Cristina has become. “She has a long journey [before her],” says Rhimes. “But when she gets a little bit better, she comes roaring back.”

• Lastly, Callie and Arizona make “a huge decision” that will usher them “into a new chapter,” teases Rhimes.

Moreover, the boss lady stresses that Thursday’s episode is a continuation of this season’s overall theme of recovery and rebirth — but not closure. “Closure is the wrong word for every last one of my characters,” she says. “I spent a lot of time really trying to get this right, speaking to grief counselors and reading the Columbine book and really thinking about this, and not wanting to minimize this. I don’t think there’s such a thing as closure. I think you move on and become different, and you’re changed, but I don’t think it’s ever closed.”

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  • KamyGrey

    What about Meredith?

    • Ana

      Not important…apparently.

      Alex being on Peds is not a new thing. We know he rocks there…would be nice if we had a different insight. I’m over Cristina’s PTSD. It’s getting beaten down way too much.

      • MG

        But as much as it’s getting beaten down, I think that it’s realistic. She had a gun to her head as she was performing surgery. I don’t think I would get over that too quickly. None of them really have, but she is stuck, and I imagine that’s pretty common.

      • Emily

        i know they’re trying to go for realness with the whole christina thing but it got to a point where i thought they were trying to write out her character. she needs to grab her lady sack and jump back in there. everyone else did… well, kind of

      • Elena S

        I agree, I just want to smack her whenever I hear her say “I don’t know”

      • Cinna

        Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best show’s out there & I have related to this show since the beginning. I have never missed an episode & think the writers are awesome keep up the good work.. I wish I was on the show most the time being I work in the medical field and relate to the charactors all to well. Think the HUC Health Unit Coordinators need more parts though they are the back bone of the floors and doctors… Meredith and Derek are my favorite couple I hope something good happens for them soon….

    • Jane

      Meredith will continue to be her boring self.

      • ano9748

        sorry to disagree but lately meredith has been anything BUT boring; she flew solo on a craniotomy for heavens sake!

      • Sam

        Have you been watching the show? Mer is anything but boring! She’s amazing.

      • MG

        I think this has been a great season for Meredith. She is finally past the point where she is depressed and angsty, and is now happy with her “marriage” to Derek, and is coming to terms with the fact that she may need to have a baby in a different way than she thought. Plus, she performed a surgery all by herself! She’s rockin’ this season!

      • Dawn

        Hey, easy on Meredith. She’s a very interesting character. She has a lot of depth to her. Look beyond what you see on the surface & you’ll see what I mean.

      • Louie

        On the contrary, I think she is the glue of the show ~ hence, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

      • Sara

        I’ve actually started to…like? oooor at least feel SOMEthing for her this season. Up until now she’s just been Meh-edith to me.

      • isabella

        I agree with Cinna. The HUC’s run the floor. If anyone needs to know something, as the HUC. The doctor’s and nurse’s depend on that person alot as well as the patients and their families. I am a former HUC and we rock.

    • MD

      I know right? Nothing about her.

      And Meredith is anything but boring!!

    • Larry David

      Please, just cancel this show already. I throw up a little every time it comes on. 7 freaking year of “will they or won’t they”. Its disgusting melo-drama at best!

      • M

        Shut up.

      • Adam

        If the will they or wont they, that you are referring to is Derek and Meredith then that isnt a issue anymore. They got married last season, so maybe u should double check before u made dumb comments, u waste of space.

      • ger

        Don’t mind Larry David. He’s still bitter about his girlfriend leaving him. You know, the much younger one he met on youngerwomenforbitteroldmen dot com

      • ellen

        I actually think Larry David’s comments are pretty freakin funny

      • Cb

        Eh, don’t let this dude get to ya. Instead of making money on one of the best tv drama shows ever, he’s sitting at a keyboard commenting on a Grey’s Anatomy article! I think it’s hilarious! :)

      • Cristal

        Yes, please do shut up. If you don’t like it, don’t watch the show!

      • sallyanne

        If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. But don’t sit around ruining it for everyone else. Yes, it’s dramatic. Yes, some parts are unrealistic, but it’s a good escape from reality and some people really enjoy the show, so don’t waste your time.

      • Mariah

        Everyone has an opinion, however!, If you dislike this show, then move on so that the people that DO enjoy can write/read something that we all seem to enjoy. Why don’t YOU get over it and move on??!!

      • deedles2671

        Turn the channel then!

      • msdeas

        For those that want the show off, don’t watch..we love it! Now that the ever whining KHiegel is gone, we can get on with it!

      • Dawn

        Larry, why don’t you just turn the channel if you don’t care for the show? I look forward to seeing it every Thursday.

      • Kathy

        Then don’t watch it!!!!!!!!!

      • J

        If you puke when you watch the show Larry, then switch the channel it is as simple as that…….

      • dal

        THen why are you watching it? Meredith IS the show – at least for me. :-)

      • @”Larry”

        Funny how the show apparently makes you physically ill, but yet you continually choose to take time, not only to read articles about it, but to actually write posts about it. It’s okay to admit, “Larry”, that you like the show. Or that you go to all the different articles to post comments using someone elses name. What ever floats your boat.

      • What?

        Who’s the “will they won’t they” you you speak of? It’s clear you don’t watch the show. What’s not clear, is why you read the articles and post about shows you don’t watch. Just sayin.

      • Diana

        Turn the channel. No one is holding a gun to your head to watch

      • Sue

        I have a novel idea…just stop watching it!

      • EeeDee

        Seriously Dude, If you don’t like the show, turn the channel, the rest of us LOVE it. so take the remains of your Stomach Churnings, and LEAVE.

      • Lara

        You are the only person I have ever heard say that they don’t LOVE the show. It is AWESOME and I agree with EeeDee and others. We all LOVE the show so if you don’t why are you watching? There must be other things for you to watch…OR here’s an idea: Go read a book!

      • Karman

        how abt u just stop watching it if u dont like it

      • James s

        This Chat site is for people who enjoy the show so if you dont like the show keep your bad coments to yourself and stop ruining it for everyone else…….. for the record this show is one of the best, it obviosly good otherwise it would of already been cancelled like programs like ‘Termator the sarah conner…’ or ‘Hereos’

      • Elena S

        How much longer before they become attendings??? Seriously!!!

      • Louie

        Hey, where is your free will? Turn the channel for pete’s sake.

      • tc

        if you dont like the show then you should change the channel obviously its more deeper than you can relate to so go back to watching what ever shallow show you can understand

      • Sandra Smith

        Well your a reall genius.. here is the solution to you not throwing up anymore. Stop watching the show. And let the rest of us enjoy it.

      • Casey

        you seem to be pretty interested in it if you are reading posts and exclusives, oh and commenting.

      • Carrie Rarden

        Here’s a thought. If you’re that tired of the show, then don’t watch it. Wow, what a concept!!!

      • Pius

        A Goat! That’s exactly what u are!!

      • TJ

        If you don’t like the show then there are hundreds of other channels that you can turn too. What the wife has control of the remote for once a week!! Wow! Poor little thing. Baby want a Baba?

      • Mrs. Patrick Dempsey

        umm please dont go there. best show EVER and i mean that. so you know what, if you think it sucks show me something better. PUT UP OR SHUT UP. you have been challenged. pdemspey is so HAHTTT haha hopefully there will be a mcbaby soon

      • Cathie

        So…don’t watch it. Contrary to your belief, you are not the only person watching TV. Watch something else.

      • Mike


      • Betty

        It’s a night-time soap opera for heaven’s sake! It’s supposed to be melodramatic.

        A few years ago a 25 year old male friend asked me if it was a good show since he heard a lot of his co-workers talking about it. I told him that it was soap-opera-y and he lost interest.

    • kathy

      wow you must have lived a very sheltered life not to understand what christina is going through i think they are doing a great job of showing people what is normal after a life changing event wow

      • missy

        I love it!!! hope it goes another 7 years lol anyway…I look forward to each year and what it will bring us!!!

      • coolbrie

        Kathy, I think you’re so right, it takes a long time to get over a tragedy like that. Cristina will come back and when she does I think she will play a softer Cristina

      • Mike

        Thats true… Not only she was doing surgery with a gun on her head, but she was operating her BEST friend Husband to save his life!!!!!

      • ashley o

        why is did it take a hundred people to comment on larry david, keep it moving please……….

    • nallely

      me encanta meredith, le puse meredith a mi bebe q tiene 3 meses. me gustaria q se embarace de derek!

      • Lara

        No creo que nadie aca entiende espanol pero tienes razon. A quien no le gustaria eso!

    • Rush

      ER did it first.

      • Rush

        And they did it live.

      • Zakry

        …and its totally irrelevent.

      • DRayche

        I agree this is totaly a rip off of ER and even M*A*S*H*. They did the exact same thing.

      • Thea

        So then, what you are saying is that ER ripped off MASH… right?

      • Rush

        Can Shonda Rimes write original TV? Hospital dramas are the most overused trope there is. And aside from the clip reel show, the “mockudrama” episode is always a clear sign the writing team has run out of ideas. Even Chicago Hope did one.

      • Rush

        @DRayche Jeeze that was probably the worst MASH. Alan Alda at his most ponderously preachy. The real Hawkeye would have punked the filmmakers for being insincere, not make speeches.

  • Karen

    Look forward to seeing Cristina roaring back! Loving Owen and Cristina this season, I hope they continue to fight through this together.

    • COlover

      Married Owen and Cristina have been awesome! Owen supporting Cristina as she finds her way back is as it should be. He has been loving and patient, just as she was with him – I love the flip in roles.

      • brey

        wee! cristina’s life were very good ones. it always have this twists.

      • Lara

        I agree. And I am loving how Meredith has grown emotionally and how she supports Derek. She has come a LONG way! And Christina will come out of this and be stronger than ever!

      • tc

        great couple christina has finally found some one not afraid to be pushed by her but who pushes back at her,

      • DRayche

        Christina is a waste of space, all she is doing is bringing Owen down I thought this show would get better with Izzie gone but it won’t until they get rid of Christina if she was really a doctor no patient would want her with that horrible bedside manner.

  • Lisa

    I am so excited for the next few episodes, I want to see Cristina shine again. She deserves to have both of her loves – surgery and Owen. She already has Owen, now I want to see her get her surgery mojo back and learn the fine balance between career/love.

    • MG

      I agree! She used to be a really amazing cardio surgeon when Burke was around, and then last year with Teddy, but we need to see it again cause she’s awesome.

    • JJ

      Hear, hear!!! she has the certain charisma when she is with cardiac pt! She need to have that back and soon!!!!!!! I wonder how the chemistry and power-game will affect between Owne and Christina once she became herself again!
      can’t wiat!!!!

  • Sam

    What about Meredith and Derek? =/

    • Anna

      I know! I think they won’t get anything until next year…bummer.

  • Erin

    Can’t wait to see Cristina’s journey out of this PTSD, I know Sandra Oh will rock it!

    • M

      Totally. will someone just give her that Emmy. She’s been robbed 5 times. She needs to get it this year.

  • Nick T

    Don’t leave. Who is going to give us great spoilers like these?

  • Rachel

    Calzona FTW.

  • jessie

    All people do if hollar at each other and walk away. They have some angry writers and directors on this show.

  • Mike

    One thing I’m hating so far this season is Cristina. I understand it, but hating it. Having her this way is like taking the color out of a rainbow and letting the plain rainbow hang around.

    But I’m loving Meredith. I like how she has morphed from being the center of the show from which drama unfolds, to actually being the rock solid center of the show, kind of stabilizing everything. She has actually matured.

    • Mike

      Yes she has and Im loving it…..but she does need a new hair style geez…lol

      • Thea

        Her hair is shorter this season – don’t want it to get even shorter… Meredith should not have a mom cut.

  • sam

    I’m pretty much at the point of not watching any more. The first two shows of the season were really great and then it got really bad again, as it was last season.

    • Liz

      Last season was very boring, but at least the finale’ was great. Actually, I think that was the only good episode last season. Still waiting for a good one this season. :(

    • Lara

      Oh my God! You are another Larry!This season is the best so far. Everyone is more mature and their relationships are better. Even Mark has shown a big improvement and change in his character!

      • Louie

        I agree!

  • kaite

    I still love the idea of Alex doing OB-GYN. he was so great with that and I wish they didn’t shy away from it after Addison left. Oh well.

    • MG

      He could have also done Neo-natal, which was an Addison speciality- baby surgery.

  • Mia

    I love Alex and the beguinning of tis season, they show us a big part of Alex as a surgeon. I think it’s a change if we compare with others season and characters. I’ve always found him great with children and i hope he will have great story professionaly and personnaly. They must really close the izzie story and find him another woman. What do you think about April? I think it could be fun. :)And please, i want lexie and mark back. Ciao!!

  • Jer

    I can’t wait until Cristina comes back from this (if she ever does. She destroyed Owen with PTSD, there’s no stopping her from destroying Cristina). If she does come back for it, I can’t wait for her to drop Owen like a hot rock. I’m tired of watching him suck out what little bit of life is left in her.

    • Allie

      Owen has been helping breath life into Cristina this season. Loved that he was able to make her smile last episode, Cristina is still in there and look for to rediscovering her love for surgery.

    • Mike

      Yes Plz hurry up and bring Christina back. She is one of the most reasons I still watch this show and it is becoming very boring with her gone. Kill off April she sucks…….

      • Lara

        I agree about April. I don’t like her at all!

    • Kelly

      Sorry, Jer, that was Burke that took little pieces of Cristina away until she didn’t even recognize herself. Cristina said that herself when she said she loves Owen more than she ever loved Burke. Besides, Burke ALWAYS treated Cristina like she wasn’t good enough just being herself. Owen has been patient and kind, just like he said Cristina was with him. It’s Owen Cristina wants when she’s upset. It’s Owen that makes her smile when she’s sad. Cristina NEEDS there to be a “me and Owen”. Cristina never really even wanted Burke as far as I saw. He had to drag her kicking and screaming through every step of their relationship or face his cold shoulder and withholding of surgeries. Burke was the biggest most selfish baby I ever saw. He never seemed to care at all what she wanted out of their relationship. He only wanted her to want what he wanted. Even having a relationship at all was something she said she didn’t want but gave into. She gave into dating him, living with him, being engaged and the girly wedding she didn’t want. Sure season 6 sucked on all fronts, but aside from being “confused” last year which pissed us all off, Owen’s given her everything she wants. He loves her the way she is. He doesn’t give her lists of everything that’s wrong with her and then list everything awesome about himself and ask her whats wrong with her that she isn’t thanking her lucky stars he wants her. Burke did that. So it isn’t Owen that sucks the life out of Cristina. Owen is the one trying to put the life back in her. If you want to accuse someone of sucking the life out of her, look at Burke.

      • sHERYL DAVIS

        I totally agree with u!!! Burke sucked the life out of Cristina, the best thing he did for her was leave her at the wedding!!! I wish they would let Cristina get back to her old self, im getting a little bored with this I cant attitude coming from CRISTINA. She’s cristina Yang,rock star, hard core, not scared of anything or anybody!!! Let her get well already and move on!!!

    • Scylla

      Sometimes the stongest fall the hardest. Having her life threatened while she was trying to save a life. That kind of trauma is not easy to recover, especially a strong woman like her. Christina deserves a little down time. I believe Owen, having suffered from PTSD himself, will be good for her only in her recovery….once she comes back, she will then realize she should have never married Owen (especially in her current mental status) and drop him.

      • Lara

        Why would she realize she should not have married him. He is being very loving and supportive and seems to have healed his own PTSD very well.

      • Kelly

        She loved him before her PTSD so why should she drop him after he helps her through it? Makes no sense. Cristina needed Owen before she needed him to fix her so she’ll still need him when that’s done. Just like he still needs her even though he’s much better from his PTSD that she helped him through. Saying she should dump him is like saying he should have dumped her once the worst was over. They love each other, they don’t just use the other and then toss them aside when they feel all better.

  • sascha

    i can’t wait

  • Jeri

    When Rhimes neutered Christina she took away one of the last reasons to watch Greys. Now they’re going to base it on a cancelled show?!

    • Prudence

      Well looks like you’re still watching. Once it ends where will you focus your bloviating hot air next? A mirror?

      • Luke

        There needs to be a “like” button for these comments… :)

      • Tina

        Oh yeah, a HUGE like button on this one ;)

      • shelley

        LMAO – so true

      • Zakry

        …and for the record, Boston Med was a summer series. It wasn’t cancelled.

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