'NCIS' Exclusive: Someone gets [spoiler alert]!

ncis-shooting-mysteryImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS; Monty Brinton/CBS; Sonja Flemming/CBS; Eric McCandless/CBSNCIS SPOILER WARNING: Stop reading if you don’t want a major November sweeps plot twist ruined. And I repeat: Stop reading if you don’t want a major November sweeps plot twist ruined. Everyone else, onward and downward…

A main character is going to have a nasty and potentially lethal run-in with a deadly weapon!

“The shocking shooting opens a door to the past,” teases executive producer Shane Brennan, “[and] explains a relationship which has kept fans guessing for several seasons.”

Some additional clues:

* The team member in question is Tony. Or McGee. Or Vance. Or Ziva. One of those four.

* The shooting (and its aftermath) serves as the centerpiece of a special two-part episode airing Nov. 16 and 23.

* I’ll narrow the list of possible victims to three in this week’s Ask Ausiello.

Let the speculation begin in the comments section!


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  • chucklover13

    i think its going to be tony or ziva. with the whole “The shocking shooting opens a door to the past,” bit.

    • abz

      I agree. SB did say the first big Tiva moment of the season comes during the november sweeps so one of them getting potentially fatally injured could provide the opportunity. My money is on Tony though, his background at NCIS is going to be explored this season

      • The First Real Jersey Jeff

        It is going to be Ducky.

    • Heather

      Nah, it’ll be McGee and they’ll flash back to his relationship with Abby.

      • Kristen

        This is my guess too. This has been going on since the first season. It’s time this was addressed!

      • piperwest12

        I agree with Heather, just because I want to see what really happened between Abby and McGee.

      • marty

        that’s where I was going when too as I read it

    • Angie

      I think it will be Vance. He has a sketchy past that obviously Gibbs has been curious about and he has some strange relationship with Ziva’s dad.

      • Caro12

        I agree I think it’s gonna be Vance even though a lot of us want it to be Tony to advance the Tiva plot for the first time in a long time. It will probably explain Vance’s strange relationship with Eli David.

      • Sally

        I agree. I think it will be Vance. I think the “curious relationship” though is Vance and Gibbs. The audience never did get an answer about Vance’s sketchy past and the mysterious file Gibbs had at one time.

      • Meredith44

        I agree.

    • DL

      I’m reluctant to point to Tony or Ziva as the likely victim, simply because it would feel like a repeat of the whole Michael Rivkin fiasco.

      • Jenn

        That, and Tiva is boring. Not to mention trite and uncreative.

    • Kc

      It is going to be Vance, since his arrival there hav been questions as to how he got there. In addition there was the envelope from Cort the CIA that was given to Gibbs with Vance’s info. Which Gibb’s eventually gave to Sec Nav.

    • ben

      i think it’s tony, since we’ve never seen his past. it would be really interesting to see the first he worked with gibbs, abby, and ducky.

    • lottemack

      i would like to think so but i’m pretty sure it’ll be vance… his relationshop with gibbs has kept us guessing.

  • Mercedes

    Oh, please don’t let it be McGee. Or Tony. Or Ziva. Haven’t those three been through enough?

    • Mercedes

      But now that I look at it, I might be okay with Tony or Ziva if it explains their relationship a bit more concretely.

  • WB

    My guess would be either Tony, Ziva, or Vance.

  • Rachel

    AHH – I hope it’s not Vance. I want them to really get into the team!!

    • Billie

      Yeah, I would rather it be Vance who is shot, but I don’t care very much about his back story. I’m far more interested in Ziva, Tony or McGee, so for that reason I hope it’s one of them

  • Lubbeelou

    OMG… Why do you do this to us?! It can’t be Tony or McGee or Ziva… Noooo :(

  • timotey

    I would guess that since it should be a flashback episode to how said member joined the team, it can be only Tony because we witnessed how the other three joined. Well, I hope so, that is :)

    • Erin

      Me too timotey, I hope you’re right! I hope it’s Tony as:

      1# I absolutely loved the episode SWAK where Tony was close to death.
      #2 It would surely bring some serious Tony scenes which we’re sorely lacking. The past 2 seasons he’s been played too often as the clown, the standard comic relief.
      3# If it leads to Tony background, well many fans ware eager to see how he made it into NCIS.
      4# Ziva had her tortured (literally) heavy Mossad arc last season and McGee, he hasn’t received anything significant in those terms but he has received the most character development out of the whole gang and I suspect this incident will give the chance to further develop the victim. Plus he seems to have lost his personality when he’s lost all his weight. If anything we need lighter fare not more serious fare for him. And Vance, do we really care if Vance gets shot, really?

      So my hope and vote is for Tony!

      • Sue1

        McGee did lose some character with the weight loss, didn’t he? Too much weight loss, I think. I’ve never warmed up to Vance, he seems cranky just for the heck of it.

      • Rolf

        Have to agree with you about using Tony as a Clown thing. There have been waaay too much of that lately.

        I was hoping to see a bit more serious development between Tony and Ziva after the two great first episodes last year (Zivas rescue etc). But none happened and it gets kinda tedious to watch them go trough new love intrests all the time…

      • purpleslog

        After they had McGee stop being a writer and then loose all his money in the market…nothing has been done on his characters. He just keeps shrinking.

      • Erin

        Hah literally.

        He has gotten quite boring however in the past season he’s actually grown quite a backbone and turned into a very competent agent. He has received the most growth, though at that same time he’s gotten more and more boring thus bring on some fun for him!

    • Keira

      Flashback episode is about Vance and Eli, so says Fan cast. Nothing to do with Tony.

  • CeeCee

    I’m thinking Vance, but who knows…

    • tahonia

      it’s gotta be Vance–you know there was a file on him that Gibbs never read that Trent supplied him, and it’s always been kind of mysterious when he originally was appointed director, and we didn’t know if he was all right or not….better be Vance and not a lethal bullet with Tony, McGee or Ziva.

      • Gee

        The wording says a run-in with a deadly weapon, which could be construed to mean this NCIS character shoots someone else. I also agree it’s likely to be Vance just because his past was so obviously a cover-up or some kind.

      • Orac

        But we already know Vance’s story. He’s NOT Vance. Vance was his old friend who was killed. The current “Vance” was a minor screw up who saw the light because of that incident, and he assumed his straight arrow friend’s identity.

  • Izzy

    I bet it is Ziva

  • Greg Hathaway

    Vance or Ziva. No Brainer. The 2 parter is about Vance, Ziva, and Eli.

  • tejas

    Please be Ziva and please let it be fatal.

    • Annie

      Amen to that, tejas!

      • Amanda

        what tejas said…;)

      • Kathi

        What all three said.

    • piperwest12

      NOOOO!!!! I love Ziva’s attitude and Ziva and Tony are hilarious.

      • zivalicious

        i think its ZIVA..b’coz she has tha biggest picture above..hehe..

    • Spazzoid

      you’re a jerk tejas, oh, you must hate people from Israel, Do you hate all jews or just the ones from the homeland?

      • mcat

        I’m Jewish and I hate Ziva.

        Real great logic you’re working with there.

      • charli

        oh please, because tejas hates the character, she suddenly anti-semitic!? That is more of a stretch than TIVA!!

      • Erin

        “oh please, because tejas hates the character, she suddenly anti-semitic!?”

        Hee! Seriously, I hate those idiots for when you don’t like a character, you must hate them because of their race, religion or looks. Not all of us are shallow racist biggots!

      • tejas

        No. I hate badly written characters. I hate characters who do not serve to advance the story. I hate characters who serve no purpose in a series. This is why I hate Ziva and want her *gone*. She’s a drag on the series. Kill her off and move on.

    • no chance

      no!!!!!!!!!!!!! how could you say such a thing!

    • anna s

      YES!! If they kill off Ziva, I’d watch the show again.

      • Sam

        Watch the show “again” implies you aren’t watching it now which means you are in no position to give an opinion on the matter.

    • charli

      i hope it’s Ziva also, and it’s not just ‘potentially’ fatal! She really needs to go!

      • You all aren’t being very fair! I think Ziva is making the show great! A drag? No way, one of the best eps ever is about her (Truth or Consequences)
        She serves as MASSIVE character development for Tony, and also kick-ass!
        She’s way better than Kate was! Kate was always the token girl and now Ziva’s here…well she doesn’t wanna be no damsel! She’s independent, strong-willed, gorgeous, smart, and funny! How that character is “dragging” the show, I do not see.

  • Allison

    This is not good.
    Please, please tell me whoever it is will survive.

  • Debra

    My money is on Tony.

  • Larry David

    NCIS seems like a smart person’s show… I’d rather stick with Cavemen. The best part is the credits! :)

  • Gregg

    Technically, Vance isn’t a part of the team …

  • Alyson

    Nov. 11 is a Thursday – shouldn’t that be either the 9th or the 16th?

    • tahonia

      good point!

    • abz

      I think its the 16th at the end of the episode. I think Eli is in the 16th and in the week after. I think Robert Wagner is in the episode on the 9th

    • gina

      The article said the 16th or 23rd both are Tuesdays.

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