'Grey's Anatomy' Scoop: Scott Foley checks in!

scott-foley-raverImage Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio/Wireimage.com; Ron Tom/Seattle Grace is about to experience a Code Noel: Scott Foley has booked a multi-episode arc on Grey’s Anatomy!

The Felicity (and Unit) alum will play a patient named Henry who, according series creator Shonda Rhimes, “stirs things up” with Kim Raver’s Teddy.

I know what you’re thinking: It’s Denny/Izzie all over again! Not quite, insists Rhimes. “He’s very different from Denny,” she says. “But I guess in the sense that he’s a patient who comes in and has an effect on one of our doctors, I guess that’s similar.”

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  • shelley

    Love Scott Foley, but still can’t stand the Teddy character! UGHHH! I have been FF thru Teddy scenes now I will have to endure her to watch Scott’s scenes :(

    • Alia

      She’s growing on me now that they’ve extricated her from the horrendous triangle with Cristina and Owen. I hope this story gives her something interesting to do.

  • Kaci

    I love me some Noel.

    “Trust me. I’m the RA.”

    • TVwatcher

      ha, love!

    • Jess

      Looove it! I still watch Felicity all the time, literally every week so I can get my Noel fix! Scott Foley is awesome and I am so excited to see him again!!!

    • Melissa

      He’s the reason I miss felicity.

    • EmmaDean

      Omg. I freaking LOOOVE Scott!!! Bought the entire series of Felicity a few years ago because I missed me some Noel! I just hope they keep him around. I’m tired of people dying off. I don’t mind Teddy. She’s pretty dry and boring but maybe Scott’s character will help her pathetic one. I’m pretty excited to see what happens!

    • murphy

      yessssssssssssssss. noel’s in – I’m in!

    • Emma

      Does this happen often in real life? How invested are doctors normally?

  • Tiffany

    Um, yeah I wish they understood that Teddy is just not an interesting character as a stand alone.

    • josiel

      oi como vai vc , eu pressiso saber da sua vida

  • Lisa

    Huge fan of Scott Foley but I have to admit I don’t know if I will be able to stomach Teddy even for him.

    • bruno

      love the foley…the graey’s…not. so. much.

  • Julia

    This news pleases me greatly. I love Scott Foley. I don’t care who they pair him up with, just so long as they keep him around for awhile. The longer the better, I say.

  • Dominique

    Great, cause we really need someone who’s going to give Teddy even more airtime. Why not try to focus more on the characters we love, those who’ve been there since season 1 or 2. I think Teddy has to be the most useless character in the GA history.

    • anne

      Have to agree with you on this…

    • priscilla

      Loving scott on the show….hate teddy…she needs to go…totally useless

    • rrs

      TOTALLY AGREE…She’s useless!

  • ARPL

    Noel rocks. Glad to see him get a good gig like this. Didn’t love him in Cougar Town though.

    • Portia

      First off…Yay, Noel!!!

      Second…What’s with all the Teddy hate? I think her character brings a much needed dose of serious, responsible, intellegent, realistisc female to the equation. She has a very grounding affect, which is good in a sea of crazy people.

      • Krystal

        Yeah I like Teddy she’s a kick ass lady

      • L

        yeah, she’s so responsible sleeping with everyone….

      • rrs

        Are we watching the same show???????

  • Portia

    Oops…didn’t intend to post that as a “Reply”.

  • Tim

    Noel should break up the Cali-Arizona relationship. That I’d def watch!

    • amanda

      if you watched the entire episode last night it said that Cali is leaving with arizona to go to africa i dont think they will be on the show for a while. at least thats what i got from it…..????

      • Queenmother

        I love both Cali and Arizona, but I hate the whole lesbian thing…I want to see McSteamy with Arizona, oh yeah!

  • Corinne

    So excited about this! Live Scott Foley!!! But for the live of everything holy Shonda do not kill him off!! I don’t need a Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Seth Green repeat!!!

    • Jennie

      lol…I don’t want another good guy to be killed off either.

  • jax

    LOVE Scott Foley! Can’t wait for him to appear on Grey’s. I still haven’t forgiven Felicity for picking Ben over Noel.

    • Carla in Houston

      Jax, I am so with you on that!! Ben was hot (but dumb). Come on, Noel was All That and a bag of chips!! And that stupid fever dream/fake out where they made us think she picked Noel, then she woke up – that really chapped my hide! Anyway, I hope Shonda gives Scott a character worthy of his talent and hotness!

      • Fifi

        This, so much. I had to stop watching Felicity when it became all about Ben and Fel’s tortured love. Then I tuned in again when it looked like she was going to pick Noel, but they had to go ruin that too.

        Remember the Boggle episode? And making out in the bathroom at Thanksgiving? That was chemistry my friends!!

      • a

        You are not alone in this! Keri Russell herself has said she thought Felicity should’ve picked Noel (or gone off alone). I will never forgive JJ Abrams for this mistake. :)

  • Erin

    Scott Foley is awesome but why oh why does he need to be hooked up with Teddy (the worst character on Greys). Would have rather seen him with April.

    • Jackie

      I can’t believe you like April over Teddy…I agree Teddy is slightly dry, but people actually like April?!

      • Strawberry Sparkles

        April’s annoying and neurotic, but Teddy’s boring. April wins.

      • Kyle

        April is awful, I don’t care if they’re trying to redeem her character this season.

        Teddy’s not that bad, I don’t understand why people hate her so much…

      • emilie

        April needs to get killed off the show or move somewhere. I can’t stand to look at her. so annoying! and Teddy is soo boring. I have seen every episode of Grey’s anatomy but this seanson is kind of boring. They need to change it up a little.

      • emilie


      • joefee

        TEDDY WIN
        APRIL FAIL

      • rrs

        April is an idiot…another useless character being shoved down our throats. As if Meredith would let her move in. And as if, any of the originals would even hang out with her. What a joke!!

  • LeeHung

    Maybe I will watch now….Loved him on “The Unit”….

    • Cath

      Me too! Did they cancel that show?

  • João Amaral

    It’s more like Elliot Reid and Sean Kelly from Scrubs. And its the same actor.

  • Mincha

    I see this as good news!

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