'Bones' Exclusive: Meet Booth's new archnemesis

bones-voslooImage Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/Fox; Lee Roth/RothStock/PR PhotosOnetime 24 terror mastermind Arnold Vosloo is taking his evildoer act over to Bones. The actor has been cast as this season’s Big Bad — an elite sniper named Jacob Ripkin Broadsky who is accused of assassinating a pivotal recurring character.

“We’ve got someone worse than the Gravedigger coming,” Bones creator Hart Hanson told me over the summer. “And if the Gravedigger is Evil Brennan, this [guy] is Evil Booth. Remember, Booth was a sniper.”

Vosloo — who also played the title role in the Darkman films as well as Brendan Fraser’s nemesis in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns — is slated to appear in at least three episodes beginning in early ’11.


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  • Joel

    I’m surprised Ausiello is still posting things. I thought he was gonna clock out early! Also, first?

  • Siouxzanne

    Good luck Michael!

  • sofia

    he is going to be on NCIS before Bones. i don’t like him, he’s always evil.

    • Becky

      YEAH! To him being on NCIS.

      And, it would be interesting to see him change things up & get a good guy role.

      • Cheery

        Kinda funny how he was on NCIS and is actually coming back for the upcoming arc about Ziva’s father.

        Also, the NCIS baddie from season 6 (who was in Mossad with his character) was named RIVKIN.

        Those Bones writers sure got creative with RIPKIN.

    • Sarah D

      I think he’s always evil because he is Type Cast. He’s a great character actor and if you watch the commentary version of the first Mummy he’s really entertaining.

    • Michael

      He’s really not evil on NCIS, he was just doing his job. He works the Mossad, he follows orders.

      • Jacob

        Nazi soldiers also followed orders, you jackass.

    • Barbara

      He playes it good.

  • Becky

    What a great catch for the show! I really enjoyed watching Vosloo in the Mummy movies.

    And, I will miss your updates, exclusives, etc here. I have really enjoyed them (even if you don’t give as much love to Criminal Minds as you do other shows)

  • Jackie

    He was a great villain in “The Mummy” movies, and he was one of the monsters of the week on an episode of “Charmed”, which was fantastic. I could see him as Evil Booth.

  • Michelle

    Booth and Brennan take on the MUMMY? Yep, still don’t care. As for worse than the Gravedigger, let’s hope this story arc resolves itself better than the Gravedigger. LAME.

    • sfsd

      The Gravedigger arc hasn’t been resolved yet.

      • tom

        yes it has, it was that us prosecutor and they put her away for the murder of a kid when booth and bones decided not to pursue their cases and to testify instead

      • Sue1

        Her words as she was taken out of court were, I believe, “This isn’t over”.

  • ripvanwinkle


    • lily

      yep!! viva Chuck!!! ;)

    • Kathryn


  • Smedley

    Vosloo only played Darkman in Darkman II and Darkman III. The original Darkman was Liam Neeson.

  • Sarah

    I kinda hope Angela is his victim…

    • Lisa

      She’s not. I know that for a fact, because I know who it is. The sides for the episode have been out for a while. And besides, she’s not a “recurring character”.

      • jmo


      • Liz

        I really hope it’s the blond useless plot device (aka Hannah).
        But on the other hand, if she dies, Booth & Brennan will always wonder what would have happen if she was still there. So I just hope Booth will realize his ridiculous mistake, and she will just leave. Because if he REALLY is in love with her as Hart Hanson said, then it means he was NEVER in love with Brennan. You can’t have true love with two people at once.
        Right now, it seems like Booth was never really in love with her… *snif*

      • xxxx

        Can you please tell me where I can find sides?? Thxs!

      • jmcg

        Oooh, I didn’t think about that. As much as I would like to see Hannah gone, I think it would be a mistake to kill her off. Booth needs to come to the realization that Hannah is merely a substitute for the real thing he could have with Bones on his own.

      • Lila

        So, I don’t read sides, so I don’t know, but anyone else think maybe we’re all getting ahead of ourselves worrying that’s it one of our favs who’s getting killed, and that it’s actually the Gravedigger who’ll be assassinated?

      • Emma

        @Liz I agree, Booth was never really in love with Brennan if he can be really in love with H.
        And that’s why I stopped watching, cause it was too d*mned depressing and sad.

      • Grace

        OMG Liz will you pleeeeease tell me who it is? Or at least where you found this information? I really, really want to know.

    • Sarah D

      Angela is pregnant. Not cool.

    • Karina

      Why Angela as his victim???

  • Evan Meadow

    The only character who would have any level of importance for a sniper to take out is the AG attorney.

    • chattypatra

      I hope it’s not because I like her. I’d rather it would be Booth’s boss, but he’s not pivotal, so I am worried.

      • chattypatra

        Geez, I just realized how my first sentence reads on the above post. Let me try that again. I hope it’s not, because I like her. Sorry!

    • Leslie

      That’s who I’m thinking too. Or maybe Booth’s brother? Is he a recurring character?

    • jmcg

      I see your point about the US Attorney. I really like her; she’s the reason they all got back together at the beginning of the season. So, that being said–I could totally see the writers doing something jank like this.

  • Belle

    I remember him playing a Dark Lighter on Charmed Season 2. Amy Adams guest starred on this episode which was called Murphy’s Luck.

    • Liz

      Right! That was Amy Adams! I had forgotten that!

  • jmcg

    I always like Bones more when they are after a true villain like Gormagon, the Gravedigger, and Epps. This is good news!

    • Lizzing

      I couldn’t agree more! It is WAY better when a case goes on longer than 1 episode. Makes it feel a lot more like life when it’s not wrapped up so nicely after one hour. Keep up the good work, Bones!!!!

  • LLS


    • Lori

      LOL, I was just about to post that!

    • Mom2KidsDog

      I believe it’s pronounced “IIIIMMHOOOOTEP. ;)

    • wagonmaker

      OK, I’ll bite. Other than a version of the Egyptian pharaoh’s name, what is IMHOTEP?

  • xanatos

    Damn, assassinating pivotal recurring character? and Hanna is shot during an episode, so, Hanna is going to die?!

  • Debra

    That’s going to be cool!He always plays an evil villain. This should raise the ratings a notch or 2.

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