'Castle' Exclusive: 'That '70s Show' vet Laura Prepon cast as... Beckett?!

laura-prepon-castleImage Credit: Amy Graves/WireImage.com; Karen Neal/ABCApparently, Castle is about to get a new queen: I’ve learned exclusively that Laura Prepon has just been tapped to play Natalie Gray, the actress who’s been cast as Nikki Heat in the movie version of our hero’s book Heat Wave.

Go ahead and read that again: I realize it’s a lot to take in.

As you know, the author based Nikki on his actual partner in crime-fighting — and obvious true love — Beckett. So you can well imagine the sparks that will fly when, in essence, a second Beckett, this one bearing a striking resemblance to the hot redhead from That ’70s Show, arrives on the scene early next year.

Actually, as you’re imagining the sparks that will fly, why not discuss them below?

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  • Crystal

    Yay for Laura! Thanks for the 2nd to last day scoop Ausiello – are you cleaning out the office today? Try not to get too emotional!!

  • Alia

    I wonder if they’re planning to dye her hair, or if she’ll stay blonde for the role.

    • Michelle

      Was wondering this too. I’m not crazy about her as a blonde. Since Nikki is based on Kate, so I’m assuming she’s a brunette. Don’t let them Hollywood-ize Nikki, Castle!

    • Jen E.

      She looks much better as a redhead to me, but I think the casting choice is bizarre either way. However, knowing the show, the real Beckett will have a colorful opinion too.

    • Garry

      I LOVE her as a redhead! My heart sank when she went blonde! I’m sure she’ll dye it yet again for this role (at least I hope she will).

      • woodyeb

        I’m with u! she was so HOT as a redhead!

      • Jessica

        Completely agree with Garry and Jen E.!

    • Erin

      She looks so pasty blonde. Red really suited her well.

      • Templar

        Blonde she looks like Scarlett Johansson, so blech!

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    She’s hardly aged since the 70’s! What’s her secret?

    • Judi

      Looks like some surgery to me.

    • Katarzyna

      It’s the show called “That 70’s Show” filmed in recent years (IMDB.com is your friend, you know… ;) and she’s just 30.

      • Tyler Durdan

        Wow – thanks for pointing that out Katarzyna. I’m really suprised someone with the name Chaz Winterbottom didn’t know that!


      • ger

        good lord

      • Leah

        yeah, pretty sure chaz knew that and was just being sarcastic.

    • KLT

      I got your joke, Chaz.

    • kc

      I hope you are not voting in this election…..

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Proud Democrat!

      • The Real Chaz Winterbottom

        Ugh…what’s up with people impersonating me?

        Re: That 70’s Show not being filmed in the 70’s…great…and suppose Happy Days wasn’t filmed in the 1950’s?

  • Robyn

    If they have her going back to a Redhead again I am sure Castle will fall all over her. We do know he already has a softspot for the redheds who have are on the show.

    • The Doctor

      Guess Castle and I have something in common after all.

  • Leigh

    I loved Laura on that 70’s show, but is it me or do her and Kate look nothing alike?

    • maggie

      i agree. They look nothing alike

    • tc

      They don’t have to look alike it’s a book.

    • Ninja Penguin

      I agree, they don’t look that much alike, but if she let her hair down and dyed it brown, she could easily be beckett’s sister…

  • allie

    Excellent choice. She’s a great actress. I think she’ll nail it.

  • Liana C

    Loved her in the 70s Show, but somehow she just doesn’t exude that firmness that Beckett does. Will have to be some extraordinary acting to pull that one off. Not getting the vibe.

    • Susan

      Laura did a guest spot on Medium last season. She played a self-defense instructor and a serial killer of rapists. I think that would qualify her for the role.

  • Cheery

    This is pretty great casting. Beckett and Laura (or maybe “Donna”) actually have a similar way of talking/cadence to their speech. Kinda hard to explain; but both have a wry, laid back manner, so this is fitting.

  • Jeff

    Bad casting choice – she’s not that attractive so I don’t see her as a rival to Beckett (Stana Katic).

    • Abby

      She wouldn’t be a rival to Beckett but a representation for the movie, an avatar.

      I think she’s more like Nikki Heat than Ellie, the actress Castle had the affair with but I hope they put her in a brunette wig.

      • Alia

        It seems like they might actually be setting up a romance/flirtation between Castle and the actress playing Nikki Heat. In that way, she would be a rival to Beckett… which is interesting, I guess, because you’re right, she IS Beckett’s avatar, in a way, so Beckett’s sort of competing with herself.

  • Kari

    Make it stop!!!!!! I loved Laura in ’70s, and I’m sure she will be great here, but my heart can’t take this anymore — get on with it! PLEASE put Castle and Beckett together and stop playing with our emotions. If he messes around with Laura’s character, I’m gonna lose it.

    • Alison

      no don’t put them together it will be another Moonlighting and than the show will suck after that happens

      • Katarzyna

        It won’t be another “Moonlightning”, stop this stupid way of thinking. Keeping David and Maddie APART for over a season KILLED Moonlightning, not getting them together… jeez.

    • Kay

      “stop playing with our emotions” i totally agree, but try watching Bones haha :D

    • Julie

      AGREE. She is not a vivacious and does she have the quick whit to her like Kate?

    • Julie

      *as vivacious.

  • marissa

    Oh please, no!! Laura does not even come close to looking like, talking like, or even acting like Beckett. She has that droan in her voice where Beckett’s is a higher pitch. They need to reconsider this casting. Would need to dye the hair too. Plus, Laura’s eyes always look like she’s really tired. Not a good choice.

    • Jim

      Marissa…I don’t think they will let Castle and Beckett be together…that’s one of the best things about the show is the sexual tension between the two. When shows in the past have let that tension end, so did the greatness of the show. Example…Moonlighting.

      • joey

        I kinda sorta disagree. It was fun in S1 and S2, at this point I feel like Beckett is just being a tease. By contrast, Chuck and Sarah (on “Chuck”) have been together for all of S4 thus far, and were for plenty of S3…yet that show is still fresh and entertaining. To say that the writers couldn’t pull off a season where Beckett and Castle are together would be a case of lazy (or incompetent) writers.

      • Jen E.

        I respectfully disagree, Joey. To me, there’s nothing better than the “chase” and happy couples are great in real life, but boring on TV. Chuck & Sarah’s relationship has nearly killed the last season and a half for me. (Fortunately I love everything else about the show.) I enjoy a will they/won’t they.

      • Alex

        OMG STOP with the Moonlighting crap.

      • Maddie

        I know everyone considers Moonlighting as the example but there are other examples. The Nanny was no longer as good once Max and Fran got married. They lasted a good six seasons without romantic resolution.

    • kaydevo

      Why exactly do you think an actress cast in a movie based on an “inspired by” but still fictional book, must talk, act or physically resemble the book’s character? It’s not as if Beckett is a really famous person, the only reason to totally imitate the character.

      • wooster182

        It’s not an actual movie. It’s a movie in the SHOW.

    • Leah

      she is not supposed to portray Beckett. She is supposed to portray a woman who portrays Nikki Heat. I think people forget they are actually two different people (three different people in this case – Beckett, Gray and Heat). It’s just that Nikki Heat is BASED upon Beckett – that doesn’t mean they have the same personality or attitude or speech. It just means Nikki Heat’s life is similar to Beckett’s.

      • Lu

        I agree, I found Nikki Heat – and even Rook – to be quite different from Beckett and Castle. Similarities, obviously, but different, which I think is good. They’re their own people. Never heard of this actress before, but because of that, I don’t think there’s a problem.

  • Craig

    I loved her on That 70s Show, but hated her on the only two other shows I’ve seen her guest star on since then: House and How I Met Your Mother.

    Maybe it’s just the way her characters were written, because they were both bitches.

  • Chappel

    Unusual casting choice, but I approve. I think it will be interesting to see her play both the actress playing Nikki Heat and the character Nikki Heat.

  • Connie

    Why not use Stana Katic??????! She IS Beckett after all!!!

    • m harden

      I disagree…. Why not use Stana Katic ????? She is great as Beckett!!!

      • Leithen

        Because Castle is not Bewitched…

        or heck, even the Vampire Diaries…

    • Mike

      I agreee!!!

      • Oooshly

        All this is going to happen on Castle, I think. Laura Prepon is going to play an actress who is cast as Nikki Heat for the Heat Way on the show.

    • Giselle

      What are you guys smoking. You want Stana to play Beckett and also play herself playing Beckett all in the same show. That’s just crazy talk. Don’t get me wrong I think Stana could do it but it would look like a very stupid gimmick.

      • Alie

        AMEN SISTA! That would be so stupid. people need to separate “Nikki Heat” the character from “Beckett” the actual cop. Name me a movie based on a real person in which that person has a role in the movie and I’ll shut up.

    • Debra Ward

      I agree that Stana Katic is Beckett and should play her in the movie; however, maybe she was asked and turned it down for some reason. I like Laura Prepon, but I do not see her as Beckett either.

    • Drew

      How many times does this need to be said. She is not acting in a real movie.

      She is playing the actress who is in the cast of Heat Wave in an episode of Castle.

      I assume there will be a murder on the set of Heat Wave and Castle/Beckett will have to go in and solve it.

      • Angela Nichols

        I’m with you… there is not going to be a real Heat Wave movie people…and a murder on the set would be JUST the reason to get Castle and Beckett involved.

  • gisela

    i think that laura is great but she is not the beckket type they don’t look nothing alike and stana is way better so sorry but this is my humble opinion

    • Leah

      Why should she look like Beckett? Where in Heat Wave does Castle describe what Heat looks like? I think you’ve misunderstood the article. Laura has not been cast as Beckett. She has been cast as Natalie Gray, a character in “Castle” who is an actress who will play Nikki Heat. So really, she doesn’t have to be anything like Beckett at all.

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