'Dancing with the Stars' eliminated contestant: 'This really isn't a competition'

An unexpected bicker-fest between Carrie Ann Inaba and Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Monday may have prompted some viewers to vote for Brandy’s ouster but the former star of UPN’s Moesha wasn’t the one who left Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday. To find out who became the eighth eliminated hoofer, head to the jump!

Kurt-Warner-StarsImage Credit: Adam Lakery/ABCKurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya earned 48 out of 60 points after performing the waltz and an impressive (and instant!) cha cha cha, but it wasn’t enough to convince voters that the former Cardinals quarterback should stick around the dance floor. “Gosh it was unfair, man!” Warner told reporters afterwards in mock indignation. But he quickly turned serious. “I think we all feel it’s unfair when we get kicked out. We all felt for a long time that we should have gotten better scores than we did, so you’re disappointed and we’re all biased.

“Again, we know there are so many things that go into this,” Warner continued. “I get to this point and I’m just glad it’s me and it’s not one of these other guys. I don’t want anybody to have to go home because everybody’s worked so hard. So the great thing for me is that I came on this show to have a great time and to have a great experience. Winning wasn’t even a part of why I did this show. So, it’s pretty easy for me to walk away with the great things I acquired on this show.”

And what would those great things be, Mr. Warner? “I think the biggest thing I learned was that for so long I played football, and I was good at it. And then I retired, and now it’s like `Oh my gosh. What’s next? Can I do anything else and can I do anything else well?’ This show was all about that. It was about jumping into new challenges and proving to yourself that you can accomplish things that no one else thought you could accomplish. For me, that’s what life is going to be about from here on out.

“There’s nothing else I’m really good at,” Warner continued. “So I’m going to have to acquire those things, just like I did with football so many years ago.”

Ever the graceful loser, Warner wouldn’t even acknowledge whether he felt some consolation for outlasting the Lakers guy (that would be Rick Fox for those of you not following along at home). “This isn’t really about competition. This is about a bunch of people who chose to take on a challenge and are willing to accept whatever comes with that. We’re all proud of one another. Everyone is in the same boat. If we all started at the same level, if we were all really good at this, it would be a competition. But because we are all in the same boat and we don’t know what we’re doing, it’s more about cheering for one another, building those relationships and enjoying watching other people do the same thing you are trying to do. It really isn’t about who you beat or what place you get.”

That said, Warner does have an idea of who he thinks should take home the mirror ball trophy.”If it comes down to dancing, Jennifer or Brandy. They were the ones who came in with the most experience, who have danced the most consistently. So they gotta be the frontrunners. But the great thing is, Kyle has a chance because he is a tremendous entertainer and a big part of this is entertainment. I love Bristol, I think she’s done tremendously well and I’m probably as proud of her as anybody who was on the cast. But I think Jennifer and Brandy and the little guy will be in the finals.”

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  • patti

    Kurt was my total favorite total grace even when oustered Kinda thought he would get axed Not sure how many sports people vote and unfairly judged the most Deserved better Gorgeous work even with big hands Love him

    • Sidney Oh


      • cks

        palin should not be still in it. it a rigged show and momma palin is the one doing it.

      • William

        Goo home!!!!!

    • Jaime

      I agree with your comment, but I hope she takes the trophy so America can see the true colors of the republicans and hope that America wakes up and see the truth and is so sad that it is becoming so political, but just like the tea party they support anybody as long as they win no matter how unexperience or ignorant they are just look and listen to the republicans threat about our Presidents 2 years in office and they ignore the fact of the 8 or more years of them puting the country in ruins because of their greed and hate for the thruth.

      • laurab

        Another sad, uneducated Liberal, feels the need to tell the world how horrible Republicans are…you are the ones making this political.

      • R W W

        This not a show about politics I guess a t.v. reality show is the only thing the republicans should win. They can’t run the country. This show is about who has the most talent dancing. It’s not a popularity contest even though that’s what it has turned out to be.

      • Tarmangani

        I think the show is about people that normally don’t make a living by dancing. So they are, by definition, inexperienced. The fact that someone would try to twist this to be about politicians without experience (and NOT include Obama) is a sad testiment to that person. Then the other people that seem to think that Sarah Palin could, in any way, influence the outcome is amazing. My guess is that most people that follow a conservative line of thinking are not going to be watching DWTS.

      • Kendall Green

        Oh, please!!!

      • Maggie K

        thank you…well said indeed

      • MP

        Well said!

      • MI_Represent

        I’m really sad that you couldn’t be bothered to try and write complete sentences in your comments. Instead of expressing your opinion in a strong, clear way, you chose to post word vomit that doesn’t make any sense. Great job!!

      • Kool aid


      • dc

        Jaime, Is there something really wrong with you?

      • MaeNJA

        This is a television show that highlights the personalities of the people that have agreed to dance on the show. This is not a conspiracy against democrats or Obama. This isn’t about politics.

      • Belle Start

        The Repugs put us in this mess.

    • mysti

      Um, punctuation anyone? Have you heard of a period or commas?

      • Sidney Oh

        Their all probally still SHELLSHOCKED as OBAMA said…..LMAO

      • Belle Start

        Have you ever heard your party of Republicans called Repubs.

  • Karen Hendry

    Bristol should of been gone along time ago. Someone in management is obviously afriad of her mother. It is painful to watch her dance. Make this a clean competition and do the right thing and remove her.

    • Polly

      i agree that Bristol should have been gone a long time ago. I think it is a ashame that people do not vote for the ones that can dance as this should not be a popularity contest when it gets down to even the last five. Bristol should know that she does not deserve to still be there. It makes me not want to watch the show anymore. I feel you should have a show for persons with NO dancing type of experience and then a season with professional people.

    • Brooke Frances

      Bristol is a pathetic imitation for her mother — and both are caricatures — like cartoon characters — I’ve watched DWTS every season — I am no longer interested. Sarah-baby has done something to rig the system — Bristol should have been off 7 weeks ago! All of the bad press makes Bristol a very visible LOSER.

    • Pat

      I agree, it’s agonizing to watch Bristol “attempt” to dance. She is stiff as a board and I know I won’t be watching this show anymore. Brandy should have stayed and Bristol should have taken a hike. I thought this show was called “Dancing with the Stars”…what kind of star is Bristol Palin??? Hopefully a falling star. Her performances have been pitiful to say the least. I strongly disagree with her statement that people associate with her because she’s just a regular person. Yeah, maybe a regular person who can’t dance and has a politically inclined mother. I too feel sorry for her partner..he has to be exasperated and disappointed about who he got for a partner. He’s so talented and Bristol is not and gets all poutty when she can’t master a simple routine. Will find out who wins via internet..no more watching for me.

    • thatguy

      Her mother must have a blog out there threatening all the Republicans that don’t vote for her. Don’t politicize this competition. WAKE UP, AMERICA!

      • Brooke Frances

        Bristol and Sarah are too stupid to realize that the voting gimics are going to hurt Bristol in the long run. This show has become a joke.

      • Carol

        I agree-why is Bristol still on — she is not that good—others eliminated have been way better–Is everyone in Alaska vorced to vote for her? or are the Tea Party memebers demonstrating they can win anything–really sad–it’s about dancing

      • The Truth

        The reason she is still on is because people are voting for her. Can’t blame her for that she has no control over it. How about you get off your buts and get others to vote for the others instead of just whinning about it.

      • ks

        @Carol It is called SarahPAC look at her web site-this is all a political game to her

      • maria

        i agree with “the truth.” if you want to do your part in making sure she goes home, then vote for a change. i know some people do vote, but seriously how many people complaining vote? probably not that many.

      • nosabes

        I agree this show is getting to be more about her mother and politics…she should have been gone along time ago/ Audrina was a better dancer hell even “Carol Brady” was better. I stopped watching the show it’s a waste of my electricity!!

    • Eileen

      I highly agree with Karen. It is a travesty. When Bristol stayed at first, I felt some folks felt sorry for her. I was stunned when Bristol made it through these last two weeks over some who deserved to stay. I have enjoyed the show and the judging since the program’s inception. If this contiues next week, It will confirm my opinion that there is some type of payoff. I will be finished watching and many folks I know agree.

      • RAYMOND

        why are they all so kind to Bristol? My wife & I will not be watching the up coming new season. To me it’s all politics & money. Pay ’em off & they’ll vote for a dancing donkey. What A donkey reached the final & WON!!!!Wow! I was right!
        Too bad, it was a good dance show at the beginning – now & I hope others too will no longer watch this show.

      • Michael Alvarez

        I believe it’s an utter travesty Brandy is no longer on the show. How much did it cost the so called mother****** to pay off to get her daughter to stay in the show? This is a dancing competition not a political thing. Get a grip America vote her A$$ off the show and let the tea party and that mother person (*******) we don’t care about you and your idiotic retarded self. I voted many times but apparently “she” thinks in her little brain that she is more powerful. She isn’t gonna win whatever she wants. I so hate her. AMERICA VOTE FOR THE BEST DANCER AND KICK HER BUTT OFF THE SHOW !!!

      • Dee

        The judges are also to blame. They gave Bristol the same 8’s that they gave to Kurt. She deserved 7’s at best. The judges are seemingly afraid of the GOP backlash (LOL).

      • caryn

        I agree, Dee. I think Bristol deserved 6’s for her instant dance, if that. There is no way she was even close to Kurt in that round.

      • KarenMilam

        I agree! Bristol should have been no where near Kurt on the insta-dance. She should have gotten 6’s she watched Mark for her prompt the entire dance. & I also agree with Karen she should have been gone long before others that were way better. This is not a popularity contest it is a dance contest… Alaska needs to remember that.

      • Annia

        Ummm…the reason they keep her (I’m certain the producers have something to do with it)this long is for RATING folks. We all know she is as awkward as a new born foal. Her mother is so annoying to me with that shreiking voice. Thank god for the mute button!!!

      • Riley

        I’m so tired of seeing the cow trip over her own hoofs!

    • Cindy

      I agree with Karen Bristol should have been gone 3 to 4 weeks ago the good dancers are being let go and evidential y they can surely dance! Bristol keeps messing up and what the heck she is still on? who is paying for her to stay on?

    • Blythe

      Maybe the Tea Party is still voting. I’m for Jennifer. that Monkey remark is uncalled for and racist. Shame on you Mr. David

    • breeboo

      It has nothing to do with management! Are you serious? It’s all about fan base. She has a more solid fan base then Kurt did. I love Kurt, but watching how contestants have placed after the view voting each week made it clear Kurt was going because Bristol has more of a solid fan base then Kurt does. Look, we’ve never voted on this show before, but for some reason, my 9 year old votes every week for Bristol (despite the fact that my spouse and I keep saying about Bristol, “Oh, she needs to go home!”). The point is, something about her is making it easy for people to vote for her. Stop looking for conspiracies in everything that has to do with Conservatives. It’s getting pathetic.

      • cks

        palin’s male partner can not keep his hands off her. and she is suppose to be so pure. well she does have a son, but she came on acting like a saint. I will not watch the rest of the season and maybe not next year either sense it is rigged.

      • DJ

        It’s hard to tell if these people are staying on the show because of a fan base, or because when the fans vote, they can’t get through. I tried over and over again to vote, but the line was always busy. When I tried to log on to vote online, the screen froze and I lost two votes just in the process of trying. It should be set up so that you log on first, then choose the couple for whom you want to cast your vote. To say that it is a flawed system would be an understatement.

      • GBC

        Yeah – it’s called robo dialing by people who couldn’t care less about DWTS – only their own political agenda – don’t kid yourself into thinking Bristol has this big of a fan base.

      • teresa

        Looking for conspiriacies?? Isn’t that what the Conservatives do??

      • scit

        Please let us be honest and give credit where credit is due. Bristol has improved over the weeks but not enough for her to be still on the show.At this stage of the show we should be really enjoying all the contenders, and that is what this show should be about. It is unfair to other better improved dancers who have been booted out.

    • grunt

      You call what Bristol does dancing?

      • GBC

        I have eyes – she can’t dance. I don’t have to be told by the judges who are paid by the guy trying to push Sarah Palin on us to begin with whether someone looks bad out there or not. They are full of it. I have seen many posts here by dancers who are appalled that the judges on the show are giving her the marks they are giving. Look and think for yourself instead of accepting what someone else who happens to be sitting in a special chair, in this case the judges, knows more than you – perfect definition of sheeple.

      • Travis

        it’s a popularity contest people…. “VOTE” for the one you want to stay… that is why Bristol is still on the show!!!

      • maria

        actually if any of you bothered to listen to the judges you would know that bristol can dance. they same the same thing every week. technically bristol is a good dancers but she can’t get into character. also, if you pay attention to her feet, you would know that they are always in the perfect position. so, yes, i call what she does dancing. and for the record, no i don’t vote for bristol but i am tired of hearing people say she can’t dance at all when the judges say week after week that she can. her problem is the performance. it always amazes me how ugly some people can be to others. it must be nice to be so perfect!!!byw…did any of you think for one second that maybe people are voting for her like crazy because of all the hateful comments about her??? probably not.

    • izzy

      thank you Karen someone should speak up this is getting unfair. This has nothing to do with politics all to do that Bristol just cannot dance. But everyone is turning it into politics.

      • teresa

        She is on the show because of politics! Don’t think for one minute that politics doesn’t play a part in it.

      • scit

        I would not go as far as to say that she is a disgrace to the show, that is unkind,but I do think that if you are fair minded and enjoy dancing you could see the flaws so so easily,she just looks clumsy and that is not being unkind,just a fact.She may just win this show and that would be pathetic.Would you then say “well deserved!!!!”

    • Deb

      I agree with you!!! It really upsets me to see the others go before Bristol. She is a disgrace to the entire DWTS show.

      • Lisa

        Not so much a disgrace but it is totally unfair that two or three others that were very good dancers have been voted off. That is the unfairness of shows like these popularity or “knows a lot of people” is over powering the true talent. I am thinking most of you would agree with me?

    • Sandy

      Your statements — as if they were fact — make you look really stupid!

    • Lisa

      Bristol is being voted on by a large number of people. She has no musicality and has done a poor job thus far. I feel sorry for Mark because he is one of the best pro dancers on the show. I am sure she is a good person but should not be the pick for the winner by far.

      • GBC

        Good person? – have you read the facebook rant she and her sister went on in the name of protecting her family. Disgraceful behaviour.

  • M~

    Thank you, Lynette, for not trashing Bristol like Ms. Barrett does every single recap! Not nice, not necessary whether one agrees with her mother’s politics or not!

    • Katja

      LOL when does Annie actually trash Bristol? She pokes a bit of fun at her sometimes, but she pokes a bit of fun at all of the “stars”. DWTS is just so entertainingly ridiculous, how could anyone take it completely seriously? :) I love Kurt’s description of it when he talked about it not being a competition. He seems like a real gentleman.

    • Chiana

      Difficult not to trash Bristol, when she is so horribly bad at dancing. Not only does she lack any type of rhythm and grace, but she looks like she forgoes practices so she can stuff her face more. Look at her! She hasn’t lost any weight. No matter what your metabolism, it would be inevitable to lose at least 10 pounds if you put any kind of effort into learning the moves. She is a total slacker.

      • breeboo

        Like Shawn Johnson kept gaining weight week after week? What about Neicie Nash? She gained weight, too, but nobody trashed her for it. It’s not usual for someone to NOT lose weight during this show, but certainly not unheard of. Man, some people will trash a person they hate for ANY reason.

      • regina

        What haters we have in this world. Nice! She is the ‘right’ size! When did anorexia become the new in? THen you would trash her for losing too much weight. No one is ever happy! NICE COMMENTS PEOPLE. I am not one to post on here but I cannot stand all the negative feedback. NO one is happy so they have to bash other people. Fix your own problems.

      • Melissa

        The truth it is not really a dance competition. If that was so Bristol would definitely be gone. I don’t dislike her I just think it is painful to watch her dance. But if every person in Alaska vote 150 times she could walk away the winner which would be so sad. This is definitely regardless of who wins my last season watching this show.

      • MP

        I would never pick on someone because of their weight, but I will point out that Bristol just seems like a surly teenager most of the time and is not putting in the work she needs to get better. But, it’s not her fault that people keep voting to keep her in. I suspect a lot of it is that she is too self-conscious to go all out. She really should have been eliminated weeks ago, but that’s how it goes on this show. So sorry my man Kurt had to leave last night.

      • Annia

        Look, at least she is better than that Kate what her face with lots of litter!!!

  • Donna corbitt

    Karen you got that right Bristol can not dance at all, not even a little I cant believe she has not been eliminated!

  • JoAnn

    Hmmmm..maybe we should vote to oust Carrie Ann. Let’s get her out on the dance floor and judge her….

    • Frank

      Please! Maks needs to calm down or he is going to cost his partner the competition.

      • Christine

        I am sorry that Brandy got voted off. I have enjoyed many of the dancers but of them all, I believe that Brandy and Jenifer have been the best. Bristol has improved, but I get little enjoyment in watching her dance as she is sometime way out of the dance mentally. I am sorry that this lovely show has changed to a popularity contest instead of a dancy competition.

      • Quinn

        Well I have to say Derek and Mark were a bit gripey at times too!!!. I agree with Maks. Carrie Ann doesn’t know how to judge…she is NOT a Ballroom Pro!! as LEN is and I agree with him 90% of the time

      • jodipo

        Quinn, Len agreed with Carrie Ann on the Maks thing, so pretty much you do too right?

      • thefan

        I agree with most everyone here that Bristol should be gone. For the first time I am going to vote for the one I feel has the most tallent. Everyone here needs to vote to assure there favorite wins.

  • me.

    I believe this season has been very different! There letting go very great dancer and keeping some that are either to old or they can’t dance like how the other stars are working so much. Like bristol she can’t dance, and I don’t know why she is in the finally. That’s not fair!

  • Sunnyiak

    Bristol does not even seem to want to be there. Put her out of her misery and stop voting for her!

    • Cho

      Amen! Bristol is a beast. The show has lost any semblance of honesty.

    • Cindy

      right Sunnyiak it seems she already knows she has won and won’t even bother to learn to do the ruteen with enthusiasm she just goes threw the moves and their is definitely NO emotion in it what so ever!

      • Sandy

        Before you start trashing someone, take some English classes and learn how to speak, spell and write.

    • lesliemd

      The judges have been so soft on Bristol all season, even now when critiques should be tougher and scored more accurately. I am so tired of Carrie Ann gushing about her – she has no personality, she doesn’t point her toes at all, there’s no sharp movements or quick flips, and she walked through half her tango.

      Kurt was far better than she – and he looked like he was having fun. There was always some personality in his dancing. Yet they always scored him almost the same as Bristol. I can’t figure the judging this year, unless they were told to go easy on her because she isn’t a “performer.”. Over it, and over the judges. They’re responsible for her being in the Final Four.

      • jmbu

        I totally agree with your comments. The judges have been soft with Bristol all season. I am for sure she is a nice young mother, but lacks dancing ability. Brandy and Maks were robbed of the finals and that is no fair if you are voting on dancing ability.

  • Vince

    <> oh please her mother has no power its the Tea Party kooks who are stacking the vote.
    This is a disgrace bottom of the score three times and she still there.

  • Tami Parker

    What is wrong with the American voter? I will not watch DWTS again as it is obvious that this show is as political as the government. BRISTOL NEEDS TO GO HOME TO MOMMY!

    • lorib

      I totally agree with you.I think the american voters are voting for her because people want her gone.

      • Pat

        lorib…are you sure you meant what your wrote? It doesn’t make any sense.

      • jmj


      • mysti

        lorib that made absolutely no sense.

    • JanetT

      Not home to Mommy, home to her baby!

  • kurnia

    Bristol sucks!!! I know many Tea Baggers, the club where her momma found have been voting for her. If next week she is still in, I think we should have her resign. Stupid Americans keep voting for her. What’s wrong with your common sense???

    • Chiana

      I don’t think most of the people that vote for her are fans of the show. That’s why we can’t stop them, and why Bristol can’t stop them either. Although she might be starting to believe it is her dancing and not her mother’s status causing this travesty – Bristol calls them her fans! Yeah right.

      • Anne

        I think Mark is starting to believe they are still there because of their great dancing ….Pleeeease!

    • Travis

      yep it’s the same stupid americans that voted in OBAMA…. it’s a show for entertainment, at least she can’t destroy our economy if she win the whole thing…lol

      • MP

        Hey Travis – I stubbed my toe today. I think that’s Obama’s fault, too.

    • Barbara

      To stay completely true to the original concept of the show, the finals should be a competition between Kyle and Bristol. The other two already knew how to dance and didn’t need a lot of training.

      • Marj

        I completley agree. Not only did Bristol come in without dance training-but the others have had so much experience on stage and in front of the camera. yes Brandy was better- but I for one am glad I don’t have to watch Brandy’s drama anymore!

      • the girl

        Knowing how to dance (having rhythm) is different from learning ballroom. VERY different. So I don’t think that has anything to do with who should be in the finals.

      • simplyfrench

        I agree with you Barbara – they began WITHOUT any dance training, etc. I hated to see Kurt go as he began from scratch also. This has turned into professionals against professionals….

  • Doreen

    I cAn’t belive bristol us still safe I actually don’t want to watch anymore it’s so clear she should have been gone a long time ago I don’t get it very upset I have nothing against her at all but the fact is she is not that good of a dancer Audrina was so much better!!!!!!!!

  • buki



    • Lynn


      • Sidney Oh

        VERY WELL SAID…..

      • Bird

        This is about Bristol’s NON-Dancing behind and what DWTS is all about. She can’t dance. She is horrible! It is obvious that she is horrible. WTH is wrong with people! Forget honesty and truth, as long as you win is your motto. That is not how honest people vote. Bottom line is a stickman is not as stiff as she is. She looks like Scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ; can barely stand on her own two feet. PLEASE!!

    • Shirl

      I totally agree with you. I watch the show to see dancing and it is painful to watch this young woman try to dance. Keeping her on the show is both a disservice to her and the viewers. I think I will opt out of Dancing with the Stars. What is taking place on this show is insulting.

    • BH

      There are a lot of folks out there who need to remember to take their meds! This is a TV show! Frankly I think the dancers should compete ONLY with those with the same degree of talent…neophytes V neophytes, stage experience V stage experience, sports figures V sports figures! Bristol has come leaps & bounds from where she began..for MOST improved with the LEAST experience she wins hands down..be honest with yourselves, people, and forget the politics! If here Mom were not Sarah Palin you would be routing for her!!!

    • Kay

      I’m as mad as you!! This use to be one of my favorite shows, but no longer. How old is Bristol, 18, 19? For a young person she’s as agile as a log. It no longer is a dance competition. Pity it has turned into a farce!!!!

    • Travis

      yep… i’m scared!!! cuz if i don’t vote for bristol, her mommy is gonna get me….lol, come on people get real!!!! you all are a bunch of sore losers. if you don’t like the outcome vote!!!!

      • Janet

        Travis, do u really think the vote is fair? Tell me, do u really think it is?

      • heather

        i voted and still hated the outcome because the worst dancer id still on the show (aka Bristol). she should have been gone weeks ago.

      • heather


      • Sandy

        Thank you for your intelligent responses, Travis. You seem to be one of the few with any brains here.

  • pokemeister

    Whether we like or not there is a huge popularity component in this show, and I am not so sure it is management fearing Bristol’s Mom, but her getting votes because of her Mom from all the Tea Party people instead of her dancing. It would be nice to believe her votes are related to her dancing, but it would be naive, I think. This is one of the most frustrating things about this show. It is also very hard for me to not get swayed by personalities rather than talent… i.e. Brandy and Max. I believe Max is a hot head and cannot tolerate any criticism, which totally turns me off. Brandy is over the top in her drama, which so many find genuine, but I hate watching it. Both their personalities (in anyone) would grate on my nerves. I do like Jennifer, but even her cry baby antics get a little old. Her injuries seem genuine, but I think she tries to play them to get sympathy. That only leaves one couple who seems to have it together in sportsmanship, attitude, and even great improvement. I thought I was for Jennifer handsdown, but I think she is moving into second place for me, but I doubt anyone by her and Brandy have a chance.

    • Jen

      I have heard so many people saying that Jennifer is just trying to get sympathy and I am tired of it. For one I think they are editing her to look that way. In an entire week of practice she has a few minutes of a break down and that is what they choose to show. Also, it is very frustrating when your body isn’t able to do things you know you should be able to do. I am 25 with RA and have had many breakdowns similar to Jennifer. Its very difficult to have your body quit on you when your spirit is still strong!

      • Peabs

        With autoimmune arthritis, and also 50 like Jennifer, I know what breaking down means too. These others just don’t get what courage it takes to continue when the body is working against you. Blessing to you Jen. Your body is not your spirit. Too bad, for most of us who struggle with our various issues, yet give it our best each day.

      • Sandy

        Thanks Jen and Peabs for your understanding comments. I agree 100% with you.

      • mysti

        I agree! Give Jenn a break! She’s been through so much and is still going strong, I applaud her! Thanks Jen and Peabs and Sandy!

  • Ajadaca

    Bristol is awful, I cannot believe she oulasted Audrina, Rick, and Kurt. This show is rigged, momma grizzly must be stuffing the ballot box, she should not have been there these last three weeks and viewers will start boycotting the show.
    It would’ve been a real competition if Audrina and Rick were still there to compete against Brandy and Jennifer. Jennifer is a good dancer, but she is definately whiney!!!! Boo Bristol Cub!!!!

    • regina

      I believe Bristol should be sent home. If she would loosen up she could be good, and how can you not see that? But why Boo Bristol? She doesn’t appear to be anything like her mom. I like her personality. Kurt needed to go too! He was not going to get any better either! Yes, Rick should still be there! You can only send one person home at a time. Next week it SHOULD be Bristol. If she wins it, then you can complain.

  • Dancing John

    DWTS’s worst season – it’s not a dancing contest (never was), but when highly rated dancers are sent home, and no-talents remain, the format has lost me – possibly forever.

    • gayle

      iagree how can someone with know talent .the girl cant even dance iwas no more good when they sent brandy home. she really needs to give up her spot bring brandy back send her packing.i get sick just watching her.

      • Lynn


      • June

        Bristol dances like grizzly. Or, perhaps, she is a grizzly in human skin.

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Entertainment Weekly's EW.com | Entertainment News | TV News | TV Shows | Movie, Music and DVD Reviews

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Entertainment Weekly's EW.com | Entertainment News | TV News | TV Shows | Movie, Music and DVD Reviews

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